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Chapter 147 - Fate Bestowed By The Heavens

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Chapter 147: Fate Bestowed By The Heavens

Jiang Lan also glanced at Ao Longyu who was standing not far away.

Her eyes were indeed a little red.

However, he could not detect anything from her calm eyes.

Then, he retracted his gaze.

It was indeed impossible to know what the other party was thinking.

However, this was a marriage alliance between Kunlun and the Dragon Race.

Shouldn’t Senior Sister Ao stand with the dragon race?

Jiang Lan was a little puzzled but didn’t think too much about it.

Perhaps it was because the other party was still the Kunlun Goddess, or perhaps it was because she was not familiar with those people from the Dragon Race.

However, there was one thing he was sure of, and that was that as a goddess, Senior Sister Ao’s radiance was extremely brilliant. This was unfavorable for him, but there were also some benefits.

The disadvantage was that Senior Sister Ao’s radiance was too brilliant, which will result in him being easily noticed by others.

The advantage was that he was too insignificant before Senior Sister Ao.

A truly powerful person would not notice him.

Even if they paid attention to him, they would only think that he was nothing special and underestimate him.

This way, if they attacked him, he would be able to catch them off guard.

Those enemies that had underestimated him in the past had all paid a heavy price.

Strength was the foundation of everything.

He was currently at the mid-stage Void Refinement Realm, and he was still quite a distance away from the late-stage Void Refinement Realm.

He should become an immortal as soon as possible.

When Kunlun no longer had any rays of light gathering at the main hall, a few intense beams of light came from afar.

Dragons then appeared from the light.

Everyone then knew that the Dragon Race had come.

Jiang Lan saw six streaks of light.

Three of them carried with them an extremely powerful dragon’s aura. Although it did not overflow voluntarily, many people could sense it.

These three dragons were very strong.

Suddenly, Jiang Lan felt someone’s gaze on him.

It was from his front.

He glanced at the person from the corner of his eye.

He realized that it was some people near the front.

Those people had the faint aura of a dragon.

Dragon Race?

He was somewhat surprised. It seemed that there were indeed young dragons who had come to Kunlun.

“Although they had glanced at me, they wouldn’t make things difficult for me during the Kunlun ceremony.

As long as they don’t find trouble with me at this time.

It wouldn’t be a problem. ”

Because once he returned, he would never leave the Ninth Summit.

After a few decades, when the wind died down, he would go out again.

The main purpose of going out was to prepare for his immortal ascension.

Becoming an immortal was too difficult.

He had to go to some special places to sign in and find the opportunity to become an immortal.

As the light rays descended.


Dragon might spread.

However, the instant the dragon’s might spread, a sword intent manifested itself from nowhere and crushed all the dragon’s might that had spread out.

Immediately, two more auras appeared, gathering everyone’s attention.

The Dragon Race had become an accompaniment.

The more dazzling it was before, the brighter the person who had crushed their might was now.

These exchanges happened within a few breaths.

Although the terrifying power did not overflow, Jiang Lan could roughly sense it.

Even though these people were all immortals, there was a huge gap between immortals.

At this moment, Jiang Lan felt like after achieving immortality, he might not necessarily be safe.

But becoming an immortal was still a threshold.

There were countless Immortals and Godfiends in the vast wilderness. And amongst these countless people, whether or not he was one of them would make a big difference to his future.

“Fellow disciples, Kunlun hasn’t held a grand ceremony for centuries.

Today, we shall celebrate the achievements of the Kunlun disciples, discuss their achievements, and provide cultivation assistance.

After the ceremony, the Summit Leaders and elders of the various summits will begin a ten-year cultivation lecture.

To pave the way for our fellow disciples.”

A loud voice came from the Kunlun Main Hall.

This was a good thing for many people.

Every year, there would be lectures held by the various summits.

However, it was rare for Summit Leaders and elders to be the ones giving lectures.

Even personal disciples could not seek their assistance whenever they wanted.

Even if it was possible, it was impossible for them to ask all that they wanted to ask.

Therefore, no matter what kind of disciples they were, they were all very concerned about these ten years of teaching.

However, if all the summits were to start the lectures at once, it would be a waste.

They could only choose one to attend.

Jiang Lan let out a sigh of relief.

With these ten years, the matter of his engagement with the Goddess would quickly cool down.

The impact would be much smaller.

As for these lectures, he really wanted to hear them too. He had always listened to his master and occasionally wanted to understand the cultivation insights of other seniors.

However… he couldn’t go down the mountain.

He could only leave the Ninth Summit after the storm had passed.

Many voices came from the Kunlun Main Hall.

Besides the Ninth Summit, all the other summits had their disciples on the list.

As for the names on the list, other than the First summit’s Gu Qi and the Eighth Summit’s Lu Jian, he didn’t know anyone else.

After listening for a long time, these matters finally came to an end.

Everyone knew that the main event had just begun.

Even though the previous discussions, cultivation techniques, and cultivation assistance were also very important to them.

But most people could only listen.

As for what happened next, although they were only listening by the side, it was something that they all wanted to know.

They had been guessing the answer to this question for five years.

At this moment, Miao Yue arrived in front of the hall, facing everyone from Kunlun.

She was right in front of the additional stone tablet that had never been seen before.

Following which, two more people appeared at the edge of the stone tablet.

It was a female member of the Dragon Race and the Second Summit’s Summit Leader, Liu Jing.

Everyone looked at them, waiting for further news.

Miao Yue looked at everyone and stood there like the center of everything.

All eyes were on her.

After everyone’s eyes gathered on her, Miao Yue’s voice was heard.

“Today’s grand ceremony is bestowed by the heavens. This is the result of Kunlun’s and the Dragon Race’s negotiations. Heavens, please bear witness to this occasion.”

Her voice could be heard across the entire Kunlun as the contents of her words entered everyone’s minds.

Then she began to call out the names.

“Princess of the Dragon Race, personal disciple of the Third Summit, Ao Longyu.”

Everyone turned to look at Ao Longyu.

Jiang Lan also looked over.

Ao Longyu lowered her brows as a hint of helplessness flashed through her eyes.

No one saw it.

“Go on.”

Zhu Qing gently nudged the disciple beside her.

Ao Longyu nodded slightly before walking towards the Kunlun Square.

She landed some distance away from the Kunlun Main Hall.

But her master had told her to land here.

She knew why.

After all, the engagement was between two people.

Thus, the two of them had to go together.

When Jiang Lan saw Ao Longyu descend, his heart was in turmoil.

He tried his best to remain calm.

At this moment, everyone withdrew their gazes from Ao Longyu and looked around.

They all wanted to know who the Goddess was engaged to.

From the looks of it, the candidate had already been decided.

“Who could it be?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll find out soon.”

Miao Yue’s voice was heard again.

“Please welcome the personal disciple of the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan.”

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