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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 181 - Mo Zhengdong Plans To Break The Array Formation free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 181 - Mo Zhengdong Plans To Break The Array Formation

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Chapter 181: Mo Zhengdong Plans To Break The Array Formation

Sixth Summit.

In the bamboo forest.

A bamboo house was hidden in the mountains with rivers flowing around it.

The bamboo house was situated beside a mountain and a river. Flowers bloomed everywhere.

At this moment, there were two people standing in front of the stream. One of them was wearing a veil and looked calm and elegant.

She was a stunning beauty.

She was the Fifth Summit’s Summit Leader, Miao Yue.

Beside her was a valiant-looking… female cultivator dressed in the Kunlun’s sect attire with short hair.

As she stood there, she gave people the feeling that she was both a handsome scholar and a beautiful woman.

“Senior sister, can we begin?” Miao Yue asked softly.

“Can’t you call me Senior Brother?” A gentle voice rang out.

The short-haired woman looked at Miao Yue.

“Senior brother, can we begin?” Miao Yue asked again.

“Forget it, call me Senior Sister.” The short-haired woman sighed.

She was Chen Xi, Summit Leader of the Sixth Summit.

There were sun, moon, and stars on her clothes.

At this moment, the sun, moon, and stars emitted a faint glow. It was as if Chen Xi was standing in the starry sky.

She looked absolutely stunning.

“Recently, the situation of the Netherworld Entrance has been unstable. There is always someone targeting it. The next time the Netherworld Entrance erupts, something major would definitely happen.

Senior Sister does not need to divine too much. You just need to divine what the rough situation will be like so that we have a direction to work towards.” Miao Yue stood elegantly at the side and said.

This Senior Sister of hers did not care about anything, and the matters of the Sixth Summit were also handled by others.

She hid here all year long and ordinary people were not able to see her.

In Kunlun, it was relatively easy for Miao Yue and Zhu Qing to come here. Although it was not difficult for the others, it was not easy either.

“Recently, the Grand Desolate World has not been peaceful at all. Perhaps something is brewing.” Chen Xi added. “Sometimes, the momentum of the world can’t be avoided.”

“What did Senior Sister deduce?” Miao Yue asked curiously.

“If I really did deduce something from my divination, would I not tell you?” Chen Xi said unhappily.

Miao Yue smiled and said.

“Senior Sister, do you really not want to try liking the few Senior Brothers? If not, why not try to see if there are any young talents out there. ”

“Let’s first divine the situation of the Netherworld Cave.” Chen Xi shook her head.

At this moment, her clothes had turned black.

The sun, moon, and stars shone brightly.

There seemed to be a heavenly mystery within it.


Chen Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Has something happened?” Miao Yue immediately asked.

The Dragon Race was about to come to Kunlun. If the eruption of the Netherworld Entrance occurred at the same time, it would be a problem for them.

However, after a short while, Chen Xi withdrew her divination ability. Her black clothes hadn’t faded.

“I can’t deduce anything.” Chen Xi looked at Miao Yue and said.

“Junior Sister, is it because I’ve never participated in any important discussions as the Sixth Summit’s Summit Leader that you guys want to make things difficult for me?”

“Senior Sister, why do you say that?” Miao Yue looked at Chen Xi in confusion.

“Someone has set up an array formation to conceal the heavenly secrets at the Netherworld Entrance. Ordinary divination abilities are useless.” Chen Xi looked at Miao Yue.

Chen Xi’s meaning was instantly understood by Miao Yue.

Her attainments in array formations were higher, so her Senior Sister suspected that it was her who was playing tricks.

“It might have been set up by Jiang Lan.” Miao Yue immediately said.

Her Senior Brother of the Ninth Summit had average attainments in array formations.

“A junior?” Chen Xi didn’t quite believe it.

She could clearly sense that she was completely unable to detect the existence of the Netherworld’s Entrance.

Was this something that a junior could set up?

“If Senior Sister doesn’t believe me, we’ll know once we go over and take a look. Moreover, we might be able to divine things more clearly at the entrance to the Netherworld.” Fairy Miao Yue said.


Chen Xi nodded.

She agreed pretty quickly.

Miao Yue was somewhat surprised.

It had been a long time since her Senior Sister went out.

