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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 124 - How Can A Mere Human Be Compared To Me? free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 124 - How Can A Mere Human Be Compared To Me?

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Chapter 124: How Can A Mere Human Be Compared To Me?

Cloud Breaking Cliff.

A middle-aged man looked at the five people in front of him and said.

“Have you guys thought of a solution?”

He was the commander of this team, Mang Du.

Apart from not daring to go near Kunlun, they also did not dare to bring too many people with them.

Worrying about Kunlun was one thing, but the main thing was that the target was too big and they could be easily spotted.

For example, by people from the Dragon Race.

In Kunlun, apart from the Goddess, there seemed to be another dragon that had yet to leave.

“There should only be two people in the Ninth Summit at the moment. One of them is the Ninth Summit’s Summit Leader, Mo Zhengdong, and the other is a disciple with average talent,” said a tall and thin man.

He was one of the members of the team, Xiu Jin.

“A person who relies on spirit medicines to increase his cultivation is a piece of trash. He is not worth mentioning. If I hadn’t heard that he is the marriage partner of a dragon, I won’t even look him in the eye. You don’t have to mention him to me. If he falls into my hands, I’ll cripple him first.”

He would wait for the major to decide whether to kill him or not.

Now, let’s talk about the entrance to the Netherworld.” Mang Du waved his hand and said.

After some hesitation, Xiu Jin reminded.

“Commander, the major has said that we can’t attack this person unless we’re far away from Kunlun. We have to wait for the major to arrive before making a move. We can’t alert them now.”

Mang Du turned to look at Xiu Jin and revealed a ferocious look.

“Are you trying to teach me what to do?”

At this moment, the ferociousness that belonged to Mang Du dispersed in all directions.

Everyone was shocked.

Xiu Jin was even more terrified.

“I wouldn’t dare.”

“Then how do we approach the entrance to the Netherworld?” Mang Du asked coldly.

“In the short term, we can find someone to sneak into Kunlun and enter the Netherworld Cave to cultivate under the guise of cultivation purposes. But the candidate is a little difficult to choose.

In the long run, we can find someone to join Kunlun normally and then join the Ninth Summit. There is still some time before the Netherworld becomes active.” said Xiu Jin immediately.

“Kunlun does not care about us demons at all. It seems like it’s time to find something for them to do. Have you started carrying out your plans?” Mang Du asked.

“I’ve already begun trying out the short-term plan. I have sent some people to try enter Kunlun to see if they can gain anything. If it’s too difficult, I’ll start to carry out the long-term plan,” said Xiu Jin.

“After we enter, we should first confirm the matter about the marriage alliance.” Mang Du said.

The Netherworld Cave plan still needed some time before it could succeed.

During this period of time, he had to find and figure out the person engaged with the member of the Dragon Race.

However, the person was just a piece of trash. Did he really need to pay attention to him?

Once his location was known, there was no problem in directly killing him.

At most, he wouldn’t be able to escape after the deed was done.

“Find out his whereabouts. I want to go take a look at that useless human. Hmph. He is actually trying to get close to the Dragon Race to become an immortal. I look down on such people the most. “Mang Du’s voice was somewhat disdainful.

The five people in front of him naturally did not dare to have any thoughts of going against him.

This commander of theirs was a little hot-tempered and reckless.

However, he was very strong and proficient in array formations.

He was also born with divine strength.


Just as they were about to respond to Mang Du, they suddenly heard a voice from outside.

Two of them ran out.

Then, they saw a human shadow escaping.

The human was escaping at a very fast speed.

“Chase after him. We have to catch him no matter what.” Mang Du’s face was gloomy.

Someone was actually eavesdropping on their conversation.

His array formation actually did not have any reaction even when there was someone there all along.

The remaining three chased after him.

They naturally knew how serious this matter was.

Once Kunlun found out, not only would all their plans fail, but they would also have to escape immediately.

If the person wasn’t from Kunlun however, there was still room for negotiation.

After everyone left, Mang Du stood up and was on full alert.

“Come out. I’ve already lured them away. Are you waiting for them to return?”

At this moment, Mang Du sensed a power appearing behind him.

Without any hesitation.

He gathered all of his strength and his bloodline began to surge. His strength had reached its peak.

Then, he threw a punch towards his back.

The image of an elephant appeared on his arm, and his power erupted to its peak.


The two fists collided.

A powerful force spread in all directions.


Everything around him shattered into pieces.

The cave that was on the cliff suddenly shattered.

The surrounding forest began to crumble.

Mang Du had used his full strength. He had absolute confidence.

But… after he punched, he felt like he was facing a towering mountain.

That terrifying power made his heart palpitate, and shortly after, an intense pain ran through his arm.


Mang Du could clearly feel his arm starting to break.

He didn’t continue fighting head-on and instantly tried to retreat


Mang Du was blasted flying.

Wood and gravel fell around him, and in front of him was an indistinct figure.

“Who are you?”

He did not care about his right hand. He could still fight.

Jiang Lan was a little surprised that his sneak attack had failed.

The person from before was indeed lying to him.

The commander here wasn’t at the early-stage Void Refinement Realm; he was already at the mid-stage Void Refinement Realm.

He was even about to reach the late-stage Void Refinement Realm.

He was just lacking a little from breaking through.

One of the others was at the early-stage Void Refinement Realm, while the rest were all at the Essence Soul Realm.

Jiang Lan wasn’t worried about the others; he was more concerned about this mid-stage Void Refinement cultivator.

If he managed to lure one or two of them away previously, he would kill them one by one. But since he managed to lure everyone away, he would directly kill this person first.

The rest could be taken care of slowly.

He favored the latter.

It was troublesome for powerful people to escape, so he had to kill the strongest as soon as possible and then slowly deal with the rest.

Even if the others escaped, it was fine. After the most powerful had died, the others were not a threat.

However, it would be troublesome if the strongest was sufficiently guarded.

Especially since his cultivation was stronger than his, he could only rely on the Power of Nine Bulls.

He had thought that the plan was a success, but the other party had exposed his plan with a single sentence and made him act hastily.

And the other party’s strength was indeed ridiculously strong. If not for the fact that his Power of Nine Bulls had reached its peak recently, he might not have had the upper hand.

“You knew I was going to attack you?” Jiang Lan asked.

His voice was calm.

“How can I discover you if you had just been eavesdropping silently? You must have intentionally let me found out about you. After that, you would take care of them one by one if they went to scout in separate batches. If they all went together, you will then come and kill me first. Isn’t this your plan? Who hasn’t used this trick of luring the tiger away from its mountain?” Mang Du looked at Jiang Lan with a serious expression.

“Of course. All this was just speculation. My last sentence was just a ruse, to try my luck if you were really still here.”

Jiang Lan nodded to show that he understood. He had learned something new today.

He truly did not have much battle experience, or perhaps he had not encountered enough of such situations.

However, he was never good at scheming.

His specialty was killing enemies.

In the next moment, Jiang Lan vanished on the spot.

Mang Du did not panic at all. He took a step forward and his body began to change. His skin seemed to have become much tougher.

A thick elephant skin appeared on his arm. His blood was pulsing, as if it was pulsing with power.

Mang Du growled and immediately counterattacked.

He did not see the other party’s cultivation clearly. It should be at the same level as him.

Without reaching the late-stage Void Refinement Realm, how could a human’s physical strength compare with his?

He wanted to let the other party know the feeling of being crushed by a fist.

He wanted to let the other party feel how he would turn into a blood mist.

His opponent was just a mere human.

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