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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 39 free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: God of Slaughter

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The woman looked at Jiang Lan with fear in her eyes.

She knew that the other party had found out.

She also knew that the other party would definitely kill her.

But she was so close. She was so close.

If she had a little more time, she might have been able to finish this person off.

But the person before her did not give her any chances.

The opponent began to attack.

Jiang Lan naturally didn’t hesitate in the slightest. He directly grabbed the shining hand, instantly crushing it.


The blood mist diffused into the air.

The rune had disappeared.

Then, he began to attack the woman.

He wanted to kill her in one blow.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Jiang Lan approach the woman.

Before they could react, the woman’s hand had been crushed.

“Do it. Kill him.”

The early-stage Golden Core cultivator no longer thought about it.

The other party would not let him off, and he would not beg for mercy either.

Furthermore, he wanted to save that woman.



A fist went by and the Golden Core cultivator watched helplessly as the woman turned into a bloody mist.

“Do you know who she is?” The Golden Core cultivator roared.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Lan appeared in front of the Golden Core cultivator. His voice was calm.

“I know.

She’s someone who wants to kill me.

You are, too.”

In the next moment, the man was greeted by Jiang Lan’s fist.


As the blood mist diffused into the air, Jiang Lan arrived before the last man.

The moment he saw Jiang Lan, the man turned and fled in fright.

God of Slaughter. This was a God of Slaughter.

It was impossible for immortals to be like this.

This person never used any divine powers or spells, and he didn’t make any unnecessary movements.

It was a one-hit kill, and they were all just ordinary punches.

He killed them like dogs.

And they were lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

The late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator turned around and opened his mouth, wanting to call for help and attract the attention of others.

Perhaps there was still a chance of survival.

Even if it was only a slim chance of survival.


The man’s fist penetrated him.

A surge of power crashed into his body.

In the end, he completely lost consciousness.

Jiang Lan withdrew his fist and began to scan his surroundings.

After confirming that there were no problems, he withdrew some of his power.

However, he was still on full alert.

He did not want to fail unexpectedly.

Then, he walked up to the rabbit.

More and more cracks appeared on the rabbit’s chest, as if its entire body was about to be covered in cracks.

In the end, it was incinerated by these fiery cracks.

Jiang Lan looked at it as it looked back.

The rabbit turned around with difficulty to look at the demoness beside him, before looking at Jiang Lan pleadingly.

As if to say, “Don’t kill her. She saw nothing.”

Jiang Lan looked at him and took out a shining Dharma treasure.

It was the Immortal Binding Rope (Pseudo).

The Immortal Binding Rope then flew toward the rabbit.

Not long after, the Immortal Binding Rope entered the rabbit’s body.

“Forget what you saw today. The Immortal Binding Rope will imprison everything you know about me.

If someone were to forcefully search your memories one day, the Immortal Binding Rope would take your life.

It would do so if you say it yourself as well.

Do you understand? ”

Jiang Lan’s calm voice entered the rabbit’s ears.

The rabbit looked at Jiang Lan, its eyes full of disbelief.

It wasn’t that it couldn’t believe that he had used such a restriction on him.

Rather, it could not believe that the other party did not kill it to silence it.

Jiang Lan glanced at the rabbit before turning to leave.

Although the Immortal Binding Rope was a fake, the rabbit would not be able to escape the fatal blow of the Immortal Binding Rope unless it became an immortal.

Not even immortals could remove it from the rabbit.

Even if the rabbit became an immortal and it wanted to break free from the rope’s control, it needed to become an advanced immortal.

Jiang Lan left as he didn’t plan to bother about the other party’s life or death.

Whether they lived or died depended on their good fortune.

The rabbit watched as Jiang Lan left. It crawled towards the people who were killed, found something, and then swallowed it.

A light flashed past and the rabbit returned to its human form.

It was a man.

Without hesitation, he went to the demoness, picked her up, and was about to leave.

However, he didn’t take more than two steps before putting the demoness to the side. Then, he knelt down in the direction Jiang Lan left in and kowtowed three times.

“If one day we live and become great demons,

and if Kunlun were to be met with disaster and Senior would be in danger…

we, husband and wife, will do anything to repay your kindness. ”

Then, the man got up and left quickly with the demoness in his arms. What they needed to do now was survive.

To live an ignoble life.

The sky was dark. Jiang Lan didn’t walk fast on the way back to Kunlun.

He wanted to see if anyone was watching him.

He did see a few people on the way.

However, they were all disciples of Kunlun Mountain.

He barely knew anyone in Kunlun.

Not many people knew him either.

Hence, they did not disturb each other.

After a long time, Jiang Lan returned to Kunlun.

“I guess there aren’t any more people.”

Jiang Lan heaved a sigh of relief.

He wanted to go back and cultivate. His Essence Soul was not safe either. He had to cultivate the Void Refinement realm as soon as possible and seek the path to Immortal Ascension.

If he had not advanced to the e realm today, he would have been in a passive position even if he was going to be fine..

This would affect his future plans.

After coming out for a while, Jiang Lan understood some things. He couldn’t show mercy to his enemies, and he couldn’t look down on strangers who didn’t interact with him.

Because the other party might have far exceeded his imagination.

If he could conceal his cultivation, others could do the same.

He had to maintain his initial thoughts. He should not underestimate anyone just because his cultivation level was higher.

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