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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 125 - Learning About Array Formations, Strengthening The Ninth Summit free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 125 - Learning About Array Formations, Strengthening The Ninth Summit

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Chapter 125: Learning About Array Formations, Strengthening The Ninth Summit

Mang Du began to strike back with his fists. His strength had condensed to his highest limit.

He was confident that he could battle against a late-stage Void Refinement mighty figure with his current strength.

How was this human going to fight him?

Jiang Lan didn’t have too many thoughts. His only thought was to quickly kill his opponent.

This was a demon similar to him. It cultivated the power of the fist.

Such a demon who did not use a variety of spells was much easier to deal with for him.

He didn’t need to gauge the power of the spell techniques unleashed by his opponent. He just needed to let his opponent know who would be blown up.

Jiang Lan appeared in front of Mang Du and punched out.

Fist against fist and no one retreated the slightest bit.


Mang Du was sent flying by a punch, but it was not a big deal.

Jiang Lan wasn’t surprised. He then popped a Powerful Vajrapani Pill into his mouth.

This enemy had very good endurance, and he couldn’t delay any longer. He had to kill him as soon as possible.

After arriving in front of Mang Du, Jiang Lan sent out another punch.


Mang Du continued to be pushed back, and Jiang Lan continued to pursue him.

One punch, then another.


On the fifth punch, Mang Du, who had been sent flying, spat out a mouthful of blood. His face was filled with disbelief.

However, he still didn’t retreat in the slightest, erupting with all of his strength to fight against Jiang Lan.

Facing Mang Du who was still erupting with strength, Jiang Lan activated all of the medicinal strength in the pill he had just consumed. Now wasn’t the time to consider other things. He had to kill this person first.

Once someone else stepped into this fight, he might not be able to kill them and escape unscathed.

If they manage to escape, it would bring him great danger in the future.

Jiang Lan mobilized all the power he could muster. The power in his body erupted continuously. As the power of his bloodline surged, there was the sound of a giant ox trampling the mountains and rivers.

Following that, another bull’s cry sounded.

It came from the void, wishing to smash through heaven and earth.


At this moment, Jiang Lan collided with Mang Du’s fist.


As the power of the collision between their fists spread out, the Cloud Breaking Cliff seemed to have suffered a tremendous blow.

Facing this fist, Mang Du wasn’t forced back, because the arm that belonged to him was directly shattered layer by layer by Jiang Lan’s fist, disintegrating bit by bit.


A punch flew past.

Mang Du’s arm had turned into a bloody mist.

Only after that did he fly backward. Cracks began to appear on his body as the power of Jiang Lan’s fist shattered his vitality.

It caused his strength to dissipate.

This punch also shattered his confidence and shattered his pride.

He was killed by a human.

How was this possible?

“I don’t believe it. This can’t be happening.”

Mang Du’s arm was gone. He tried to get up from the ground, but there was no strength left in his body.

Jiang Lan appeared in front of him, not intending to say anything.

Not only did other party target him, he had even targeted the Ninth Summit.

He had to get rid of the other party.

“Impossible. Your cultivation level is definitely not higher than mine. Why? Why are you able to defeat me?” Mang Du did not believe what was happening.

“Why is it impossible?” Jiang Lan came to Mang Du’s side and asked.

Even though his opponent’s life force had been shattered by his fist, he still wanted to give him another punch.

To ensure that the other party did not have any other means of saving his own life.

Even if there was, it would be too late.

“Who are you? Why do you want to go against us demons?” Only now did Mang Du calm down.

Jiang Lan squatted on the ground and stretched out his hand to grab Mang Du.

“I am the trash human you spoke of earlier.”

Mang Du instantly knew who the other party was.

His eyes widened as he spoke uncontrollably.

“It’s you? How is that possible?”

Impossible. Had everyone been feeding him the wrong information?


Mang Du’s face carried shock and unwillingness before completely turning into a bloody mist.

Jiang Lan didn’t hold back and didn’t answer any other questions.

At this moment, the five people who had gone out finally returned.

When they saw this scene, they knew that something big had happened.

