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Chapter 222 - Jiang Lan Is Going To Lose?

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Chapter 222: Jiang Lan Is Going To Lose?

Jiang Lan stood in the middle of the square.

He watched as Ao Man walked towards him.

A young man in his twenties, dressed in blue, was walking towards him. Every step he took exuded an invisible aura.

He was like a dazzling light.

He, who was an innate immortal, was never ordinary.

The halo had been on him since he was born.

He was always the one who would stand out among countless people.

He was very dazzling.

Jiang Lan silently muttered to himself. This was the first time he saw Ao Man, but he wasn’t as dazzling as he thought he would be.

This time, it was probably because he had the conviction to win that triggered his aura.

This made him very eye-catching.

It was very difficult to win against this person.

Ao Man strode to the center of the square, not far from Jiang Lan.

“Dragon Race’s Eighth Prince, Ao Man. I have come to challenge you.”

Ao Man wore a stern expression, as if he was facing a formidable enemy.

This exceeded Jiang Lan’s expectations.

It was rare for others to be so serious when facing him.

Neither the demons nor the Heavenly Human Race had ever thought highly of him.

Logically speaking, the Eighth Prince of the Dragon race was born as an immortal and should have been arrogant.

Looking down on him would give him a chance to surprise and perhaps even allow him to take advantage of it. It would be best if he could defeat him before the other party could react.


Why did the other party view him so highly?

This caused him to miss an opportunity.

“Please.” Jiang Lan calmly replied.

He was neither servile nor overbearing.

It was as if he was facing an equal, and he didn’t panic in the slightest.

“Quite bold.” Ao Man looked at Jiang Lan, silently muttering to himself.

If the other party was too weak, he would be very disappointed, especially since this person had once made him feel fear.

Dragon Slaying Sword?

He always remembered this.

Perhaps the Dragon Slaying Sword could slay other dragons, but he wanted to overcome his opponent’s sword.

As long as one was strong enough, every strike of one could be a Dragon Slaying Sword.

Similarly, each and every one of his attacks could be a Human Slaying Halberd Strike.

With this thought in mind, the halberd appeared in his hand, and lightning appeared at its sharp point.

He was telling his future brother-in-law that he was going to make a move.

Jiang Lan took out his personal disciple’s sword. Sword intent appeared on the blade. He was also prepared.

As for the others, they didn’t pay them much attention. Whether or not everyone was present had nothing to do with them.

He only needed to fight for victory.

After Jiang Lan took out his sword, Ao Man took action. He was the first to act.


The light of lightning appeared within the halberd. Although his steps weren’t too fast, the light of thunder became increasingly bright.

The halberd swung, and a thunderbolt rose like a moon, competing with the red sun.

The power that belonged to a late-stage Essence Soul directly attacked Jiang Lan.

In the face of this attack, Jiang Lan didn’t make too many moves. His longsword stood in front of him, the blade of the sword pointed upwards.

Raindrops appeared on the sword. They contained his sword intent.

Jiang Lan moved his wrist, and his sword moved in all directions. Then, he held his sword and turned sideways.

At this moment, waves began to surge behind Jiang Lan.

Huge waves appeared behind him. They were water, but also endless sword intent.

“Such a deep sword intent?” Lu Jian was somewhat astonished.

“Doesn’t he often cultivate on the Eighth Summit? Does Senior Brother Lu Jian not know?” Hong Luan asked curiously.

She was also a little surprised. The strength displayed by the other party was not that weak.

It did not look like he was forcefully raising his cultivation.

Some people walked up step by step, forming a solid foundation that was deeply rooted.

Those who forcefully raised their cultivation using resources, on the other hand, were like rootless duckweed, weak and fragile.

“When he was on the Eighth Summit, Junior Brother only practiced the Dragon Slaying Sword. By the looks of it, he doesn’t intend to use the Dragon Slaying Sword directly,” Lu Jian explained.

He was indeed a little surprised.

The talent of the Ninth Summit’s Junior Brother in swordplay was very high.

Unfortunately, he could not bring him over to the Eight Summit.

If it was someone from another summit, it would be easy for him to do so provided they hadn’t acknowledged anyone as their teacher yet.


