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Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: Becoming a Personal Disciple

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After glancing at the wine bottle, the old man looked at Jiang Lan and said,

“You brought Spirit Stones?”

“Yes.” Jiang Lan handed over all the Spirit Stones his master had given him.

The old man took a look at the Spirit Stones and kept them.

Then he took the topmost wine from the liquor cabinet.

It was a small bottle, probably enough for only two or three mouthfuls.

He put the wine on the counter:

“Kid, you’ve invested quite a bit to enter the Peaceful Void Lake.

If you give this wine to that person, you will definitely be able to enter the center of the Peaceful Void Lake.

If you tell him there’s only one bottle left, he’ll be even more enthusiastic. ”

Jiang Lan was confused.

Peaceful Void Lake?

He did not know about this.

Could it be that Master wants me to enter the Peaceful Void Lake?

What kind of place was the Peaceful Void Lake?

He had no idea either.

However, the other party was clearly reminding him out of good intentions.

“Thank you Senior, for your reminder.”

Jiang Lan thanked him.

Then, he turned around and left with his wine.

Today’s mission was considered completed.

However, he could tell that the owner of this inn was not an ordinary person.

As for his cultivation, he couldn’t tell at the moment.

He was probably rather strong.

“I try signing in here the next time I’m free.” Jiang Lan thought to himself.

After that, he headed towards Kunlun Mountain.

After Jiang Lan left, the elder looked at the youth with surprise in his eyes.

“What enlightenment did you have today that helped you stop the wine bottle from breaking?”

“Huh?” The young man didn’t quite understand, but his grandfather seemed to think that he had discovered that the bottle was about to fall earlier.

How did Grandpa know the bottle was going to fall?

The teenager had a flash of doubt.

When the old man saw the young man’s shocked expression, he knew that things didn’t occurred as he had thought.

“Tell me, how did you manage to protect the bottle?” The old man looked at the ground and said,

“Were you coincidentally sleeping on the ground and it fell on you?”

“No.” The young man immediately said,

“I was leaning forward when I slept.”

The elder remained silent.

“When I was in a daze, that big brother earlier reminded me.” Speaking of this, the young man was in high spirits and said in surprise,

“That big brother sat there earlier. He clearly had his eyes closed, but he still knew that the wine bottle was going to drop.

I didn’t believe it at first, but when I looked back, I realized that it was true.

Grandpa, how did he do it?

Did he activate his Heavenly Eye?”

Even if he had opened his Heavenly Eye, he wouldn’t have been able to see the wine bottle falling. This was what the elder wanted to say.

But he really wanted to find out who that big brother was.

“Who are you talking about?” The elder asked.

“The one who just bought the good wine.” The young man said.

“Are you sure that he sat over there?” The old man pointed to a corner.

The youth nodded affirmatively and added,

“And his eyes were closed.”

The elder was surprised.

Even a little taken aback.

“He’s only in mid-stage of the Foundation Establishment realm. How did he sense the bottle I left behind?”

“What kind of temperament does this person have?”

To know about the wine bottle he had left behind, one’s temperament was the main focus.

Either their cultivation level surpassed his, or they had a unique temperament.

Otherwise, it was impossible for them to sense that it was specially prepared to watch the little fellow in the shop.

The others were considered people outside the room.

To be aware of what was within the room from the outside…

Such a temperament…

“Even if it can’t be considered transcendent, it should already be approaching it, right?”

“Does someone like him need to bring alcohol to that fella when they go to the Peaceful Void Lake?”

“You really can’t judge a book by its cover.”

“I wonder which peak he is from and whose disciple he is.”

Jiang Lan had been walking towards Kunlun Mountain. However, when he was halfway there, he heard some noises not far ahead.

It sounded like the cry of a wild beast.

Then, he continued walking forward. He didn’t feel like there was any fight going on.

It wasn’t necessary for him to take a detour.

Soon, Jiang Lan arrived in front of a broken wall.

He glanced down.

Then, he saw two people hiding below.

Or two demons.

A male and a female.

There seemed to be a ball of fire burning in front of the male.

Cracks had appeared on his body.

“Mi, this is spirit wine. It can alleviate your injuries.”

“Never mind about me. I can’t be saved.”

“No, no.” The demoness shook her head in disbelief.

At this moment, Mi wanted to say something, but he suddenly saw a figure on the broken wall.

He was utterly shocked.

He immediately pulled the demoness behind him.

Then, he knelt down.

“Please forgive me, Immortal.”

Jiang Lan was a little surprised when the other party knelt down. Did he look like an immortal?

At this moment, the demoness also saw Jiang Lan. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to say anything.

She looked helpless and clearly wanted to escape with the other.

Jiang Lan looked at them before turning to leave.

However, before leaving, he left behind a sentence:

“This is the only way to get to Kunlun.”

These two demons were simply courting death by hiding here.

Seeing that these two had just arrived and knew nothing about their routes, Jiang Lan was just reminding them.

As for whether these two were dead or alive, he didn’t care.

At that moment, the two demons exchanged glances. With the support of the demoness, the two of them left the place.

Before they left, they bowed respectfully in the direction where Jiang Lan departed.

Jiang Lan returned to the Ninth Summit just as the sky was about to turn dark.

“Master, your wine.” Jiang Lan originally intended to give the wine to his master.

Before he could finish, Mo Zhengdong said,

“Kneel down and kowtow three times.”

Jiang Lan was baffled, but he still knelt down and kowtowed three times.

After seeing Jiang Lan kneel down and kowtow, Mo Zhengdong continued,

“Hand the wine over and say that this is to show your respect to your master.”

Jiang Lan was even more confused. What was Master doing?

However, he did not refuse.

After handing over the wine bottle, Jiang Lan said,

“To show respect to Master.”

Mo Zhengdong took the wine and laughed.

“Alright. From today onwards, you are my eldest personal disciple.”

Jiang Lan was stunned. So that was what was going on.

Today was the day he would become his master’s personal disciple.

No wonder his master asked him to buy a bottle of good wine.

However, he had a question:

“Master, will there be any difference from before?”

Mo Zhengdong was stunned for a while before saying,

“I suppose there is.”

“For example?” Jiang Lan asked curiously.

“For example…” Mo Zhengdong thought for a moment and said,

“From now on, your title will change. You will now be known as the eldest personal disciple of the Ninth Summit.”

Jiang Lan was silent.

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