Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 194 - Love

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Chapter 194: Love

The morning dew dripped from the leaves.


The water droplets landed on Xiao Yu’s fair hands.

At this moment, she had gathered quite a lot of dew on her hands.

“Junior Brother, do you think the dew tastes better than water?”

Xiao Yu held the cup of water in her hands and turned to ask Jiang Lan who was still writing.

“I heard from some people that it will be better.” Jiang Lan lifted her head slightly and looked at Xiaoyu.

At this moment, Xiao Yu was walking barefoot on the ground.

However, the soil did not leave any dust on her feet.

This was the basic ability of a Void Refinement mighty figure.

As long as Xiao Yu was willing, there would not be any stains on her body. Even the lake water could not wet her clothes.

So far, Xiao Yu’s clothes were never wet.

As for dew…

He had never drunk it before, but he had heard of such a thing. Perhaps it would indeed taste better.

“I feel that the entrance to the mystic realm is about to open again. We should be leaving today.” Xiao Yu continued to collect her dewdrops.

Today was their sixteenth day in the mystic realm.

Apart from the abnormality that occured during the first few days, these 16 days were peaceful and normal.

Jiang Lan didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with the array formation. Xiao Yu looked around and didn’t see anything wrong.

Therefore, they waited here for the mystic realm to come to an end.

As for Zhou Shu and the other two.

Jiang Lan was paying close attention to them, and so was Xiaoyu.

Learning Dragon Language would sometimes occupy a lot of attention, so it was not too much for her to help pay attention.

Jiang Lan looked at the sky and felt that there was a force spreading in the sky. It was time to go out.

Perhaps the next wave would be coming in, but it had nothing to do with them.

“I’m going out. When I return, I have to prepare to face the demons and then advance to become a True Immortal as soon as possible.”

Advancing to become a True Immortal wasn’t that difficult for Jiang Lan.

Now, as long as he entered the perfected Human Immortal Realm, he would be able to use the Immortal Blood Pill. At that time, he would be able to quickly enter the True Immortal Realm.

True Immortals were considered real immortals. When one advanced to such a realm, one could at least stand among the Immortals, Gods, and Buddhas.

A True Immortal was much stronger than a Human Immortal.


In a big battle, they were just cannon fodder.

It wouldn’t be a problem if he didn’t encounter any major powers, but it would be dangerous if he did.

That was why he wanted to continue cultivating in the Ninth Summit.

He would feel safer when he surpassed his master.

If he was asked to go out and train now, he should be able to refuse.

He could use Xiao Yu as an excuse.

With this thought in mind, Jiang Lan waited patiently for the mystic realm to end.

Before long, Xiao Yu came to him carefully with both hands holding the dew she had painstakingly collected.

It was extremely clear.

“Junior Brother, do you want to try the taste?” Xiao Yu asked Jiang Lan.

She had a lot of dew in her hands, which was her collection over the entire morning.

Doing such a thing was quite time-consuming. Jiang Lan usually liked to use this time to cultivate.

Only Xiao Yu would do such a thing.

“How do I drink it?” Jiang Lan asked.

The water was in Xiao Yu’s hands and it wasn’t easy for him to drink it.

“Junior Brother, squat down first. You’re too tall.” Xiao Yu held the water and stood beside Jiang Lan as she commanded.

“Keep your head back a little. That’ll do.”

A moment later.

Jiang Lan drank the dew that flowed from Xiao Yu’s hand into his mouth.

It was a little strange.

It was not the dew that was strange, but the strange feeling of being fed by Xiao Yu.

But he didn’t think too much about it.

“How do you feel?” Xiao Yu asked curiously.

Jiang Lan was silent for a moment before replying,

“Senior Sister, you’ll know once you try.”

He couldn’t answer.

Because there was nothing special.

Xiao Yu tried to drink the remaining water and blinked at the sky.

“Yeah, I feel that it’s pretty much the same.”

