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Chapter 72 - Targeted By The Jade Pool

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Chapter 72: Targeted By The Jade Pool

The light that was going to fuse with the Ninth Summit shattered with a bang in front of everyone’s eyes.

It was as if the Ninth Summit could not accept changes to its environment.

Jiang Lan sighed as he watched this scene.

The Netherworld Aura on the Ninth Summit was too heavy.

This light should not be compatible with the aura of the Netherworld.

Especially with the recent eruption of the Netherworld Aura.

This should be the reason why it failed.

Perhaps it would fail even if there wasn’t an eruption.

The Ninth Summit was special in Kunlun. It was not special that such a thing happened.

However, after today, the Ninth Summit might be even more rejected in Kunlun by the disciples.

The others all understood a bit, but they didn’t think too much or discuss about it.

This was not something disciples like them needed to care about.

It was an issue that belonged to the Summit Leaders.

Jing Ting and Mu Xiu looked at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan was the only disciple of the Ninth Summit.

If the fusion failed, it meant that the Ninth Summit he was on could not be covered by the spiritual energy of the Jade Pool, which meant that the Ninth Summit would be weaker than the other eight summits.

Jiang Lan would probably feel uncomfortable about this.

However, the Jade Pool’s transformation was still ongoing, so they could only continue looking on for now.

This was the only change in many years.

Although Jiang Lan sighed, his heart was still calm.

To him, the Ninth Summit was more suitable for his cultivation than any other peak.

As for the other summits becoming better, that was the business of the other summits.

He was neither jealous nor envious.

He maintained a neutral attitude towards this matter.


At this time, another change occurred in the Jade Pool. A faint light enveloped everyone, and then water droplets appeared around the Jade Pool.

Spiritual energy seeped out from the water droplets, as well as a mysterious aura.

It was like a water pearl condensed from the essence of the sun and moon.

Then, the light expanded, covering everyone around the Jade Pool.

This was a gift from the Jade Pool for the Jade Pool Observance Ceremony.

This was something that most people did not expect.

The closer one was to the Jade Pool, the bigger the water droplet one could obtain.

Jiang Lan was on the mountain peak, which was equivalent to the inner regions of the Jade Pool.

Hence, he also had a water droplet the size of a duck egg before him.

Most of the people on the mountain peak had water droplets of this level.

Those behind them, even if they were only one step away from the mountain peak merely received a fingernail-sized water droplet.

It was completely different.

Jiang Lan watched as the water droplets fell. Then, he saw the senior brothers and sisters in front of him reach out to receive them.

He followed suit.

He extended his hand and let the water drop onto his hand.

As the water droplet fell, he felt a cold sensation on his hand, like the clear waters of a mountain spring.

Moreover, Jiang Lan could sense that this water droplet was very helpful to his cultivation.

However, when the water droplets were in his hands, he felt a weak aura start to affect them.

Then, he saw a tiny wisp of black gas enter the water.

Soon, the water droplet lost its balance.

It was as if the internal structure had been damaged.


In an instant, the water droplet shattered and dispersed.

Water splashed everywhere.

Some landed directly on Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan was somewhat surprised by this sudden scene.

It had actually shattered.

His clothes were stained with the aura of the netherworld which affected the defenseless water droplets.

This had caused it to shatter.

The aura in the water droplet was not affected.

However, he was unable to condense the water back into a duck egg-sized droplet.

He could only allow the water droplet to shatter and dissipate.

When Jiang Lan saw this, he slowly lowered his hand.

The sudden shattering of the bead made a loud noise.

In a quiet place, this sound was ear-piercing, causing everyone to look over.

They were all surprised.

Why did the water drop suddenly shatter?

What happened?

Many people did not know what had happened. Was it because the Jade Pool did not approve of Jiang Lan?

Or did that Junior Sister in the Jade Pool not approve of him?

Lu Zhou could feel the random guesses of everyone around and slowly said.

“Perhaps Junior Brother did not know that the netherworld aura will stain his clothes, causing there to be some effect on these droplets.”

Only after hearing Lu Zhou’s words did they understand that this Junior Brother wasn’t being targeted.

It was related to the Ninth Summit.

After all, only the Ninth Summit had the aura of the netherworld.

He was most likely a disciple of the Ninth Summit.

The light had just shattered, and now, even his water droplet had shattered.

This Junior Brother was really at a clash against the Jade Pool.

None of them spoke, but they all had similar thoughts in their eyes.

However, they did not think too much about it.

Everyone had their own path.

For them to be able to walk so far, talent was part of it. Luck was also very important.

Jing Ting looked at Jiang Lan and sighed in his heart.

The Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit was actually not a bad person and she had helped him before.

It was a pity that he had to endure so many blows.

If he could help it, he wanted to.

Unfortunately, there was nothing he could do.

Hong Luan and Lin An also looked on.

This was actually the first time they knew that Jiang Lan might be a disciple of the Ninth Summit.

From the current situation, it seemed that the other party was really unfortunate.

“I heard that the disciples of the Ninth Summit have an outstanding temperament. I wonder if this matter will stir up a storm in his heart.” Lin Anxin was rather curious.

Hong Luan shook her head and didn’t think too much about it.

This was not man-made.

No one could do anything about it.

Jiang Lan stood there calmly.

None of this affected him.

All he needed to do was wait for the ceremony to end before returning to cultivate.

This was what he wanted to do and what he wanted to do.

Ao Longyu was also looking at Jiang Lan at this moment. She lowered her head to look at the water droplet that Jiang Lan had shattered.

After a moment of silence, she walked out.

As she moved, the entire Jade Pool suddenly erupted with countless streams of water.

The water kept flowing.

The sudden change caught everyone’s attention.

They saw Ao Longyu walking out of the Jade Pool.

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