Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 231 - How To Stretch Your Back

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Chapter 231: How To Stretch Your Back

A gentle breeze ruffled Ao Longyu’s hair.

The peach blossoms fell.

Ao Longyu heard Lin Siya’s voice.

She was finally here.

Without any hesitation, she led the way for Lin Siya.

After a while.

Lin Siya rode her sword to the Jade Pool Mountain and looked at Ao Longyu with a smile.

“Senior Sister, were you looking for me?”

In fact, she also wanted to ask her Senior Sister about her progress with the Ninth Summit’s Junior Brother. She felt that the progress was faster than she had expected.

Of course, it was only relative as she had not made any significant progress in the past few decades.

Some of the Junior Sisters and Senior Sisters she knew had become Dao companions with some Senior Brothers in just a few years.

Senior Sister Ao was comparatively slower.

“Yes.” Ao Longyu nodded slightly.

She came in front of Lin Siya and asked curiously.

“Didn’t Junior Sister say that stretching my back would make me look good?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Siya immediately nodded with curiosity.

“Was the Junior Brother of the Ninth Summit stunned?”

“No.” Ao Longyu shook her head.

“Junior Brother asked if I was sleepy.”

Lin Siya: “???”

How was that possible?

Her Senior Sister was so beautiful and her figure was so enviable. Any normal man would have definitely lost their focus when they saw her Senior Sister stretching her back.

“Did Senior Sister see the expression of the Ninth Summit’s Junior Brother?” Lin Siya asked.

“Yes.” Ao Longyu nodded. She recalled and said.

“I took a closer look at his facial emotions. It was the same as usual. There wasn’t much change. So I wanted to ask Junior Sister if there’s a problem.”

“Senior Sister, what was your angle when you were stretching?” Lin Siya asked.

But she still found it strange. No matter which angle one looked at Senior Sister from, it more or less had some use.

Unless the Junior Brother didn’t like women?

Or was his heart already as still as water?

Surely not, right?

“I faced him directly, with my back to the sun,” Xiao Yu explained.

Lin Siya frowned. No matter how she thought about it, it didn’t seem like a big problem.

Senior Sister’s clothes were not tight. Once she stretched, she would definitely look different from usual.

Why was there no change in Junior Brother’s gaze?

“Senior Sister, I don’t know what exactly happened then.” Lin Siya thought for a while and said.

“I’ll tell you what the main point is when stretching your back and why your Junior Brother will think it looks good. Let’s see if you can understand the essence of it and perhaps succeed in your next try.”

Ao Longyu nodded slightly.

At this moment, she had no expression on her face. Although she was not cold, she did not speak much either.

“The main point is on your chest—”

Lin Siya explained in detail.

“It is best if you have your shoulders towards Junior Brother. If you can face the wind, the effect will double. That’s about it.”

Ao Longyu lowered her brows. She was neither cold nor deep in thought.

At this moment, her eyes were lifeless as if she was in a daze.

She… she didn’t know it was like this before.

Wasn’t it shameless of her to take the initiative to do such a thing?

And she now knew why Junior Brother hadn’t reacted then. Because back then she…

She looked different from how she looked now.

Of course, most importantly, she wanted to find a hole to hide in right now.

She had actually asked Junior Sister Siya such a question? What would she think of her from now on?

Besides, how should she answer her Junior Brother’s question when she meets him again in the future?

Ao Longyu was overwhelmed with emotions at this moment.

On the Ninth Summit.

Jiang Lan sat in the courtyard.

The first thing he did after returning was to think about cultivation.

Currently, it might take him about 300 years before he could advance his cultivation realm again.

However, as long as he walked his own Dao, he should be able to move faster.

However, Dao enlightenment was something that could only be chanced upon by luck and not sought after. It could be thought but not spoken of.

It wasn’t something that could be comprehended as one wished, nor was it something that could be encountered as one wished.

In short, he couldn’t hurry.

Therefore, he should focus on cultivating first. With his current speed, he had already surpassed everyone.

However, the True Immortal Realm was different from other realms.

Even perfected True Immortals could not attempt to become Heaven Immortals.