After that, she sat beside Jiang Lan and didn’t mention anything about the dew again.

It was as if there was nothing worth reminiscing about after a busy morning.

Jiang Lan was silent for a moment as he looked at Xiao Yu. Then, he said.

“Actually, there is a difference.”

Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan curiously, as if asking what the difference was.

“Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t drink dew.

But I will always drink the dew that Senior Sister brings. ”

Jiang Lan’s voice sounded.

It was extremely calm, as if it was describing a very ordinary matter.

When Xiao Yu heard this, she turned to look at Jiang Lan with a smile on her face.

She smiled brightly.

Xiao Yu stood up again and extended her hand towards Jiang Lan. Her voice was filled with happiness.

“Give it to me.”

This sudden scene made Jiang Lan unable to react in time.

If Xiao Yu had attacked him, he would be able to react instantly.

He would have instantly gathered his Power Of Nine Tribulations in his fists.

However, Xiao Yu did not attack him. Instead, she wanted something from him.

“What does Senior Sister want?” Jiang Lan still didn’t understand.

“I’ve been busy all morning fetching water for Junior Brother.

Based on our rule of fair transaction, it’s now Junior Brother’s turn to pay me something.” Xiao Yu said.

“Should I… Fetch water for Senior Sister?” Jiang Lan tried to ask.

He could not guess what Xiao Yu was thinking.

Perhaps it was because of the generation gap.

Xiao Yu was just about to reach adulthood while he had already cultivated for 210 years.

According to the way humans counted their age, he had already lived three lives.

“The sun is already out. You won’t be able to catch it.” Xiao Yu took out her wooden sword.

“Help me embed the Dragon Slaying Sword’s Sword Intent into my wooden sword for free next time.”

Just this?

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.


“Does that mean I can get an embedment every time I collect dew water for you?” Xiao Yu asked.

Jiang Lan nodded.

After a long time, Xiao Yu and Jiang Lan left the lake.

This trip to the mystic realm was about to end. Xiao Yu had to leave from where she came from.

Jiang Lan was looking for his three Junior Brothers and Sister to leave the mystic realm.

“Will you be staying in the Ninth Summit?”

Xiao Yu asked before she left.

“En, I will be cultivating in seclusion,” Jiang Lan replied.

Xiaoyu nodded and left.

Seeing Xiao Yu’s figure disappear, Jiang Lan turned around to look for the three people.

The three of them found quite a few places and walked around for a long time. However, they didn’t go too far.

They were still circling around the outside perimeter of the maze.

Otherwise, Jiang Lan wouldn’t have been so relaxed. To the three of them, the opportunities inside weren’t small, but they were also more dangerous.

He might have to go out and help them if they really entered deeper into the maze.

Fortunately, they did not go inside.

At this moment, they were trapped within a mist array formation.

They had gotten the treasure.

Zhou Shu and the rest were still stuck in the mist. They felt that they could not leave this place no matter what.

“Do you guys have any ideas?” Jin Yu asked.

He had no idea what to do.

He was not afraid of charging into enemy lines, but in terms of array formations, he was actually lacking.

“I have tried many ways, but they were all useless.” Zheng Xi felt defeated.

She felt that she was especially weak and useless in this mystic realm.

Even if they were at the Golden Core Realm, they would not be able to break the array formation here with brute force.

They could not destroy anything in the maze.

“I feel that the fog is getting thicker and thicker. If we don’t go out now, we might not be able to get out,” Zhou Shu said.

The three of them felt their hearts sink.

After experiencing near-death once, they really didn’t want to experience it again.

They wondered if their Senior Brother would come and save them.

This was what the three of them were thinking.

But they did not dare to say it out loud.

They had to try their best first.

If they said something wrong, they might accidentally offend their Senior Brother.

Then, they will have to suffer again.

However, just as they were at their wits’ end, the surrounding mist suddenly began to surge.

Then, they saw a figure appear.

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