Novel Name : Taming The Alpha Female

Chapter 6 - Getting Drunk

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“Oh, come on babe. You know he is jealous of seeing you with other guys.” Samantha’s was a wicked
weird, if she is up to something mischievous. No one can stop her.

“Whatever. I don’t care.”

She threw one arm in the air and posed like an influencer. I on the other hand, turned around to pose,
showing my backless dress and my ass in the camera. My hairs play a major part in attracting all the
attention I want. My dress showed enough of skin to make Victor mad. Palm twitchingly mad.

Samantha winked at me with a devil smile on her face, “It. Is. Sent.”

I took my Stilettos and clutch. Giving myself a last look, I walked towards my baby. Samantha walked
first, to hold the elevator for me. I took Lucas and went towards Edward’s door. He opened his door and
knew what to expect.

“Hey, I’m heading to the club. Will you please keep Lucas for me tonight please?” I gave him my mega-
watt smile, which made him sat yes.

“Yeah! Absolutely. He can play with my nephews. They are here too." He asked opening his apartment
door for me to see.

“If you are comfortable with it, then I am totally cool. I will be late though, so if he sleeps back, please
keep him. I will take him back tomorrow.”


“Thanks Edward. You are the best neighbour.” I kissed him lightly on the cheeks. His face was beet red

Sam was waiting for me on the elevator gate, very pissed. “What took you so long?”

“I was just helping Edward with Lucas.”

Both of us entered the elevator and started our ride. After reaching the basement, I took my SUV. Not
the Jeep. It was Nissan Terrano. Very regular SUV and my first one as well. I have my hair open
tonight, and I did not want to blind myself with my own hair while I drive.

It was exactly at Eight o’clock, when I reached Damon’s house. I honked repeatedly, like a teenager.
Damon came out of his place in just few seconds. Without saying anything, he hopped on the back
seat. Samantha captured the passenger’s seat previously.

He knew who Samantha was, and he never tried to cross his limit in front of her. It was again one of the
reasons why I was falling for him. He knew his limits. We reached the pub very quickly, Five shots in
downtown. Me and Sam, both stepped outside at the same time, while Damon was still inside.

“Move your lazy ass out of that leather. Otherwise, we will go inside without you.” Samantha yelled

He nodded and came out with a grin on his face. Why was he grinning? He put his hands inside the
pockets of his dark blue fitted jeans and murmured to himself,

“Do we have to stand in the queue?”

Samantha gave him a sarcastic look then rolled her eyes at him. “The club’s owner is Delilah’s oldest
client; she gets a VIP entry there. You should know that about her.”

She is always intimidating towards Damon. Not because she is Victor’s sister, but because she is my
best friend. Apparently, she is the human filter which anyone needs to pass through, if he is willing to
date me. As simple as that.

“Come on Sam, stop scaring my date.” I laughed at two of them. Samantha raised her eyebrow at me,
and then smiled. She knows I was joking. At least, for now. We walked towards the gate, and Sawyer
and Jessie; the former security guys, greeted me.

In last few years, I have probably remembered all the employees the owner had, have or have fired. I
am regular and a faithful customer.

“They are with me” I told them and they gave me a warm smile. I found my usual spot for my group.
Without uttering a word, Chang came rushing towards me.

“Do you want the usual or do you want to change it tonight?” He was checking out Damon from top to
bottom. I was checking him out too. He smelled so deluxe. That musky woody cologne must have been
a turn on for half of the females here.

Damon never tried too hard to impress. Tonight, he just wore a basic dark blue denim and a solid white
round neck t-shirt. His pants were fit enough for me to notice how fine his ass is. Something about legs
and butts in men, was aphrodisiac to me. I never get to see them at work, or may be, I haven’t paid
attention before.

But tonight, it was oh so breath-taking. I heard Enrique on the speakers and it took me into another
dimension. I gulped my wine and walked towards the dance floor. Sam was already smirking at me,
and I don’t know why. I started dancing, moving my hips from right to the left, hands up in the air, and
carefree. Hair tossing wildly on beats of Dirty dancer.

From the crowd I looked towards the bar, and saw Damon raising his glass of Chiraz. He and Chang
were talking and then smiled at each other. I don’t know what these men were up to. I was dancing to
the beats and was too lost to feel someone grabbing my waist and pulling too close.

I turned around and saw an unfamiliar man. He is drunk. I shoved his hand aside and started dancing. I
didn’t want to ruin my mood for anything. The guy grabbed me again and this time I yanked his hands.
For a second, I thought he will back off, but he started dragging me outside the club.

He dragged me through the back gate of the club, and pushed me to the wall. He pinned my hands
above my head and started talking shit. I didn’t want to break his face at first, but he wasn’t stopping...
at all. I try to knee him where the sun doesn’t shine, but he blocked my legs.

Short heights are worst. Suddenly I felt someone snatching the man’s neck and pushing him aside. I
saw an angry Damon. He is never angry. But guess the angel had a weak nerve after all.

“Are you okay?” He started checking my arms, head for any injuries, but there was none. The guy
came for him with a punch, but Damon dodged it... smoothly. He gave the pervert a punch making him
falter his steps. Now it was my turn to show him what I can do.

I kneed him in the balls. When he knelt because of the impact, I punched him square on the face and
he fell on the ground with a thud. I kicked him in the ribs. Well. as much as I can do wearing a six-inch-
stilettos. The Security came rushing and took the guy.

I was breathing heavy, but Damon came closer and held me by my waist. He kissed me on my head
and inhaled my scent. After a moment of silence, we both walked towards the club.

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