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Chapter 141 - Essence Of The Dragon Slaying Sword

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Chapter 141: Essence Of The Dragon Slaying Sword

The person who created the Dragon Slaying Sword was a farmer, so he shouldn’t be a cultivator.

Without any cultivation, how could he slay a dragon?

That was unless the dragon he had killed was just a young dragon.

But even if it was a young dragon, it was still very difficult for an ordinary person to kill it.

Jiang Lan didn’t know the true power of the Dragon Slaying Sword.

But he was certain of one thing.

The Dragon Slaying Sword was indeed very effective against dragons.

It was completely different compared to when using it against other demons.

With his current mastery of the Dragon Slaying Sword, he could only slay those of the same level.

Furthermore, he could not kill them with a single strike.

But the advantage was obvious.

There shouldn’t be any dragons in the same realm as him that he couldn’t kill.

He needed ten strikes at most.

However, if a dragon had a secret technique that allowed it to cross realms, it was unknown if it would affect the sword technique’s efficacy.

If the Dragon Slaying Sword could ignore the secret technique, it would be very useful.

Especially since the consumption of energy when using this sword technique was low.

Against real enemies, he would want to end them off in one move.

As there was no need to leave them alive, he would use the Power of Nine Bulls to kill them instantly.

It was the same if he wanted to kill a dragon.

He would use the fastest way to finish off the enemy.

This is to prevent him from worrying about troubles at night.

No matter what kind of enemy he was up against and no matter how strong or weak they were.

He would not underestimate them.

This was because underestimating them could lead to fatal consequences. A prime example would be those that he had counter-killed before.

They had all paid a price for underestimating Jiang Lan.

“You have indeed learned it completely.”

Jiu Zhongtian’s voice could be heard.

He could clearly see that Jiang Lan had learned the Dragon Slaying Sword, but he had yet to understand it.

He was unable to unleash the true power of the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Xiao Yu’s mouth dropped open. She had felt it vividly.

The Dragon Slaying Sword was very dangerous for her. From the looks of it, Jiang Lan still couldn’t unleash its true power.

If he could unleash its true power.

Could she block it?

It seemed like the story about an ordinary farmer killing a dragon with a single strike was not groundless.

Xiao Yu felt that Jiang Lan had become a dangerous person.

It seemed like she had to learn it too.

“Tell me how you feel.”

Jiu Zhongtian glanced at Jiang Lan before walking towards the pavilion.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu followed behind.

She wanted to hear it too. After all, she was here to learn the Dragon Slaying Sword.

She had been learning it for more than a year..

As the demonic dragon watched Jiang Lan and the others leave, it regained its freedom.

Moreover, it discovered that it didn’t need to immediately enter the lake.

“Everyone, line up. Challenge the demonic dragon and train yourselves.” Jiu Zhongtian’s voice could be heard.

After they heard it, there was a burst of cheers.

“I’ll go first. I’ve learned a new spell, and I want to test its power.”

“I’ll go first. I’ve just been slapped in the face by you all. I want to regain my face.”

“I’m your Junior Sister. I’ll go first.”

Jiang Lan heard some of their voices and was a little surprised.

Were these people crazy?

One had to know that the demonic dragon was uncontrollable.

Furthermore, these people were all at the Essence Soul Realm and Void Refinement Realm so they weren’t even close to being able to withstand the demonic dragon’s attacks.

Even the slightest carelessness could result in severe injuries.

He dared to make a move because the Eighth Summit’s Summit Leader was beside him.

Those people, however, might not be under the care of the Summit Leader.

After that, he no longer paid attention to that side. Now, he needed to answer his Martial Uncle’s question.

“When I attacked, I felt that my opponent was full of flaws. I felt as if I could kill it instantly and easily. However, there was no way I could kill it. But its power is indeed much stronger than other Dharma spells.” Jiang Lan paused and continued.

“When I slashed down, I felt powerless. It’s as though I can’t slash out with the real Dragon Slaying Sword. ”

“It’s very normal.” Jiu Zhongtian sat in a pavilion and drank a mouthful of alcohol.

“When you attacked, did you want to kill the demonic dragon?”

“I never thought about it,” Jiang Lan immediately replied.

“What were you thinking then?”

