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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 237 - Opening The Ghost Gates free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 237 - Opening The Ghost Gates

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Chapter 237: Opening The Ghost Gates

Jiang Lan walked through the Ice Cicada Forest.

The first time he came here, he should have still been an Essence Soul cultivator.

At that time, he felt that this place was dangerous.

Initially, he thought that catching the cicadas would not be dangerous. However, reality proved that the seemingly safe Ice Cicada Forest was actually filled with hidden dangers.

Now that he was here, he was still sufficiently vigilant and prepared to deal with any accidents.

Being a True Immortal did not mean that he was invincible.

He was only slightly stronger than a Human Immortal.

Previously, a powerful demon had appeared here and attracted the summit leaders’ attention.

Strong as the light of the sun, it was hard to look straight at.

To everything in the world, one had to possess reverence, complacency, and conceit.

However, since karma came from the beginning, there had to be a source. One couldn’t be timid and belittle oneself, but should advance forward.

One would need to overcome all obstacles and ride on the waves.


A cold wind blew.

It was pitch-black in the forest. The naked eye could not see through the darkness of the forest, and the body could not withstand the cold in the darkness.

As a True Immortal, the darkness of the forest should not have any effect on him.

However, this place had covered his eyes.

No matter how Jiang Lan looked at it, it didn’t seem normal.

He then activated his Eyes Of Truth.

Jiang Lan saw the forest clearly again. There were no other creatures here.

However, there was a lot of black aura at the edge of the tree branch, which was similar to the black aura in the Jade Pool.

“Looks like Ba Country is behind this. The black aura here is much thicker. Something bad is going to happen tonight.”

The ghost qi here was becoming thicker and thicker. No matter how one looked at it, it seemed like someone from Ba Country was approaching.

Kunlun should be able to react soon.

“I have to find the core location first, then trace back to the source.”

This was what he needed to do at the moment. If he could clean up the strong enemies here, he would do so as well. If not, he could only hope that Kunlun would discover it early.

If it was discovered late…

He had to find a way to report this.

Ba Country was different from the Demon Race.

Ba Country was relatively close to Kunlun and this was a matter that affected the Jade Pool.

If he did not take it seriously, there would be endless trouble.

Jiang Lan squatted down to observe the origin of the ghost qi.

After a short while, he walked forward. Ice cicadas appeared along the way, but they didn’t notice Jiang Lan immediately.

On the other side of the Ice Cicada Forest.

The four people, including Bei Fang, walked in the dark forest.

At this moment, a beam of light appeared in Lin An’s hand, illuminating the surrounding darkness.

This was the Light of Exorcism that could eliminate the effects of ghost aura.

“It’s similar to the aura of the Netherworld. It seems like it really does come from the Ghostland Ba Country.” Hong Luan looked around and said.

This place was clearly abnormal.

“The aura is getting thicker. It seems like the situation here isn’t optimistic.”

“Prepare for reinforcements,” Lin An reminded.

“No, we need to ask for help now. The situation here is completely wrong.” Lu Jian directly swung his sword, and the sword broke through the sky.

It was as though it was heading towards Kunlun.


Just as the sword was halfway through, it was swallowed by the night.

“Looks like it’s too late,” Lu Jian said, frowning at the disappearing sword.

This place was already enveloped by the ghost qi and had become an independent space of its own.

“Let me try.” Bei Fang put his sword behind him.

Then, the Eight Trigrams light appeared on his body and started to spread out.

Everywhere in the world was pervasive.

Light flashed and disappeared, leaving no trace behind.

“It’s done, but it will take some time for it to be transmitted. Fortunately, I was a step earlier. Otherwise, the four of us would really have to face this matter alone.” Bei Fang was somewhat relieved.

The situation here was abnormal no matter how one looked at it.

“Your outfit is so eye-catching every time I look at it.” Lu Jian looked at the Eight Trigrams robe on Bei Fang and said enviously.