The lightning crashed into the waves, and a powerful ripple began to spread.

However, it did not affect those spectating. There were always people blocking the shockwaves.

Ao Man looked at Jiang Lan, a bit surprised. His opponent seemed quite strong.

But that was better. He didn’t have to hold back.

At this moment, his lightning was wreaking havoc.

Like a flood, it surged into the waves and shattered them.

With the halberd in hand, Ao Man tore a path through the waves.

“Overwhelming. Let me see if you can block it.”

Lightning wreaked havoc in all directions.

It directly swallowed all of Jiang Lan’s sword rain waves, cutting open a path in the middle.

Ao Man’s figure shot towards Jiang Lan.

“Looks like the disciple of the Ninth Summit is going to lose. Forget it, he might not even be able to withstand three moves.”

Ao Li stood on the Ninth Summit’s mountain peak with a wider view, shaking his head and sighing.

“Indeed. Is there anyone else in Kunlun who is more ordinary than him?” Ao Shishi belittled.

Mo Zhengdong remained silent.

At this moment, Second Summit Liu Jing, Third Summit Zhu Qing, Fifth Summit Miao Yue, and Eighth Summit Jiu Tian were present.

They were all waiting for the result.

They also felt that Jiang Lan wouldn’t be able to last ten moves.

However, Jiang Lan’s performance had already exceeded their expectations.

Although he was still weak, he was not as weak as they thought.

Especially Jiu Zhongtian.

Jiang Lan had such a thick sword intent. This…

He wondered if Jiang Lan’s talent was all in the cultivation of the sword.

“It has only just begun, yet the two of you dare to be so certain?” Liu Jing looked at the two dragons and said in a low voice.

“How many moves do you think he can take?” Ao Li looked at Liu Jing and asked sincerely.

“Four moves, or five moves?”

Liu Jing stopped talking.

Or rather, none of the Kunlun members present spoke.

Jiu Zhongtian drank his wine as though he would get drunk at any moment.

Zhu Qing and Miao Yue stood together. It was unknown if they were whispering to each other.

Mo Zhengdong looked at the square in silence.

No one knew what he was thinking.

Ao Li and Ao Shishi didn’t say much.

Instead, they looked at Jiang Lan who was fighting in the square, waiting for the final defeat.

The words just now were deliberately said for these people to hear.

At this moment, Jiang Lan was looking at the sky. The Eighth Prince’s halberd was like a dragon, stirring the four seas and breaking his sword intent.

The lightning around him locked onto him, threatening to tear him apart.

He frowned slightly. It was indeed very strong.

At this moment, he brandished his longsword. Just as the halberd was about to reach him, he took the initiative to step forward to receive the attack. He had no intention of retreating, nor could he retreat.

The opponent’s attack was a full sequence. The more he retreated, the stronger the attack he would have to endure.

The only way was to face the enemy head-on.

“Seven Stars Sword.”

The moment Jiang Lan moved, starlight surged.

The lightning struck him like a snake.


Thunder scraped across his arm and out of the corner of his eye. Wounds appeared and blood dripped.

On the other hand, Jiang Lan didn’t retreat in the slightest, and his sword arrived before Ao Man.

Ao Man brandished his halberd and descended from above.



Jiang Lan’s sword moved, blocking Ao Man’s spear.


His strength erupted once more, and a trace of blood flowed from the corner of Jiang Lan’s mouth.

Everyone looked at Jiang Lan, feeling like he was going to lose.

However, daring to face this sword head-on was enough to prove that Jiang Lan was extraordinary.

Even though some people still felt that they were stronger, there were even more who didn’t dare to underestimate Jiang Lan anymore.

“Is the Junior Brother from the Ninth Summit going to lose?” Lin Siya looked at the square and asked.

Once Jiang Lan was at a disadvantage, it would be difficult for him to turn the tables.

“No, look. This is just the beginning. I remember that this is the move that Junior Brother used to kill his enemy. It’s called the Seven Stars Sword.” Jing Ting’s voice sounded.

Lin Siya and Mu Xiu both looked over.

At this moment, they saw Jiang Lan’s sword move even faster.

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