“I just wanted to slash out with the sword and test its might.”

“Do you remember that story?”

“I do.”

“Why did the farmer who created this sword move want to kill a dragon? What was he thinking then?”

Jiang Lan was stunned after hearing this.

He seemed to have understood.

“Your sword is only a simple sword strike. There is no will or soul within it.” Jiu Zhongtian looked at Jiang Lan and said.

Jiang Lan lowered his head and remained silent.

Indeed, he merely knew how to unleash the sword move.

“However, I’m also very curious. Your sword doesn’t have any killing intent. How did you learn the Dragon Slaying Sword?” Jiu Zhongtian was somewhat puzzled.

“I had just read it once and learned it later,” Jiang Lan replied softly.

Jiu Zhongtian did not ask further.

Xiao Yu was actually very curious. She had been reading the manual for a few years.

Yet, she had never learned it.

It did not state anywhere that only humans could learn the Dragon Slaying Sword.

“There’s no way to teach Sword Intent. You can only comprehend it yourself.” Jiu Zhongtian stretched out his hand and condensed a small sword.

It was a small sword condensed from his Sword Intent.

The moment the small sword appeared.

Xiao Yu subconsciously retreated.

She felt as if the sword was extremely threatening to her. It had the power to take away her life in just a moment.

It was many times stronger than what Jiang Lan had displayed earlier.

As for the demonic dragon that was torturing the Eighth Summit disciples, it hid in the lake with a swoosh.

It refused to come out again.

The others did not feel anything.

The small sword condensed from Sword Intent was right in front of Jiang Lan.

He could clearly feel that this sword contained a will, and this will made this sword incomparably cold.

This was the Sword Intent of the Dragon Slaying Sword.

Jiang Lan understood the difference now.

His Dragon Slaying Sword was just an ordinary Dragon Slaying Sword.

As for Martial Uncle Jiu Zhongtian’s one, it contained a Sword Intent. It was as if an inanimate object had a soul injected into it. The two were completely different.

It was like the difference between a clay figurine and a living person.

After Jiang Lan received the small sword, Jiu Zhongtian reminded him.

“Remember, you should use this to understand the existence of Sword Intent and not imitate my Sword Intent.

Otherwise, you will never be able to truly use the Dragon Slaying Sword. ”

After Jiang Lan thanked him, Jiu Zhongtian said to Xiao Yu.

“If Xiaoyu wants to learn it, then follow Jiang Lan to comprehend it.”

“Thank you, Martial Uncle.” Xiao Yu immediately said.

She was a little afraid, but she decided to comprehend it.

Furthermore, she could tell that Martial Uncle had accepted her here only because of her master’s face.

He had no intention of teaching her properly.

The moment his Junior Brother had arrived, he immediately took out his Sword Intent.

Her master did not have enough face.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu left the pavilion.

After the reminder.

Jiu Zhongtian did not welcome them anymore. They had to leave.

They naturally wouldn’t disturb this Martial Uncle’s drinking session.

As he looked at this Martial Uncle who was addicted to alcohol, Jiang Lan began to suspect if this Martial Uncle had something to do with the wine bottles that were strewn all over the inn previously.

When he arrived by the lake, Jiang Lan had understood a bit of what he was lacking. However, knowing what he lacked didn’t mean that he could make up for what he lacked.

He placed the small sword aside for Xiao Yu to comprehend.

He didn’t need it for now.

Moreover, he only needed to understand the meaning within and condense his own Sword Intent.

Therefore, he did not need to carry this sword for a long time.

Xiao Yu accepted the Dragon Slaying Sword intent and lent her wooden sword to Jiang Lan.

“Martial Uncle has said before that the Dragon Slaying Sword has nothing to do with what sword one is holding. Junior Brother can use this wooden sword.” Xiao Yu said.

“Thank you, Senior Sister.”

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu then sat by the lake to meditate.

“If it wasn’t for Junior Brother, I might not even be able to see this Sword Intent.” Xiao Yu held the sword and hid her fear. Then, she said to Jiang Lan.

“In return, I shall teach Junior Brother how to write.”

Jiang Lan, who was still thinking about what he lacked, paused for a moment when he heard what his Senior Sister had just said.

He then looked at Xiao Yu in confusion.

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