In just a moment, they arrived at the peak of the Ninth Summit.

At this moment, Mo Zhengdong was cultivating with his legs crossed.

Power swam around him.

However, the power in his body disappeared very quickly. Then, he looked at the two people who had suddenly arrived.

“Two J… What’s the matter?”

“For safety’s sake, Senior Sister wants to enter the Netherworld Cave to divine the upcoming situation.” Miao Yue laughed lightly.

She could feel that her Senior Brother wanted to call Chen Xi Junior Sister.

But he couldn’t say it out loud.

In the past, everyone treated the Senior Sister of the Sixth Peak as their Junior Brother.

“Senior Brother, lead the way,” Chen Xi said.

Mo Zhengdong did not say anything. He led them straight to the Netherworld Cave.

In merely a short moment, they’d appeared not too far away from the Netherworld Cave, and they’d walked for a long time yet were unable to approach it.

They naturally knew that it was an array formation.

“Senior Brother, you didn’t know that there is an array formation here?” Chen Xi revealed an unfriendly expression.

Mo Zhengdong remained silent.

Under normal circumstances, the array formations should have been closed.

“Jiang Lan likes to mess around. Let him be,” Mo Zhengdong explained.

“I’ll break the formation.”

On the Fifth Summit’s peak.

Jiang Lan stood at the entrance of the mystic realm and waited.

It was similar to the Third Summit’s mystic realm.

The Fifth Summit’s mystic realm was also an altar.

The passageway was on top of the altar.

There were about ten people standing around.

The Essence Soul cultivator should be the leader, but he did not know any of them.

His arrival didn’t attract much attention. Instead, he stood at the edge and quietly waited for further developments.

Zhou Shu looked around and did not know where his leader was. In theory, the leader would ask them to gather.

But not now.

In other words, the leader was not here yet.

He saw the two of his other teammates and immediately waved his hand.

“Senior Brother Jin Yu, Junior Sister Zheng Xi.”

When they found out that they were in the same team, they had already met.

This was so that it would be convenient for them to recognize each other today.

“Junior Brother Zhou.”

“Senior Brother Zhou.”

When Jin Yu and Zheng Xi came over, Jiang Lan glanced at them.

Jin Yu was a rough-looking man. He was at the middle-stage Golden Core Realm and there was energy flowing around his body. He should be a body cultivator.

He had the same outfit as Jiang Lan.

He was his Junior Brother.

Zheng Xi was a female cultivator who looked a little unconfident and had an early-stage Golden Core cultivation. Her foundation was not that stable.

She should have barely reached the early-stage Golden Core Realm.

She donned the same clothes as Zhou Shu.

They had entered the sect for less than fifty years.

When the two of them saw Jiang Lan, they didn’t recognize him and hence only nodded slightly in greeting.

Jiang Lan nodded in return.

“Senior Brother Zhou, is that Senior Brother in front your friend?” Zheng Xi asked.

Zhou Shu looked relaxed.

They naturally did not feel that Jiang Lan was the leader.

It had to be known that anywhere else, the leader would give his Junior Brothers and Sisters immense pressure just by standing there.

There had never been one who made the atmosphere so relaxed.

“En, it can be considered so.” Zhou Shu was a little embarrassed.

He immediately changed the topic.

“Did you prepare anything for the leader?”

The two of them were confused.

“What should we have prepared?”

The two of them didn’t quite understand.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly. It seemed like Zhou Shu was indeed one of the few.

Was Zhou Shu wrong?

He was not wrong. In fact, doing so allowed him to remain safer compared to others.

The only regret was that his luck wasn’t good.

However, Jiang Lan didn’t mind. He was waiting for the mystic realm to open.

Sometime later, the surrounding people arrived one after another.

There were twenty people in total.

“Everyone is here. Let’s enter the mystic realm.”

A voice came from the altar.

At this moment, everyone stopped talking and looked towards the mystic realm.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Lan’s voice reached the ears of Zhou Shu and the others.

Then, he stepped forward.

At this moment, Zhou Shu and the other two were stunned on the spot.

Then, they realized that they were surrounded by teams of four, and they also had a total of four people.

Could it be…

Zhou Shu and the other two looked towards Jiang Lan.

At this moment, they knew that they had screwed up..

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