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Chapter 67 - Jade Pool Goddess

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Chapter 67: Jade Pool Goddess


[A path of the Great Dao has been discovered. The host can sign in here permanently.]

[Do you want to sign in?]

This was a notification that he had longed for.

After hearing this voice, Jiang Lan didn’t sign it immediately.

This was not the time to be distracted.

Fortunately, this trip was not in vain.

As long as he encountered the path of the Great Dao, he would definitely be able to obtain something on the level of the Daoist Scripture.

With that, he would experience a qualitative leap in his cultivation.

It didn’t matter if it was the Daoist Scripture or the Creation Pill.

However, if it was a Dharma treasure, it would be very disappointing.

After all, he did not rely on Dharma treasures much.

One’s own strength was the most important thing.

Without further thought, Jiang Lan began to undo the array formation beneath his feet.

Ao Longyu appeared beside him.


Powerful forces intertwined around him.

If he wasn’t careful, this power would come for him.

Jiang Lan ignored this.

It would not be too late for him to avoid it when it really came.

As of now, Ao Longyu had yet to say that she could not handle it.

If he needed to dodge, Ao Longyu would speak.

“Squat down,” Ao Longyu said.

Her voice was very stable.

Jiang Lan didn’t think too much about it and immediately squatted down.


As expected.

A clash of power appeared above him, but it didn’t affect him.

It took some time for the surrounding energy to settle down.

Jiang Lan hadn’t been released yet.

Ao Longyu was by his side calming her energy. She had expended too much energy and was almost at her limit.

Reaching here was something she had not expected.

They had come far.

Any further and it would be difficult for them.

Jiang Lan didn’t continue forward after the array formation was broken. Instead, he looked at Ao Longyu.

“Senior Sister Ao, do you want to continue?”

If the other party wanted to continue, he would continue.

After all, dispelling the array formation was not dangerous. It just required some time.

He had already achieved his goal, so he didn’t mind if the other party wanted to move forward.

It would do him no harm.

The closer one was to the path of the Great Dao, the better the gift from the Great Dao.

Moreover, since it was a collaboration, he would not go back on his word.

He believed in mutual aid.

Ao Longyu looked ahead and said softly,

“Junior Brother, let’s try moving forward a little more.”

Jiang Lan nodded and walked forward.

Very soon, he encountered another confinement array formation. The moment he encountered it, he felt that it was several times more difficult than before.

“The array formation is several times stronger, about three to five times stronger than before.”

Jiang Lan reminded.

At this moment, Ao Longyu’s body erupted with immense power.

A dragon’s roar could be heard.

Before the attack even appeared, she was already prepared to deal with it with all her might.

The next moment, the attack appeared.

This time, even if Jiang Lan didn’t raise his head, he still felt a tangible pressure.

This was not an attack that Golden Cores could deal with.


The massive attack almost affected Jiang Lan.


Ao Longyu’s voice rang out.

Jiang Lan didn’t hesitate in the slightest.

He quickly broke free from the restriction, and then left his original position.

Fortunately, it was only one step. Otherwise, he might not be able to escape the attack.


Another loud bang could be heard.

Ao Longyu also retreated.

Jiang Lan could see that her hand was injured.

The two of them stood where they were without speaking.

They knew.

This was their limit.

If they wanted to move forward, they would need to have greater strength and greater attainments in array formations.

Jiang Lan could still break apart the array formation.

But it would take a pretty long time.

In terms of the attacks that came from the fog, it was already at a level that Ao Longyu was already unable to resist.

Even if Jiang Lan used his full strength, he might not be able to go far.

If he chose to use his full strength, he wouldn’t break the formation bit by bit. Instead, he would use his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel to try to escape from the restriction or use the Power of Nine Bulls to forcefully break it.

Theoretically, he could go further, but it was hard to say.

No matter how he looked at it, the Jade Pool wasn’t that simple.

Ao Longyu stood rooted to the spot.

At this moment, she was stabilizing her strength.

The dragon scales on her body were also rapidly disappearing.

The scar on her side profile was also disappearing.

Jiang Lan only took a glance and knew that Ao Longyu no longer had any plans to continue. However, there was still a faint dragon shadow on Ao Longyu’s body. It should be a necessary precaution.

Jiang Lan didn’t pay much attention to it. In fact, he had always maintained his vigilance.

Although they were from the same sect, they were not familiar with each other.

No one was sure if they would suddenly turn into each other’s enemies.

Everyone had encountered such an affair before.

Jiang Lan returned to his senses and started his business.

“System, I shall sign in here at the Jade Pool.”


[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao. You have obtained Kunlun’s Creation: Jade Pool Goddess Diagram.]

[Jade Pool Goddess Diagram: Kunlun, the Ancestor of All Mountains gathered the essence of all living things to the Jade Pool Holy Land and engraved the secrets into the Goddess Diagram, allowing it to share the fortuitous opportunities in the Jade Pool.]

After the system’s voice fell, Jiang Lan frowned.

Kunlun’s Creation?

It seemed to be related to Kunlun Mountain.

In theory, it was inferior to the Daoist Scripture: Creation of Heaven and Earth.

Of course, this was nothing.

After all, the word ‘Creation’ meant that this treasure was obviously not simple.

However, what puzzled Jiang Lan was that the Jade Pool Goddess Diagram didn’t seem to be of much use to his cultivation. What kind of fortuitous encounter did the Jade Pool have?

Moreover, did the Jade Pool have a Goddess?

According to the documents he had read over the years.

Kunlun had never had a goddess.

At least not in the records.

The Kunlun Heart Sutra was left behind by the Kunlun Ancestor, who should be a male.

Furthermore, the Kunlun Heart Sutra that was left behind was not a specific cultivation technique but a kind of enlightenment.

The Kunlun Heart Sutra that Jiang Lan learned might be the most complete.

Then, Jiang Lan began to look through the Jade Pool Goddess Diagram in his mind.

It looked like an unopened album.

However, the moment he saw the album, Jiang Lan had a feeling that he knew its function.

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