There was a threshold between the True Immortal Realm and the Heaven Immortal Realm. One had to comprehend the Dao before one was able to transcend.

It was something like searching for the gate of immortality when he was in the Void Refinement Realm.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had already touched upon the Dao, so it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to transcend.

The difficulty lay in whether he could gain sufficient insights into the Dao at a quicker pace, allowing him to reach the perfected True Immortal Realm faster.

Jiang Lan shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He decided to steadily increase his strength first.

Cultivation was not something that could be accomplished overnight. It was safer to take one step at a time.

Spring passed and autumn came.

Jiang Lan sat in the courtyard, looking at the beautiful scenery.

He felt the flowers bloom and fall in the yard, felt the spring rain, the summer sun, the autumn wind and the winter snow.

This year was the 270th year since Jiang Lan entered the sect.

For the past few years, he had been cultivating at night, and in the day, he had been watching the beautiful scenery in the courtyard.

Looking at his Catoptric Deflection realm gave him a feeling of enlightenment regarding the Dao.

The original drop of water seemed to have become bigger.

The sound of water dripping became louder.

His cultivation speed was also increasing.

He was becoming stronger every day, getting closer to a higher realm every day.

The members of the Dragon Race left without stirring up any waves in Kunlun.

It was as if they had merely come to challenge them before returning home.

Before leaving, Ao Man came over to bid him farewell.

The Eighth Prince was probably the most enthusiastic about this marriage.

However, he could sense that Ao Man had some guesses, but he did not dare to ask.

Jiang Lan didn’t mind.

The perfected Human Immortal Eighth Prince was very close to becoming a Perfected Immortal. He should be advancing to a True Immortal after he goes back.

It would take him some time.

In the beginning, Jiang Lan would go down the mountain to the inn to verify his insights.

He often saw Ao Man fighting with the youth.

It was usually the teenager who got beaten up.

He was probably undergoing special training.

What really bothered him all these years was that when Xiao Yu came, he felt like she was hiding.

He did not know what she was thinking.

After staring at her for a long time, she would quietly shift his position.

Sometimes she would even jump up.

It was rather novel.

But it wouldn’t stop him from looking.

He was not feeling sad these days either.

Before the sun set.

Jiang Lan stood up and left the courtyard, heading towards the Netherworld Cave.

All these years, the plant eggs had been placed in the courtyard. When the Netherworld Cave’s aura erupted, they would wither and die inside.

At this moment, the Netherworld Aura of the Netherworld Cave was extremely dense. In a few years, the eruption would reach its peak.

However, the Netherworld Aura at this time had no effect on Jiang Lan’s mental state at all.

“I must try to stay longer this time.”

He did not plan to go out today.

He needed to cultivate in seclusion inside.

If he missed out on these few years where the eruption was at its peak, he would just be wasting cultivation resources.

Comprehending the Dao could indeed be faster, but comprehending the Dao was a long process to begin with. One should still cultivate and not be lazy in the slightest.

“There’s also the Dao Comprehension Tea. I wonder when and where I should use it to make it easier for me to gain enlightenment.”

The Dao Comprehension Tea had to be used in the right situation in order to bring out its greatest effect.

The effects were difficult to display if he were to just consume it right now.

At this moment, Jiang Lan took out the Goddess Diagram and planned to cultivate.

Medicinal pills, Goddess Diagram, Netherworld Aura.

Recently, he had been cultivating with these three.

Only by doing so would he be able to reach the perfected True Immortal Realm in about three hundred years.

Even though he was still far from the mid-stage of the True Immortal Realm, as long as he hid in the Ninth Summit, he would reach the perfected stage sooner or later.

Opening the Goddess Diagram, Jiang Lan saw a white dragon lying beside the Jade Pool, its tail in the water.

Seeing this, Jiang Lan was very curious as to what position Xiao Yu was in.

But every time he saw Xiao Yu in the diagram, he had the urge to feed her.

Just like raising a fish.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t.

When Jiang Lan withdrew his gaze and intended to cultivate in peace, he suddenly placed his gaze on the diagram again.

At this moment, there was a faint wisp of black aura in the Jade Pool.

“When did it appear? It was definitely not there yesterday.”

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