Especially when they saw the scene of their commander getting killed.

“Kill him. This person’s strength has already reached its limit. He is definitely not our match now. However, don’t kill him.” Xiu Jin immediately chose to keep Jiang Lan alive and as a captive.

Although Jiang Lan did not know who the other party was, it was too late for him to escape now.

He had to survive and escape.

None of these people were body cultivators. An aura then spread out from the sky.

It was the combined aura of the Void Refinement cultivator and Essence Soul cultivators.

Jiang Lan stood on the ground and looked at the five people in the sky. He was somewhat exhausted.

Therefore, he could only take out his sword to stall for time.

Killing Mang Du had consumed a lot of his energy.

However, he had already consumed a medicinal pill and would recover very quickly.



Attacks began to appear as Jiang Lan’s figure appeared in front of these people.

After a long time.

A mist of blood filled the air.

Jiang Lan left the cliff with some injuries.

Fortunately, there were no fatal injuries.

The elixir that he had gained from signing was allowing him to recover very quickly.

He couldn’t go back with injuries.

Jiang Lan left, leaving behind a group of wolves and demons that had arrived at the last minute.

He probably couldn’t kill the rest.

However, this was enough to disrupt the other force’s plans, and he would have a period of peace until he returned to the Ninth Summit from the inn to enter seclusion.

At the very least, he was able to resolve the problem at hand.

After changing his clothes, Jiang Lan walked back to the Ninth Summit.

“The demons’ main target is the entrance to the Netherworld. It seems like I can’t avoid this matter no matter what.”

He began to think about what he had discovered today.

There was only one disciple in the Ninth Summit, and that was him.

If the others were to target the Netherworld entrance, they would definitely face him.

He was considered a roadblock to them and furthermore, he was the marriage partner of the member of the Dragon Race. Thus, no matter what, they had to deal with Jiang Lan.

“The Ninth Summit is safe, but I am not sure if there are still demons in Kunlun. Although the chances of them becoming personal disciples were very low, there is still a chance a demon can make it through the process. Looks like I’ll have to set up some array formations in the Ninth Summit to increase the defenses.”

In the past, Jiang Lan didn’t pay much attention to this. Now, he felt that setting up array formations in the Ninth Summit was a very necessary addition.

Not only did he have to set up array formations in the outer regions of the Ninth Summit, he had to set some up at the entrance to the Netherworld Cave.

This way, even if he was in seclusion, he would know when an outsider had intruded.

As the candidate who has the most potential of becoming the Ninth Summit’s Summit Leader, he naturally had to start guarding the Netherworld Cave.

Master had said that the Summit Leader’s responsibility did not only lie in guarding the Netherworld Cave.

However, he was not the Summit Leader yet.

“However, my attainments in the study of array formations are insufficient. Although I can learn it myself, it’s better if someone teaches me.”

He had not obtained anything related to array formations from signing in. He had learned all of his knowledge on array formations himself.

And if he wanted to learn more, it would be best if he was guided by someone with attainments in the study of array formations.

With the Dao Comprehension Tea, he should be able to learn very quickly.

“I’ll ask Master tomorrow and see if he is knowledgeable in this aspect.”

With a rough plan in mind, he stopped thinking about this matter.

However, he had used the Dragon Slaying Sword just now. It had an effect on demons, but when he had used it, he had felt that something was wrong. It was as if even if he was using it against a demonic dragon, it was impossible for him to unleash its true strength.

He needed to better learn the Dragon Slaying Sword. It should be quite effective against demons or dragons.

Although his Power of Nine Bulls was very strong, he still had to consider situations where he needed to have a long fight with his opponent.

He had a battle prowess that surpassed his cultivation level, and others could also have the same.

It was always good to have more moves.

“I can ask Master about this too.”

He had obtained many spells and sword skills from signing in, and he had figured that there should also be different realms in the cultivation of sword techniques.

As long as he could understand the true essence of the Dragon Slaying Sword, his other sword techniques should be able to reach a higher level.

Of course, these were all backup moves. He would still mainly cultivate the Power of Nine Bulls.

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