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Chapter 59 - Charming Jiang Lan

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Chapter 59: Charming Jiang Lan

Jiang Lan could feel that there was an array formation deliberately blocking him from leaving.

It was man-made.

He had only met two people here.

It was the two Golden Core cultivators.

However, they should not have the strength to keep him here.

That was unless their attainments in array formations were astonishing.

Jiang Lan could break this formation, but it was not easy.

It would take some time as he wasn’t skilled in array formations.

Currently, the easiest solution was to take out the mastermind.

Since he couldn’t break the array formation in a short period of time, he had to take out the person who had laid it.

After that, Jiang Lan stood on the spot and waited for those people to arrive.

He was not far from the outside.

It was not too dangerous.

“I shall cultivate the Spiritual Suppression Force first.”

Jiang Lan thought.

Since he was waiting, he would use this time to equip himself and ensure that he could face any problems calmly.

However, he was still on guard to prevent any sneak attacks.

Currently, no one had appeared.

Jiang Lan sat cross-legged.

He began to browse through the Spiritual Suppression Force in his mind.

As the Spiritual Suppression Force was flipped open, the words on it started to disappear. All the words that disappeared were absorbed into Jiang Lan’s body.

This was a divine power, not a spell technique.

Therefore, there was no need for him to look at it. He would learn it once he had fully integrated the words.

Before long, Jiang Lan felt the Spiritual Suppression Force appear in his body.

It was a faintly discernible power.

It was impossible to use it directly.

However, Jiang Lan had a feeling that as long as he used a spell technique, he would be able to unleash this power.

The more powerful a spell technique was, the stronger this power would become.

The weaker the spell.

The more useless this spell was.

Spiritual Suppression Force acted as a supplement for spell techniques.

This was a power that targeted the mind.

It was quite useful.

Infusing the Power of Nine Bulls with it was the most suitable.

The Power of Nine Bulls was very strong, so strong that nothing could break it.

With this, there were almost no shortcomings.

A moment later, Jiang Lan exhaled.

He had finished cultivating the divine power, Spiritual Suppression Force.

After that, he just needed to familiarize himself with the process of integration. It wasn’t that easy to integrate it completely for now.

Of course, even if it integrated with the Power of Nine Bulls partially.

It was already very terrifying.

“They have come.”

When Jiang Lan opened his eyes, he felt some people walking towards him.

Jiang Lan stood up and looked into the distance.

There were a total of seven people.

There was at least one in the Essence Soul Realm.

“This person is waiting for us to go over? The Kunlun disciples are just overconfident. “An elder looked ahead and said coldly.

“Is there really no problem? Kunlun disciples are not to be trifled with.” The middle-aged man at the perfected Golden Core realm asked.

Daoist Hidden Cloud shook his head and said.

“Don’t worry. There are many Kunlun disciples. One or two disappearing wouldn’t cause much of an issue. Moreover, they would know what is inside this forest if they came. The one who killed him is a mutated wood ape demon beast. It has nothing to do with us. ”

The others didn’t say anything else.

“Don’t we need to split up and surround him to prevent him from randomly escaping, affecting our plan?” Another person asked.

“Let me go first.” A woman in rather coquettish clothes touched her lips and smiled.

“One look and I can tell that he’s a young man who doesn’t understand the relationship between men and women. Let me make him work for me willingly.”

After saying that, energy surged from that woman’s body. The originally beautiful woman had become an innocent woman.

“Young people like such a girl now, right?”

The others looked at the woman without saying anything as if they tacitly agreed with her actions.

This method was indeed the easiest, allowing the other party to help them achieve their final goal willingly.

It all depended on efficiency.

They were about to obtain what they wanted. Not to mention Kunlun’s inner sect disciples, they would not even let off personal disciples.

Being hunted down by Kunlun?

It was still a question whether they could survive until they got what they wanted.

Of course, what made them fearless was that this person was too weak.

Mid-stage Golden Core Realm.

Even if his talent was good, he was only at the mid-stage Golden Core realm.

Jiang Lan stood on the spot, waiting for these people to arrive.

To be honest, the other party had no reason to target him.

In the previous encounter, their conflict should not have reached the point of fighting to death.

If they just wanted to gain back their dignity, would they need someone at the Essence Soul Realm to aid them?

Furthermore, the powerhouse was also someone who was quite skilled in array formations.

Furthermore, this array formation should have been placed long beforehand.

Moreover, the perfected Golden Core Realm cultivator from before had sufficient strength to gain back his dignity earlier.

So it was probably for something else.

Jiang Lan soon saw a young woman appear in front of him.

She was a young lady wearing an immortal dress.

She did not exactly have a face that could captivate the birds and the fish, but her face was very comfortable to look at.

Her slender body could not be concealed even though she wore a dress.

However, she did not feel exposed at all.

From her outlook, Jiang Lan would give her a perfect score.

“Fellow Daoist, are you waiting for someone?”

The woman approached Jiang Lan, completely unprepared.

However, the moment the other party spoke, Jiang Lan sensed it.

She was using a charm spell on him.

This bewitching spell seemed to emanate from every single movement of the other party.

She was constantly breaking down his guard.

“Were you the one who trapped me here?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Yes.” The woman walked up to Jiang Lan and waved her hands. She then said shyly.

“I feel that fellow Daoist’s constitution is a bit special. I wish to discuss something with fellow Daoist.”

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