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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 185 - Who Are You Insulting? free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 185 - Who Are You Insulting?

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Chapter 185: Who Are You Insulting?

There was definitely something wrong with the black-robed man in front of her.

Ao Longyu knew that there was something wrong with the other party, but she couldn’t find a reason to act against him.

The other party’s words made her want to make a move, but she was unable to do so.

However, the sudden mention of her marriage made her frown slightly.

“What are you trying to say?”

Her voice was cold.

It was even colder than before. The words she had said before were also cold.

“I’m just curious if Senior Sister feels very indignant. If you are unwilling, you can actually still reverse the situation.

For example, you could change your partner to a more outstanding person. Everyone knows that Senior Sister is the Jade Pool Goddess.

Your importance to Kunlun is self-evident. As long as you use your death to threaten for an exchange for a Junior or Senior Brother that you liked, it would likely succeed. Why not try that?

Would Kunlun let you die? Your status is very high.” Yu Mo looked at Ao Longyu with a smile and continued.

“As for the Ninth Summit’s Jiang Lan, Senior Sister should have heard quite a lot about him. He does not even dare to rebut when being insulted. He hides in the Ninth Summit all year long and does not dare to leave the mountain.

Is that even someone with a good temperament? He is just afraid of death and cowardly. He doesn’t care about others slandering him. He’s just feeling aggrieved because he doesn’t dare to voice his anger.”

“Are you done?” Ao Longyu’s voice was no longer cold.

She spoke casually.

“Senior Sister, why must you accept it? Marriage is a matter that would affect your entire life.” Yu Mo did not care about the change in Xiao Yu’s tone as he continued.

“You are a Dragon Princess as well as the Jade Pool Goddess. You are basically like a shining star. On the other hand, Jiang Lan of the Ninth Summit is like a firefly in the night.

In Senior Sister’s eyes, it isn’t too much to call Jiang Lan trash. Senior Sister, think about the future. When you become a True Immortal, your husband will still be at the Void Refinement Realm.

Is such a person worthy of Senior Sister? Furthermore, Jiang Lan of the Ninth Summit spoke lightly and had a lowly status. The difference between him and Senior Sister is just too great. If Senior Sister really wants to be good to him, you shouldn’t have agreed to marry him.

Isn’t that so? Senior Sister, you’re harming yourself and him. Geniuses and trash have nothing in common. As a dragon, you are considered a noble. Yet, you want to sleep and live your life with a peasant. This is the greatest joke in the world. Does Senior Sister think…”


Just as Yu Mo was about to ask Ao Longyu more…

Suddenly, he saw a sword beam flash across his body.


An arm flew up, followed by another flash of sword beam.

Hu ~

Another arm flew up.

Following that, the sword beam slashed across Yu Mo’s face, and his bones could be seen.

Ao Longyu retreated and swung his sword. Countless sword beams appeared.

Her sword fell.

The sword light whistled away.


Dozens of sword beams pierced through Yu Mo as blood spewed out.


Yu Mo knelt on one knee, his eyes filled with anger.

“Senior Sister, you want to kill a fellow disciple?”

“You said that I’m the Jade Pool Goddess. My status is ridiculously high. What’s wrong with killing you?” Ao Longyu’s cold voice sounded.

“You… haha, the Goddess is truly impressive.” Yu Mo said malevolently.

“I wonder if the Goddess knows. I have companions. They will know about this place soon. At that time, the news of the Goddess killing her fellow disciples would spread. Do you think the various summits can tolerate you? ”

“As you said, I’m the Jade Pool Goddess and am a Dragon Princess. My existence and condition is very important to Yao Chi. I am just killing a traitor. Your companions will probably be dealt with together.” Ao Longyu’s eyes showed no emotion.

“Haha, reptiles are really cold-blooded.”

“The Demon Race isn’t bad at using puppet techniques either.”

Ao Longyu knew that the other party was a traitor, but she couldn’t find a reason to attack him.

