Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 112 - : Working With Xiao Yu

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Chapter 112: Working With Xiao Yu

When Jiang Lan saw Xiaoyu going to the counter, he lowered his head and looked at the peanuts and wine bottles on the floor. He had a feeling that something was going to happen tonight.

Of course, it had nothing to do with him. He probably didn’t need to come here tonight.

After all, he had to cultivate.

After that, Jiang Lan started to clean up the wine bottles and the place.

This was something he often did in the Ninth Summit.

It was something he was used to.

Furthermore, doing this would make him feel calm.

During his breakthrough to the Void Refinement Realm, he had done things like this for ten years.

It was not boring to him.

Before long, the floor and table were cleaned up.

Jiang Lan brought the trash to the backyard.

The trash cans were usually in the backyard.

In this case, he was a bit curious. After all these years at the inn, would the garbage have piled up into a mountain?

He then arrived at the backyard.

He wanted to see if there were any piles of rubbish.

However, just as he arrived at the backyard, he suddenly felt a gust of wind.

It was an air ripple caused by an attack.

This sudden change surprised Jiang Lan.

Without any hesitation, he used the power of a perfected Golden Core to try and retreat.

However, the sudden impact was extremely fast, not giving him much time to react.

Helpless, he could only use his hand to block his front and attempt to defend.


There was a loud bang.

This attack directly collided with Jiang Lan. In an instant, Jiang Lan was pushed back a bit.

The trash in his hand was also sent flying.

Only then did Jiang Lan have time to react. He took two steps back and looked in the direction of the attack. He saw that it was a spirit beast that had attacked him earlier.

It looked ferocious and mighty.

Its body was like that of a tiger while its head and tail were like that of a dragon. Its skin color was a mixture of gold and jade, and a corner of its head was bent backwards.

Just by looking at its appearance, Jiang Lan could tell that it wasn’t weak.

There was no killing intent emanating from the spirit beast previously.

Otherwise, Jiang Lan would have definitely used his Void Refinement Realm strength.

Or perhaps, he could only run.

The spirit beast was very powerful.

“What kind of spirit beast is this?”

However, there was a metal ring on the neck of this spirit beast. He didn’t know what use it had.


A low roar was heard, and then the spirit beast moved.

Jiang Lan was surprised and wanted to leave.

However, he hadn’t even made a few steps before he stopped. This was because the spirit beast had charged towards the trash.

In a few seconds, the trash was swallowed by it.

Jiang Lan was silent.

This outcome was somewhat unexpected.

It was actually a trash-eating spirit beast.

Jiang Lan then turned around and left.

The moment he moved, the spirit beast blocked his path and growled at him.

Did it think that he was also trash?

On second thought, it was not impossible.

But it didn’t look like it.

“What is it?” Jiang Lan asked.

Communication solves a lot of unnecessary trouble.


The spirit beast growled and stared at Jiang Lan as if it wanted something.

It seemed like he could not communicate with it.

So how could he escape from here?

Using his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel might not allow him to escape safely. This spirit beast might have the strength of an immortal.

He did not know if speed was something this spirit beast excelled at.

Jiang Lan was caught in a deadlock with the spirit beast. Just as he was about to attempt to escape, Senior Sister Xiaoyu suddenly appeared in the backyard.

When she saw the spirit beast and Jiang Lan confronting each other, she suddenly understood.

“For you.”

Xiao Yu threw out a spirit stone.

It was for the spirit beast.


The spirit beast immediately bit down on the spirit stone, then gestured to Jiang Lan as if to say, “Remember to pay next time.”

So the spirit beast was actually asking for a service charge.

Jiang Lan finally understood.

“Thank you for your help, Senior Sister.”

Jiang Lan walked towards Xiao Yu and thanked her.

“This is a Pixiu. If you make it eat, you have to pay. Junior Brother, you don’t know anything about these things?” Xiao Yu explained, somewhat puzzled.

