Novel Name : Taming The Alpha Female

Chapter 4 - Damon Aidan Marshall

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*Present day*

“Too much of groceries in the cart. Your parents are coming over?” I asked Delilah as soon as I
reached her. She didn’t say anything but nodded.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” I asked again in a concerned tone. Seeing her, my friend-slash-crush as she
likes to say it, I was bothered. She moved her head sideways indicating nothing was wrong. But I am
having none of it.

I intertwined our fingers and planted a kiss on her knuckles. She sighed in contentment. I don’t know
what I was doing. I know she was leading me into something she wasn’t sure herself. But being with
her felt so good. If that’s how the destruction of a man is supposed to be, I will face it... with open arms.

“You know I am always there for you. Right?”

“I know Damon. I am grateful for that. Really.” She exhaled in disappointment.

I never wanted Delilah to be grateful or something of that sort. I love her beyond her imagination. I even
told her once to breakup with her fiancé and I am ready to handle all the consequences. She denied it.
I have never fallen for someone this hard, that I wasn’t even bothered to be broken.

After my mother died in a car accident, I cared for no one. But Delilah, she was the angel in disguise,
sent from heaven who just took all my problems away. The day she decided to be my business partner,
it was the big change in my life. I fell for her... at the first sight.

At first, I thought it was just infatuation. But the more time I spend with her, the respect for her grew.
Honestly, she was intimidating towards me on the first day. It intrigued me. How can a person so tiny to
me, have so much power over me?

But she knew how to handle her business... alongside with her personal problems. I wanted to have
her as my girlfriend, but I realised it was too early. She hasn’t moved on...yet. We became good friends

I went to her apartment with her. It was usual for us. For starting up our business and investing a
handsome amount of money, it was a risk we both took. No one was backing us up. We had to find a
common ground. Me spending time with her, at her apartment helped a lot in that.

Dropping her grocery bags on the counter, I hugged her from behind. My love for her was platonic.
Hugs like this, kisses on forehead, were usual. She knows I adore her. She even expressed her wish of
wanting to be with me, when she was drunk obviously. Cause when she is sober, she won’t admit her
feelings towards me.

We were chopping vegetables for her favourite beef stew. She loves to eat, and I love that so much
about her. She wasn’t scared to fill her plate with food. I chuckled at her curse words and resumed my

“Hey, am I supposed to wash them again?”

“They are washed already, just put it in the pot. Some salt in it. And for god’s sake do not forget the lid.”
She yelled at the last part. She was clear with her instructions, like always. Honestly, I wasn’t a big of
being a domesticated person. But I was willing to try it... for her.

I was on the internship of ‘being her husband’ from last four years. And she hasn’t made up her mind
yet. Woman. But again, I know signing on a paper is nothing compared to the commitment you get.
Unspoken commitment. Since I confessed my feelings towards her, she hasn’t gone on a date with
another man.

She can take all the time in this world she wants; I will wait for her till I die. I know moving on was hard
for her. She is a sensitive person; she feels more than she shows. She was hurt, but I can’t fast-forward

the time and heal her. She has to deal with it, herself.

“Done boss.” I smirked as soon as made a sound of covering the pot with its lid. Rolling her eyes, she
turned to me and smiled.

“I am not your boss. We are partners. And outside work, we are friends.”

“I wish that I was your partner in real life too.” I said under my breath. I was dying to be with her. But I
didn’t want pressurize her into something she wasn’t ready. Being with me was a tough job too. Since I
haven’t told her who I am in my other time.

I grab the bowl the nearby, and started washing it. I sighed in defeat. I am human too. It’s
overwhelming for me as well to contain everything. I wanted to kiss her so bad, but shouldn’t. I heard
her footsteps; she was coming towards me. Her small hands were coming from behind and she hugged
me from back.

It was the first ever sign of affection she showed towards me. It was always me with hugs and kisses.
She never pushed me away but she never returned them. Her hug was getting tighter as every second
passed. I turned around and hugged her back. Her head was resting on my chest and I felt her relaxing
in my warmth.

I couldn’t help the stupid grin which was now plastered on my face. I longed for this moment for so
long, that I couldn’t believe it was finally happening. My love hugged me. I kissed her forehead and she
smiled shyly.

I was rocking her back and she rubbed her face on my chest. I felt tingles. I can feel her breathing
heavy considering our closeness. It was a comfortable silence between us. All those years have done
something good. Our friendship is stronger.

“I know it’s complicated, more than I know. But you know, I am always there for you. I got your back,

Her eyes were filled with unshed tears. The emotions which were buried deep inside somewhere in her
heart, seems to show up through her eyes. Our gaze met and I saw vulnerability in her eyes. I know
what I need to do now.

I placed my right hand on the small of her back, left one cupping her cheeks. I brushed her cheek
bones with my thumb. It was also the first time I was so close to her that I can see the fine lines under
her eyes. Lack of sleep.

I leaned forward a little bit to check if I and Delilah were on the same page. Otherwise, it is going to be
a super awkward situation for both of us. In a fraction of seconds, I saw her tip toeing, and was coming
towards me. She placed one of her hands on my torso and other was holding my neck.

The space between us was thickening. We were so close now, that we were practically breathing each
other’s air. I had already closed my eyes to feel the moment, she did the same. It was so close to
kissing each other for the first time, suddenly...

“Woof, woof.” Lucas interrupted us with his hungry-bark. I brushed my lips on hers, and felt her
shudder. I smiled seeing her eyes still close. She was adorable.

“Your son. Is he hungry?” I touched my forehead with her and closed my eyes. It broke my heart not to
kiss her again. I badly wanted to kiss her. I pulled back to avoid the awkward situation here. I resumed
my task at the kitchen.

I poured us the stew and walked towards the table. I gave Lucas his food and he was so happy to smell
it. He wagged his tail like crazy. I enjoyed the food, but I enjoyed her company more. I finished my stew
and burped, to which Delilah rolled her eyes.

We stared at each other for a second, and laughed. She had stop yelling at me for my burps. We
watched movies later on, simultaneously finishing couple of paper work for the upcoming line of stores
we were working on.

This relationship we shared was perfect one. At least the professional one. Where the partners
understand each other, share every victory and defeat together. Never blamed each other. We are
always there for each other. Professionally and personally.

It was five in the evening, when I decided to go home.

“Any plans for tonight?”

“Yeah, I will be going to the pub, with Samantha.”

“You mind if I join you guys?” I asked, just trying to push my luck a little bit further. I wasn’t allowed to
invade any of her girls’ night. I was expecting a positive reply from her.

“No.” She said abruptly. Watching my upset expression, she then continued. “I mean no problem at all;
I will pick you up at 8 then. Be ready.”

“I am Eveready.” I clasp my hands in a silent prayer.

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and walked me towards the gate.

“See you at 8 gorgeous.” I winked at her.

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