Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Not Looking Highly

Ao Longyu wouldn’t let Jiang Lan help for nothing.

This way, they would not owe each other anything.

Jiang Lan looked at the book and didn’t refuse. He reached out to take it.

“Thank you, Senior Sister.”

There was naturally no need to refuse such a thing.

Ao Longyu nodded wordlessly.

“I shan’t disturb Senior Brother and Senior Sisters any longer.”

Jiang Lan glanced at the others before turning to leave.

Jing Ting and Mu Xiu nodded as well.

After Jiang Lan left, Jing Ting and Mu Xiu looked at Ao Longyu.

It was as if they were asking Senior Sister Ao what she meant by that.

Why did she do that?

Ao Longyu looked at Jing Ting and said,

“Junior Brother, try wiping off that rune.”

“Senior Sister Ao, that was just a joke by Junior Brother. He himself can’t be sure if it’s right or wrong. It’s just a feeling.

Aren’t you worried that something might happen if you mess around like this?”

“That’s right, Senior Sister. This could have a huge impact on our cultivation. Think it through before acting.

The junior brother of the Ninth Summit is indeed extraordinary in certain aspects.

This is something we can’t deny.

However, he is not proficient in cultivation or array formations.

You can’t act rashly on such matters,” advised Mu Xiu.

He was a Foundation Establishment Cultivator, someone who had cultivated for a short while.

Someone who had to use resources to quickly improve his cultivation.

How could they believe him?

Moreover, they would be putting their own cultivations at risk if they do.

Ao Longyu looked at Jing Ting and Mu Xiu.

Her expression was calm as she said gently,

“Junior Brother and Junior Sister, you can find another place to draw a new array formation. I’ll try this.”

Hearing this, Mu Xiu opened her mouth, but she could not refute her.

That’s right. It was time for them to change the array formation anyway. Thus, even if they did, it would not affect them at all.

There was nothing inappropriate for Ao Longyu to try.

But they still didn’t believe in it.

“Senior Sister Ao, I know your cultivation level is high, your abilities are strong, and your talent is impressive.

However, messing around could easily affect your progress.

If something unexpected happens, Senior Sister’s plan to advance to the Essence Soul realm will be affected, right?” Mu Xiu asked.

“But it will be delayed as well if this continues.” Ao Longyu’s voice was very calm.

She knew what she was doing.

If she didn’t try, advancing to the Essence Soul realm would still have to be pushed back by a few years.

Jing Ting and Mu Xiu remained silent. Ao Longyu’s identity was rather special.

Time was tight, so it was normal to want to try.

But there had to be some basis for trying.

To believe in the disciple of the Ninth Summit…


They sighed and didn’t say anything else.

Instead, they went to the back to draw a new array formation.

The new array formation couldn’t be too close.

Otherwise, it would be impacted.

Ao Longyu changed the area that Jiang Lan had suggested.

Then, she began to cultivate on it.

Of course, she would not believe in it instantly. If there were any problems, she would stop cultivating immediately.

For safety reasons, she even took out a Dharma treasure, one that could stabilize her mind and cultivation.

It was a precious treasure her Master had given her.

She was very careful about everything.

Jiang Lan flipped through the Dragon Language and realized that it was a little difficult to understand.

However, he didn’t expect to learn it immediately. He would just take a look when he was free.

He heard that some spells had better effects when used in Dragon language.

He didn’t know if it was true or not.

If it was true, then this Dragon Language book was still very useful to him.

He wondered if his previous understanding of the Daoist Scripture could help him understand the Dragon language.

Almost everything he obtained from signing in had helped him in his cultivation.

He had to learn most of the other things.

However, there were times when he needed support.

Jiang Lan wasn’t greedy. He would work hard if he could.

Stopping his efforts felt unsafe in the Grand Desolate World.

He could not gamble on tomorrow with his luck.

After cleaning the hall, Jiang Lan planned to clean the weeds on the road.

Not many people walked on it in the first place. But if it wasn’t clear, there would be a lot of grass.

If people came here and could not find their way, it would make the Ninth Summit seem cold and deserted.

Although it was the truth.

After finishing all these, Jiang Lan wanted to look for his Master.

However, just as he was about to go, his Master appeared in front of him.

“Master,” Jiang Lan greeted respectfully.

“How are you feeling recently?” Mo Zhengdong asked Jiang Lan.

“I feel a little uncomfortable. I want to see if I’m affected by my inner demons,” Jiang Lan said.

He was indeed feeling a little uncomfortable.

But every time he checked, there was no problem.

He had never stopped cultivating the Immovable Wisdom King Incantation either.

Mo Zhengdong frowned when he heard Jiang Lan’s words.

Then, he arrived beside Jiang Lan and tapped his forehead.

A moment later, Mo Zhengdong retracted his hand.

“Have you been cultivating the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds?”

“I’ve been casting it on the vegetative egg,” Jiang Lan told him truthfully.

Mo Zhengdong raised an eyebrow at the mention of vegetative egg.

He naturally knew what the vegetative egg was.

He never expected that it was an egg that could not be incubated.

If he knew, he wouldn’t have given it to his disciple.

Fortunately, his disciple did not mind and seemed to be very happy taking care of it.

“How’s the vegetative egg?” Mo Zhengdong asked.

“It seems to be weak,” Jiang Lan said.

“Looks like you’ve made some progress on the Rainbow Auspicious Clouds. You’ll be fine after a short period of time. When you feel that your spirit has recovered, don’t use it so easily.

Spells are not divine powers, especially if they are related to luck. It can easily bring about problems,” Mo Zhengdong said seriously.

This was his personal disciple, so he naturally did not hold back when nurturing him.

However, there was also a limit. Going too far was as bad as not going too far. He did not want to destroy his disciple.

Fortunately, Jiang Lan had a strong temperament.

Otherwise, he would really have to drag things out for a few days until the time was right.

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