“I haven’t read books on such matters before. It seems like I need to make up for it,” Jiang Lan replied.

Then he followed Xiao Yu to the counter of the inn.

He had indeed read very little on books regarding spirit beasts.

He spent most of his time reading books on cultivation techniques and array formations, as well as cultivation insights and notes.

He had a rough understanding of the Grand Desolate World, but he had yet to learn about spirit beasts.

He had no time.

Time was limited. He couldn’t read everything.

“Has Junior Brother been cultivating all this while?” Xiao Yu asked curiously.

They had already arrived at the counter. The counter was large enough to accommodate two people without feeling crowded.

Xiao Yu stepped on the chair. She was pretty short so she had to stand on a chair so customers could notice her presence.

“Yes, most of them is spent on cultivation,” Jiang Lan answered while looking at the price of the wines.

Ordinary wine was cheap.

The price of good wines was a little strange though. It depended on how much the other party was willing to give.

Jiang Lan thought about it. He had always given quite a bit for the good wine.

He had paid according to the amount his master had given him the first time he came to purchase.

As for whether it would be more than others, he did not care. There was no need to clarify such matters.

It was fine as long as he felt that he did not lose anything.

“Junior Brother, how far do you think you are from immortality?” Xiao Yu asked curiously. She subconsciously picked up a wine glass and started wiping it.

“I haven’t thought much about becoming an immortal. This time, I came here to seek inspiration for my advancement to the Essence Soul Realm.” Jiang Lan said honestly.

As for immortality, he was indeed still very far away from it.

He needed at least a few decades.

Normally speaking, it was possible to attempt undergoing the tribulation in fifty to sixty years, but whether or not he could achieve immortality in the end was another story.

“Senior Sister, becoming an immortal should be easier for you right?” Jiang Lan asked.

He was still looking at the price to see if there was anything he needed to pay special attention to.

There were some details that could easily be neglected if one did not pay attention.

“I should be faster than you, Junior Brother,” Xiao Yu said.

Jiang Lan responded with a nod and the two of them stopped talking.

They were all busy with their own things.

After a while, someone walked in.

A male and a female.

A talented man and a beautiful woman.

His cultivation base wasn’t high. He was a new disciple from Kunlun.

As he was out to help, Jiang Lan didn’t wear Kunlun’s clothes.

Therefore, others might not know that he was from Kunlun.

This was especially so for newcomers.

He, who had not left the Ninth Summit for thirty years, might not even be remembered by those who came into the sect at the same time as him.

Although the memories of cultivators were very good, some things were always thrown into the corner.

Without any special reminder, one might not be able to remember.

“I heard that you have good wine here? I want to buy two pots,” said the male disciple.

He sounded confident, but a little young.

His family might have some background.

The other party was talking to Xiao Yu, so Jiang Lan didn’t really care. He reached out and placed the wine bottle that was about to fall nearby.

This inn was very interesting to him.

He felt like he was constantly being tested.

“Did you place an order in advance?”

“Do I need to place an order in advance when buying wine?”

“If you did not place an order for a bottle of good wine before you came, you have to wait for the innkeeper to come back before I can sell it.” Xiao Yu’s calm voice sounded.

There was no emotion in her voice.

She seemed rather cold.

The moment they heard Xiao Yu’s reply, both of them frowned.

“Little girl, we will pay double the price. We are in a hurry to have some good wine.” Zhou Shu looked at Xiao Yu and tried to pay extra so that he could save time.

However, Xiao Yu did not bother to reply.

She had made it very clear.

“When an inn opens its doors, it intends to do business right? The rules are dead and twice the price isn’t a small sum. Why aren’t you selling it?” Lu Qian asked.

Xiao Yu ignored her.

“How can you be so insensible?” Zhou Shu took out a spirit stone and said.

“This is for you. Can you sell it now?”

Xiao Yu did not even lift her eyelids.

She had made it very clear.

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu helplessly. Was this Senior Sister here to help or to make enemies?

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