Novel Name : Taming The Alpha Female

Chapter Chapter Thirty– Meeting her parents (Part-2)

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After our love making on the floor, we could not keep our hands to each other. We did go for a round
two in the shower. Though, it was a little risky since all the water flowing, but we were too caught up in
the moment. We could care less.

After the shower and love making, we got ready. Today, my girl felt like showing me off to the world,
that she has me by her side. She decided to wear one of my shirts with her fitted jeans. I could not
agree more.

I was more than happy when she took a crisp blue shirt, and buttoned it up. I was way broad, even for
her. So, she did the next thing, making a knot at the end and rolled up the sleeves up to her elbows.
She was looking so bad ass.

I could not help but smile to myself. For me, I stick to my dark jeans and light grey polo shirt. I combed
my hair. I have curly hair; it was a little tough for me to tame them. I was nervous, because I was about
to meet her parents officially now.

Though I have met them before and spoke to them. But situations are different now. I wanted to be in
their good books. She tied her hair in a bun and used one of my ties to make a bandana around her

She was looking cute and badass, at the same time. She had no makeup at all, since my house had no
female ever, since charlotte and I ended. She went out to the living room and grabbed Lucas by his

“Come on baby, we got to go.” I gave her the leash and we walked outside my house, praying silently
for the meeting to go well.


The sun was shining bright and I was beaming with happiness. Finally, the problem which was
stressing me out is gone, for good. I took Damon's hand walked towards his car. He has this nice Audi,
which I picked for him, after we finished our first contract.

It was a success and that client is still doing business with us. I was making my way to the passenger's
seat when he called me. I turned around and he threw his car key at me. "Thought I owe you one. I
know you will take care of her."

I grinned from ear to ear and came back towards driver's seat. I couldn't stop myself from smiling when
I started the car. The sound of the engine, made me feel alive and kicking. It took me a millisecond to
push on the accelerator and drive through.

After driving unnecessarily long around the area where he lived, I asked him for breakfast.

"Do you want to grab a coffee?" He nodded, so I went to the nearest coffee shop and ordered our food.
I felt like having something sweet after a while. I don't have much sweet tooth. But now, suddenly, I was
craving for chocolates.

I looked at him, and he was also smiling and glowing. Like the glow you have when you are in love.
Everything around me felt so romantic. The wind; the people; the coffee. Suddenly, I felt a cramp in my
lower tummy.

Then I realised, why I was craving chocolates; why I was feeling all-romantic-and-cheesy. My period
was on my way. For a second, I didn't say anything, because I was thinking of the options I have, if I
get my periods. Right now.

It felt like the universe was playing games with me. Speak of the devil, my ovaries gave me their best
gift. Giving me a bloodbath, when I was not at all prepared, in the middle of a cafe. He looked at me for

a second and asked.

"What happened baby? You seem off." I didn't know how to tell him. Because, right now, I can't even
stand on my own and walk myself out.

"There is this little problem."

"What is it?"

"The thing is, I just got my periods. And I don't have anything." I said staring down at the table, as if I
was confessing my crime.

"Oh. Okay. I can help you with that. Tell me what all you need. I will get it for you." He gave my hand a
little squeeze.

"I need some tampons." I told him the brand name I need. He gave me a kiss on the temple went
towards the gate. He said something to the waitress, and she nodded. She headed towards me.

"Hey, I’m Ivy. Your boyfriend told me what happened. Do you need something? Like hot chocolate or
something?" I could not help the urge to drink the chocolate. I nodded and she smiled at me. She went
to the kitchen.

She came back with a big mug of hot chocolate and few pastries. "These are my mom's specials. She
gives them to me, when I get my periods. Helpful for the mood swings. And I told your guy, where the
store is. He will be coming back in few minutes."

She said and went to attend other customers. I was enjoying this guilty pleasure, for sure. I looked up
when I heard Damon chuckle.

"I left you like for fifteen minutes and you transformed into... this."

"Don’t blame me for anything, for next seven days. I am on a hormonal hurricane." I finished my food
and went towards the restroom. He was right behind me to check, if I have any stains or not. I went
inside and settled myself.

After a good fifteen minutes, I came out and saw him standing right there, close to the gate.

“Where you here all along?”

“Yes, I was. I thought if you need something, I will be here.” He said rubbing the back of his neck. He
was looking so adorable right now; I just felt like jumping on him. But I controlled my emotions and
hormones, because I have a bigger fish to fry.

After paying for food, we went towards our car and drove to my house. When I reached there, I saw
Samantha and my family having breakfast, happily. I know it should not feel odd, but it felt. May be
because, I beat up her brother last day.

But I know her, she is cool with it. I pushed all my thoughts aside and went inside.

“Hey dad, hi mom.” My siblings were enjoying their coffee, so was Sam.

“So, what happened yesterday? Sam filled me in. I still want to hear it from you.” My dad said,
maintaining an intimidating tone. Just as he does in court.

“Woah, that was quite direct. But yes dad, I wanted to talk about this.” I took a deep breath and started

“Dad, mom. You know how I was, when I was a kid. All shy and calm. But there were things I never
shared. I used to get bullied in school. Long before Samantha came along and became my friend. I
was always upsetting you guys.”

“My baby!” My mom squeezed my hands.

“I wanted to be the perfect girl for you. Always listens to you and obeys everything. But I never liked the
way I lived my life. I sacrificed everything. I wanted to make others happy. You; mom; Victor and
everyone. I was okay with pleasing everyone.”

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