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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 34 free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Repelling the Sword with One Finger

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Jiang Lan went to his vegetative egg and poured some spirit liquid over it.

Then he headed outside.

Having advanced to the Essence Soul realm, he could see his surroundings much clearer.

It was as if he had gone from a normal resolution to a high resolution.

But it did not affect anything.

When he arrived at the cave entrance, Jiang Lan put away the wooden tablet.

There were three words written on it— Do not disturb.

There was no need for that now.

After all, he had successfully advanced.

Jiang Lan walked out. The sky was already bright.

Ao Longyu and the others were working together to draw an array formation.

It was probably used for their cultivation.

Jiang Lan took a look and discovered that it was the Bright Deity Array.

It was similar to his Immovable Wisdom King Incantation, but completely different at the same time.

There was a huge difference between array formations and incantations.

Of course, if one wanted to stay in the Ninth Summit, it would not be enough just cultivating the Immovable Wisdom King Incantation.

It was because he had obtained the Kunlun Heart Sutra and cultivated the Meditation Spell. Following that, he cultivated the Immovable Wisdom King Incantation.

That was why he could stay in the Ninth Summit so easily.

As for whether the others could stay like this, he didn’t know either.

Perhaps because he had lived two lifetimes, it was easier for him to see things clearly.

“Junior brother is going out?” Jing Ting looked at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan nodded and said,

“I shan’t disturb the Senior Brother and Senior Sisters any longer.”

Then, he turned around and left.

However, after taking a few more glances at the Bright Deity Array, specifically the location beneath Jing Ting’s feet, he felt that something was off.

“Is there a problem with the array formation?” Jing Ting looked down at the array formation beneath his feet and asked curiously.

He felt that this junior brother was probably curious about the array formations.

After all, this array formation was not simple.

However, he didn’t ask if the other party knew about it as he was looking out for his junior brother’s emotions, so that they could also stay here longer.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. He just shook his head and headed down the mountain.

Watching Jiang Lan leave, Jing Ting asked curiously:

“Is this junior brother curious about this array formation?”

Ao Longyu remained silent as she continued to draw the formation.

“I feel that this junior brother is a man of few words and his expression is lacking.

Apart from being unaffected by the Netherworld aura, there doesn’t seem to be anything special about him.

However, the disciples of the Ninth Summit always have average talent.

It was normal for one to have less knowledge due to their lower cultivation.

Perhaps the rainbow glow from before was really a coincidence. We haven’t had the chance to ask either.

If he doesn’t how to do it, it will seem like we are insulting him.” Mu Xiu shook her head and didn’t say anything else.

“Just because your talent isn’t good doesn’t mean you lack knowledge,” Ao Longyu expressionlessly said.

She was telling the truth.

The others didn’t refute and continued their array formation.

They could begin to cultivate before the sun set today.

They could stay here for a long time.

It would be even better if they could borrow the aura of the Netherworld to perfect the Golden Core realm and break through to the Essence Soul realm.

However, it was a little difficult.

Jiang Lan felt that there was probably something wrong with the Bright Deity Array.

However, those people were all geniuses. They should be able to tell when the time came.

There was no need for him to disturb anything.

They should not interfere with one another.

Following his usual pace, Jiang Lan arrived at the foot of Kunlun Mountain.

He was in no hurry to leave the mountain this time.

After all, good wine could only be bought in the afternoon.

He was going early because he wanted to sign in.

Also, he wanted to see what he could get.

He hooped it would be something good.

Jiang Lan walked in the forest.

He realized that the road here had changed after thirty years.

However, the changes were not big.

However, halfway there, he realized that a rabbit was coming towards him.

It was a rabbit with cultivation.

It was at the perfected Foundation Establishment realm, just that it had a messy aura. It was probably due to its serious injuries.

Jiang Lan originally didn’t plan on paying attention to the other party, but as soon as it appeared in front of him, the rabbit knelt down before him like a human.


Looking at the rabbit, Jiang Lan frowned.

He discovered that there were cracks on the rabbit’s chest, as if it had been burnt.

Its injuries were still throbbing.

After Jiang Lan stopped, it suddenly kowtowed while pointing to the other side of the forest.

It was as if it wanted to show him something.

Since it was still early, Jiang Lan spoke.

“Lead the way.”

The rabbit revealed a look of gratitude and kowtowed once more.

Then, it led the way.

Jiang Lan soon saw it.

He saw a woman lying in a certain valley.

From a distance, she looked like a simple woman.

There was a glowing pearl beside her. It was the Demon Suppressing Pearl.

It was not a powerful Dharma treasure. It only had effect on demons in the Foundation Establishment realm.

That demoness should be in the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment realm. In theory, she shouldn’t be so weak.

However, she was not dead. But if she had been suppressed by the suppression pearl this whole time, it would have brought about quite a big impact.

Of course, the most dangerous person should be the owner of the Demon Suppressing Pearl.

“It seems like this rabbit wants me to take away the suppression pearl.”

Jiang Lan walked up to the pearl and examined it. The owner of the pearl hadn’t appeared for a long time, so this didn’t seem normal.

After sensing it, he discovered that there was actually nothing wrong with this pearl.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt an attack surging towards him.

The rabbit suddenly squeaked and kept tugging at Jiang Lan’s pants.

As if to remind him of something.

Jiang Lan ignored it and looked towards the forest. At this moment, the glint of a sword flashed past.

A sword was heading straight for Jiang Lan.

Facing the sword, Jiang Lan merely raised his hand and flicked the back of his index finger.


The sword was repelled by Jiang Lan’s finger.

A man then landed in front of Jiang Lan.

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