“If you want to wear it, you can join the Second Summit. I can even give you my position,” Bei Fang said sincerely as he looked at Lu Jian.

It was as if the position was too heavy and that he felt that he should give way for others to take over.

“It’s just the position of one of the eight prime disciples, and it’s even the last. I wouldn’t want it even if you gave it to me,” Lu Jian said disdainfully.

“Let’s look ahead first. I feel that we might have gotten into big trouble.” Hong Luan looked ahead and said softly.

She was walking at the back, but she could see everything clearly.

There was a change in front.

At this moment, Bei Fang and the party were also looking ahead. They could see the black mist surging like waves. No one knew if there was anything in the black mist.

Da da!

Suddenly, footsteps sounded from the black mist.

The four of them immediately went on alert, ready to deal with any changes.

“Can anyone detect the way back?” Bei Fang held his Eight Trigrams sword, his power faintly discernible.

The surrounding ghost qi couldn’t approach them.

“I’ve left traces of my Dao spell all this time. However, I am currently unable to connect and trace it back,” Lin An was the first to speak.

At this moment, the light in his hand began to retract. He did not intend to waste his energy and instead controlled it around the four of them.

His vision began to return. There was no need for this.

“I can’t sense the sword qi I left behind either.” Lu Jian also shook his head.

This place was definitely isolated from the outside world.

“I left behind the fragrance of flowers. I can still smell it now. In other words, this place is not completely sealed off.” Hong Luan watched as she began to release her power to resist the sudden change. “But I can’t tell the direction the fragrance is coming from.”

“My Eight Trigrams Skill has also failed to identify our location and is affected by the ghost qi,” said Bei Fang immediately.

“In other words, we are trapped here?” Lu Jian sighed.

“Junior Brother Bei Fang, you have guessed right. The Ba Country has indeed taken action. It is also highly possible that the summit leaders had tacitly agreed to this invasion. There is no reason for them not to know about this commotion. However, the party you have assembled is too weak. We might not be able to withstand and suppress the incident here. ”

“Hehe.” Hong Luan laughed coldly.

“Senior Brother, are you implying that I’m weak and am a burden?”

“Senior Brother Lu Jian can fight against ten thousand soldiers by himself, so there’s no problem.” Lin An smiled warmly.

“They’re out,” Bei Fang reminded.

“The situation doesn’t look good.”

At this moment, the four of them saw two rows of figures walking out from the black mist. They stood in a line and advanced in an orderly manner.

They were like a disciplined team of guards.

Soon, they saw the faces of the two rows of figures.

They had a green face and sharp teeth. Their hair was long and their eyes were blood red.

They all held a green scepter in hand.

They looked mighty and extraordinary.

“Anyone has any information on these people?” Hong Luan began to retreat.

That was because the ghost cultivators of Ba Country had started coming towards them. They were definitely not here for good.

“I know quite a lot of information. If I’m not wrong, this should be…” Bei Fang looked serious.

“This should be the beginning of Ba Country’s Trespassing Of Otherworldly Soldiers. The ghost cultivators will lead the way before opening the Ba Country’s Ghost Gates.

Countless Ba Country’s ghost cultivators would appear.

Their strength cannot be assessed.”

The other three stared ahead with troubled expressions. They wanted to retreat, but there was no way out.

What could they do?

“I’ll test their strength. We shall then decide based on the situation. If you have the confidence to escape, retreat. If not, don’t run.”

With a leap, sword intent spread out and slashed at all the advancing ghost cultivators.


A battle was triggered.

Jiang Lan was still moving forward. He was not worried about the change in the black aura here. With his Eye of Truth, he would not lose his direction.


Jiang Lan, who was searching for the core, suddenly saw the sword intent in the sky.

Before long, the sword intent was devoured by the darkness.

“Seeking help?”

“Someone found the Ba Country’s plan before me?”

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