Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 99 - Seclusion To Advance

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Chapter 99: Seclusion To Advance

This little girl looked to be at the mid-stage Essence Soul Realm, but since Jiang Lan could hide his cultivation, the possibility of others hiding their cultivation wasn’t low either.

Furthermore, he did not know this Xiao Yu from the Third Summit at all. It did not seem like she was here to chat.

No matter how one looked at it, it was more likely that she was the person in the dark.

Since the person could not do it in the dark, perhaps the person had decided to do it openly instead.

“Junior Brother, have you reached the perfected Golden Core Realm?” Xiao Yu asked.

Jiang Lan nodded without answering.

He had never concealed his cultivation on the surface, so normal people could tell.

Of course, it was impossible to do so if one’s cultivation was too low.

Xiaoyu walked beside Jiang Lan. She hesitated and asked.

“Junior Brother, do you know any Senior Sisters or Junior Sisters of the Third Summit?”

Jiang Lan glanced at the little girl. He really didn’t understand what she was here for.

If it was just an ordinary question, he could answer it.

But this might not be an ordinary question.

Although there was no problem at the moment.

“I have seen Senior Sister Ao and Senior Sister Lin before.” He had seen these two before.

“What about the First Summit?” Xiao Yu nodded and asked again.

“I have seen Senior Brother Jingting and Senior Brother Gu Qi from the First Summit before,” Jiang Lan replied calmly.

These were just some ordinary questions.

He wasn’t annoyed by them either.

Actually, he knew of the names of these people only after he had heard of them through the others’ discussions.

Whenever he went out for a walk, he would hear someone mention their name once or twice.

From there, he had an impression of them.

As Xiao Yu walked on the road, she did not speak immediately. Instead, she lowered her head and played with her fingers.

Jiang Lan looked at the other party and didn’t say anything else.

“Senior Sister, is there anything else?”

This Senior Sister was very small and very cute. If she walked together with him and went to a crowded place.

He would be easily noticed.

If that happened, who knew what kind of trouble would arise.

Although he really wanted to lure out the person in the dark.

However, he never wanted to be the center of attention when he went out.

Especially since his fame from the Heavenly Human Race’s challenge had finally faded.

Therefore, if there was nothing else, he wanted to go nearby alone to take a look.

Not with a kid.

“Yes.” Xiao Yu thought for a while before replying.

“Did Junior Brother Jing Ting give something to Junior Brother?”

“Give something?” Jiang Lan looked at the other party and asked curiously.

“What is it exactly?”

“It’s… it’s something related to Senior Sister Ao.” Xiao Yu couldn’t open her mouth, but she still tried her best to explain.

“It’s a kind of recording Dharma treasure.”

When she heard this, Jiang Lan understood that it was the bathing scene.

Why was everyone asking him for the bathing scene today?

There was nothing in that scene, right?

“This?” Jiang Lan took out the bead and asked.

No matter what, since someone had come looking for him for it, there was no need for him to keep it anymore.

After all, it was easy for people to pay too much attention to him if he kept being approached.

“Can I see it?” Xiao Yu asked.

She didn’t immediately extend her hand, but rather waited for Jiang Lan to agree.

After Jiang Lan nodded, she reached out and took the bead.

She quickly checked.

“Junior Brother, have you seen it?” Xiao Yu asked Jiang Lan softly.

“Is there a problem?” Jiang Lan asked.

“Well, not much of a problem.” Xiao Yu lowered her head and answered.

There was indeed no problem. It was not like there was anything special inside.

Then, Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan and said.

“Junior Brother, can you sell this to me?

I’ve got—”

Xiao Yu touched her waist and realized that she had forgotten to bring her storage Dharma treasure out.

“Junior Brother, can you wait for me for a while? I’ll go back and get the items,” Xiaoyu said.

Jiang Lan had originally planned to agree. Although this item wasn’t useful, since the other party had offered him something in exchange, he wouldn’t reject the other party’s offer.

However, that gaze had appeared again.

“Maybe next time. Give it to me next time.” Jiang Lan turned around and left.

He did not take the bead with him.

Now that it had been retrieved, the people of the Third Summit would probably not look for him anymore.

Jiang Lan did not take this matter to heart.

He was more concerned about the person in the dark.

Since this person was here, the little girl was no longer a suspect.

After Jiang Lan left, Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan. She wanted to say something but hesitated.

In the end, she still accepted it and walked straight back.

Hopefully, she was able to send the items over in time.

Jiang Lan walked towards a crowded area once again.

He wanted to lure this person out and take a look.

However, when he arrived at a crowded place, the gaze disappeared again.

“What happened?”

This was the first time something like this had happened.

The other party had given up?

Jiang Lan wasn’t in a hurry. He merely strolled around and looked around for a while.

The gaze still did not appear.

Before long, Jiang Lan decided to return.

Perhaps the other party would appear on the way back.

For the past few years, he had mostly walked. Only on certain days would he fly on his sword.

He still chose to walk today.

When he reached the woods, he saw an animal nailed to a tree ahead. It was a rabbit.

Jiang Lan didn’t seem to care.

His path back was fixed and rarely deviated.

After walking for a while, he saw another animal fixed to a tree.

This time it was a pig.

Jiang Lan frowned.

It was normal to encounter it once, but not the second time.

“Is the person planning to ambush me here?”

Jiang Lan didn’t think too much about it and walked forward step by step.

He could mobilize his strength at any time.

Following that, Jiang Lan saw three more animals nailed to the tree.

Each time, the animal was different.

“Five already. It doesn’t feel right.”

Jiang Lan took another step forward.

It seemed like he had to go back first.

However, when he wanted to continue moving forward and return to where he came from.

Suddenly, he felt a force behind him.

It was very obvious.

Jiang Lan immediately retreated and turned around to look behind him.

He saw a scarecrow nailed to a tree.

The moment he saw the scarecrow, he had a feeling of confusion. The next moment, he recovered, but it was as if something was restraining him.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Lan left on his sword.

“The person’s at the early-stage Void Refinement Realm, I can fight him. Let’s see if he’ll make a move.”

The other party was good at hiding and did not expose himself.

Jiang Lan left on his sword as he normally would.

He was neither fast nor slow.

However, he could feel that the restriction was still there, as if it was targeting his Essence Soul. If his cultivation wasn’t high enough, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

At this moment, the Spiritual Suppression Force in his body suddenly became frenzied.




The Spiritual Suppression Force continued to assault the restriction within his body.


A moment later, the restriction was taken down.

However, Jiang Lan secretly used his One Leaf Vision to prevent anyone from sensing the change.

Soon, Jiang Lan returned to the Ninth Summit.

“He didn’t chase up. It looks like his means were those things from before. It’s somewhat similar to a curse technique. ”

Jiang Lan felt that the other party should have already made preparations and was waiting for him to descend the mountain.

That was why he disappeared midway.

If he returned on his sword today, there was a certain possibility that he would be led to the forest.

“The other party has already made his move. It seems like I have to hurry as well. I will advance to the mid-stage Void Refinement Realm first. Then I’ll leave Kunlun to kill him. I won’t be able to leave the Ninth Summit for the next few days. He must think that I’ve been cursed and won’t live for long. It seems like this person really does have some relationship with the Heavenly Human Race.”

Apart from the Heavenly Human Race, there shouldn’t be anyone else who wanted to kill him.

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