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Chapter 120 - The Shocked Xiao Yu

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Chapter 120: The Shocked Xiao Yu

When Xiao Yu finished reading the account book, she lost all her energy.

Then she stood quietly on the chair, waiting for the innkeeper to return.

Jiang Lan was confused as well.

He didn’t understand why Xiao Yu was like that but neither did he care about it.

However, now that Xiaoyu was back, he could try entering the inn on a spiritual level.

With his eyes closed, he instantly felt his surroundings change.

He stood at the counter of the inn, an inn that could only be entered through one’s mind.

There was no one in the inn.

Although no one could be seen in the inn, Jiang Lan could sense how many people were inside physically.

He could even roughly sense their mentality.

For example, Xiao Yu, who was beside him, looked a little down.

“I see.”

Jiang Lan finally understood how he had been dragged here.

However, it still showed how amazing the innkeeper was.

Only those whose state of mind was much better than the other party’s could pull the other party in.

After which, Jiang Lan decided to exit it for the time being.

After exiting the spiritual inn, Jiang Lan glanced at Xiao Yu. At this moment, Xiao Yu had a calm expression on her face.

Her disappointment could not be seen from her facial expression.

Not long after, the innkeeper returned.

He and Xiao Yu naturally went back to cultivate.

Life was very regular.

When Jiang Lan returned, he tried to use the Dao Comprehension Tea to cultivate. The effect was good, but it was not as valuable as using it to cultivate spells.

Currently, there were only seven portions left. He would save them for comprehending the Power of Nine Tribulations or other useful spells and techniques.

In the following days, Jiang Lan went to the inn as per normal and cultivated after his work there was done.

He would cultivate his Power of Nine Bulls.

In the past few days, the inn had not changed much. The only change was Xiao Yu.

Her mood was getting worse by the day.

Their speed of catching the ice cicadas increased day by day.

When it was Jiang Lan’s turn, he discovered that there were many traces of attacks along the way.

In order to rush for time, Xiao Yu was very diligent.

He didn’t understand why.

However, every day when it was his turn to catch Ice Cicada, he would see some words in the account book.

A few wine glasses, a few teacups, a few teapots… and so on.

Fortunately, Ao Ye hadn’t come these past few days.

What was worrying was that the Pixiu did not return these few days.

He did not know if there was any possibility of it returning.

The innkeeper did not ask about it either.

One fine day, Jiang Lan felt that he had become sufficiently familiar with the Power of Nine Bulls and had consolidated his cultivation base.

He should be able to try out the Power Of Nine Tribulations when he returned tonight.

It would be best if he could succeed, but he didn’t care if he couldn’t.

It was better to take things one step at a time.

Being anxious would only waste more time.

Today, he brought the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower to the courtyard. The weather was good and they could get some sunlight.

The Udumbara Flower had been the same for decades, and the vegetative egg had been the same for over a hundred years.

There probably wouldn’t be any more changes.

It could be also said that they were each other’s lifelong partners.

He just didn’t know who would lose their life aura first.

It shouldn’t be him.

After pouring the spirit liquid over them, Jiang Lan fought with his mirror projection again.

As always, he lost against it.

He then also played with array formations for a while.

When he left the Ninth Summit, he added what he had learned today about array formations to the Ninth Summit’s main hall.

He had been adding and improving it all these years.

Perhaps one day, the entire Ninth Summit would have traces of his array formation runes.

“You don’t have to go out today, nor do you have to sell good wine.”

When they arrived at the inn, Jiang Lan heard a different instruction compared to the usual one.

“Boss, are you coming back late?” Jiang Lan asked.

“En. I should be back around evening or perhaps, I might not be able to come back.” The innkeeper explained casually and then left with a basket on his back.

The innkeeper went out every morning, but Jiang Lan didn’t know what the innkeeper went out to do.

However, Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu never asked.

For Jiang Lan, knowing too much would easily cause more trouble.

It would be best if he didn’t know more than he was supposed to know.

Xiao Yu just had no intention of asking.

If the others didn’t want to say it, then she wouldn’t force them.

However, she did feel a little down these few days.

After they started catching ice cicadas, she realized that she had been dropping things when it was her turn to watch over the inn. Every time, she would record whatever she had dropped.

She thought that this place was like this.

The next day, she noticed that Junior Brother Jiang didn’t break any nor drop any tableware. She specially looked at the teacups and other decorations, but she didn’t find any missing.

Therefore, it was not that he did not record what he had broken but rather, nothing had dropped when he was placed in charge of watching over the inn.

She then thought that it might have been an accident or that her Junior Brother had managed to find spare teacups to replace the broken ones.

On the third day, she realized that the tablewares were still falling.

At the start of the day, she had even specially checked that there were no teacups or plates placed in a dangerous position.

Those which were in a dangerous position were rearranged by her.

However, she still could not reduce the frequency of the drops. After a while, one would drop.

On the fourth day, she returned very early just to confirm if Junior Brother Jiang had replaced the broken teacups with his own ones. However, she realized that he didn’t because not a single teacup was broken.

She then felt that she might not be welcomed here and was thus treated differently.

However, she did not say anything. In fact, she became more used to it as time passed.

However, she would try her best.

To prevent the cups and tableware from falling.

However, it was useless. She could not sense when they would drop.

These past few days, she had been feeling a bit uncomfortable, but she didn’t show it, and she definitely wouldn’t vent these emotions on her Junior Brother.

She just chose to be quiet.

If she guessed correctly, there shouldn’t be any broken teacups today.

Actually… She kind of wished that one would fall.

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu and realized that she was in the same state as she was a few days ago. Her calm expression carried a hint of disappointment.

At this moment, he saw a teacup on the side showing signs of falling. He was about to raise his hand, but he hesitated and finally withdrew it.


The teacup fell and shattered.

The sudden noise woke Xiao Yu up. She looked at the broken teacup beside Jiang Lan in surprise.

“Junior Brother actually broke a teacup?” She asked.

She thought that nothing would break today.

Jiang Lan didn’t reply. Instead, he cleared the teacup and pointed at the wine bottle beside Xiao Yu.

Curious, Xiao Yu looked over.

Then, to her surprise, the wine bottle was almost dropping.

She quickly helped it up.

“Senior Sister, come with me.” Jiang Lan put away the pieces and walked out of the counter.

Soon after, Jiang Lan arrived in front of a perfectly fine teapot.

Xiao Yu followed him, but she did not know what her Junior Brother wanted to do.

She looked at the teapot and found nothing wrong with it.

However, it only took a few breaths.

She saw the teapot suddenly move and the stable teapot instantly showed signs of falling.

Xiao Yu subconsciously stood on her toes to support it.


Jiang Lan walked in another direction.

Xiao Yu looked at the teapot in bewilderment before following Jiang Lan.

Then, she saw a plate. At first, it was steady.

But not long after, it showed signs of falling.

Xiao Yu reached out to help it up.

“A few more.”

Jiang Lan spoke calmly.

Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan in surprise.

However, Jiang Lan remained calm.

There was no emotion in his eyes.

He then brought Xiao Yu to help teacups, wine glasses, wine bottles, and teapots up.

Xiao Yu followed Jiang Lan and saw items falling one after another.

If she did not reach out to support those items, they would have fallen to the ground.

At that moment, Xiao Yu understood that she was not being targeted. It was just that she could not sense them falling.

Her Junior Brother hadn’t broken anything because… He’d been able to discover the falling items ahead of time.

It was not because she was special and was ostracized.

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