Then, she realized that she didn’t need to look for a reason.

“Hahaha, looks like you realized it long ago. But guess what we’re planning to do this time?” Yu Mo stood up. The blood on his body stopped immediately.

Then, a wooden figurine melted into his body.

However, when he fused with the wooden figurine, the sword beam attacked.

It sliced Yu Mo into two.

At this moment, Yu Mo’s life force began to dissipate.

“Heh heh, you are actually so anxious. I only have the strength of an Essence Soul cultivator yet you are still worried that I will stir up trouble?” Yu Mo’s voice rang out.

Ao Longyu ignored him, wanting to kill him.

She didn’t realize that the other party was merely a puppet at the start. She had only realized it when she made her move.

Otherwise, she would have acted long ago.

She raised her hand and lightning appeared on her fingertips.

“I just wanted to tell you something.”

“Oh?” Yu Mo was curious.

“Jiang Lan is my fiance. It’s not your turn to humiliate him.” As Ao Longyu’s voice fell, lightning surged from her fingertips toward Yu Mo like a tidal wave.

The destructive power directly shattered the wood figurine and drowned the opponent’s body.

Yu Mo looked at the attack in surprise.

“Dragons are arrogant. I thought that it was because I had sprinkled salt on your wounds that made you attack me.

Unexpectedly, it was because I spoke ill of your fiance that had triggered your Dragon Race’s pride. Is it because you have spent too much time with him that you have feelings for him now?

However, the seed will eventually be left behind. The more time you two spend together, the more you will understand the other party’s uselessness.”

Then, he watched the lightning strike him as he calmly accepted his destruction.

He still had his main body.

Who could find his true body?

However, just as he thought he would be completely destroyed, a large hand suddenly reached in and directly dispersed the lightning.

A figure whose face could not be seen clearly suddenly appeared beside him.

The other party’s hand grabbed his head.

“With you, I will be able to find your true body. Let me take a look.”

“Hehe, I found you.”

At this moment, Yu Mo could clearly feel that this human whose face could not be seen clearly had located his main body through his puppet.

No, how could this be?

However, just as he was about to open his mouth, energy surged into him.

He felt like he was about to be torn apart.


A bloody mist filled the air.

Yu Mo’s upper body was directly crushed by Jiang Lan.

That’s right, the last person to appear was Jiang Lan who had just arrived.

He had only heard one sentence from Ao Longyu.

After killing Yu Mo, he subconsciously looked at Senior Sister Ao.

When Ao Longyu saw the murderous Jiang Lan suddenly look over, her heart tightened.

She subconsciously took two steps back.

She had done so out of instinctive fear.

This person was extremely powerful. He never blinked when he killed someone.

It was him.

The senior who had appeared on the Third Summit.

She had a feeling that if the other party wanted to kill her, she would definitely die.

Even if she was at the Void Refinement Realm.

For a moment, she did not dare to move.

Jiang Lan merely glanced at Senior Sister Ao.

His Senior Sister indeed looked cold with this appearance, but she was also very beautiful.

She was indeed an adult girl.

Her figure was flawless.

A slender body, a graceful figure, and a peerless face.

With just a glance, Jiang Lan confirmed that Senior Sister Ao was not injured and immediately leaped away, heading towards Yu Mo’s main body.

The other party should know that the puppets here had died.

He should have also known that his puppet that Jiang Lan had met previously had also died.

If Jiang Lan delayed any longer, the other party would be able to escape.

Seeing the mysterious senior leave, Ao Longyu’s cold face showed some relief.

That senior was truly terrifying.

He seemed to enjoy beating his enemies into a bloody mist.

Yet, she could not see him clearly. He was too mysterious.

She had asked Seniors from the sect, but no one knew of his existence.

“I have to go take a look at Junior Brother.” Ao Longyu immediately moved.

Since someone had come for her, they would definitely go for Jiang Lan too.

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