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Chapter 240 - Killing 500 Ghost Cultivators By Oneself

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Chapter 240: Killing 500 Ghost Cultivators By Oneself

“Don’t you see our people advancing?” Miao Yue looked at the chessboard with a smile.

“We’re about to reach the Ghost Gate. At that time, it might be difficult for your people to even open the door.”

“You humans think too much.” The face in the black mist laughed fearlessly as usual.

“We have many people in Ba Country. We are all sturdy and have a strong body. There are only five of them who have sensed the upcoming Trespassing Of Otherworldly Soldiers. Can the 5 fight against 500?

My people’s cultivation is not much different from the five. Even if they were to stand there to let your people hit them, it’s still impossible for you humans to kill all of them in a short period of time.”

“Are you really not going to try using your brain?” Miao Yue asked with a smile.

“Humans are so hypocritical.” The pitch-black human face’s voice was somewhat deep.

“If you want to call me stupid, just say it.”

“You’re really stupid.” Jiu Zhongtian spoke.

The human face in the black mist: “…”

“Didn’t you notice?” Liu Jing looked at the chessboard and said.

“There are only five of them, but half of the five hundred ghost cultivators have already collapsed.”

The human face in the black mist blinked.

“Am I going to lose? You humans have definitely cheated. Of course, we won’t abide by the rules either.”

Mo Zhengdong and the others didn’t think much of it, but the person who suddenly appeared was a little special.

They wanted to see what was going on over there.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t see it.


The ghost cultivator’s face fell to the ground. What followed was a strong gust of wind.


The ghost cultivator on the ground immediately disintegrated into black mist.

Jiang Lan stood where he was and looked at the other half of the ghost cultivators.

It had to be said that these ghost cultivators were really tough.

This was especially true for those with True Immortal bodies.

Using his Power of Nine Bulls was beginning to grow strenuous. If he continued to use it without replenishing his strength…

It would definitely be dangerous for him.

He placed another medicinal pill in his mouth again. He didn’t consume much now. It was just to maintain his current strength.

However, if it were a few hundred normal Human Immortals and True Immortals, he would definitely not fight them head-on.

He might not even be able to escape unscathed if he was in that situation.

Especially when all kinds of strange spells would restrict his movements.

Only ghost cultivators could not use spells.

That was why he was so relaxed.

Jiang Lan moved forward, but the ghost cultivators began to move backward.

They were beaten scared.

It hadn’t been that long, and half of them were gone.

It was a good thing they couldn’t bleed, or there would be pools of blood on the ground.

“Human, didn’t you say that you’re here to die?” A deep voice sounded. He was a little frustrated.

“Why are you resisting?”

Jiang Lan was stunned for a moment before he stood on the spot and said.

“Then, come over.”

“Kill him.” A deep voice rang out as a large number of ghost cultivators surged towards Jiang Lan.

They were filled with killing intent and determination.

Their killing intent was earth-shattering. It was like the water of the four seas, surging madly towards him.

Jiang Lan looked at these ghost cultivators. He activated his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel to its limit and activated his Power of Nine Bulls.

In the next instant, Jiang Lan vanished on the spot.

At this moment, a beam of light began to flow through the large number of ghost cultivators.




Jiang Lan’s figure quickly passed these people, continuously appearing in new places.

As long as he appeared, a ghost cultivator would explode and turn into black mist.


Jiang Lan killed another ghost cultivator with a single punch.


With a single stomp, he crushed the earth.

Countless cracks spread out in all directions.

Killing intent surged as black mist filled the air.

This time, Jiang Lan didn’t stop at all. Where his figure passed by, there would definitely be people who died, and if his feet touched the ground, there would definitely be corpses that shattered.

He pushed on, looking unstoppable.

The remaining two hundred or so ghost cultivators released furious roars, crazily slaughtering their way towards Jiang Lan.

They had gone crazy.

In the face of this terrifying human, the ghost cultivators went mad.

They had been killed crazy.

This was the same as harvesting their mortal bodies.


Jiang Lan continued forward, walking step by step towards the final ghost cultivator. Countless black mists surged behind him.

They were all ghost cultivators that had been destroyed.

In the end, there was only a single ghost cultivator in front of Jiang Lan.

He was also the talking ghost cultivator.

He wanted to retreat and flee when he saw Jiang Lan approaching.

But there was nowhere to run.

At this moment, he spoke.

“I choose to submit.”


Jiang Lan’s figure passed by the ghost cultivator.

At this moment, the ghost cultivator didn’t know what had happened, but he realized that he didn’t need to think anymore.


The ghost cultivator turned into black mist and merged into the night. At this point, all the ghost cultivators who were in the first wave were dead.

Jiang Lan alone killed five hundred Ba Nation ghost cultivators.

None had survived.

Cold sweat appeared on Lu Jian and the party’s faces. This person was too strong.

Not to mention that they were unable to kill the ghost cultivators, even if they were able to kill them, it was impossible for them to kill the ghost cultivators so quickly.

Was this person really at the early-stage True Immortal Realm?

True Immortals could be this powerful?

A cold wind blew and the black mist was blown away. Jiang Lan turned to look at Lu Jian and his party.

“Have you guys found it?” Jiang Lan asked.

These four could not fight.

“Found it,” Bei Fang said with a nod.

To be honest, this person was too fast.

Fortunately, the main gate of Ba Country was easy to find. Otherwise, the four of them would seem dispensable.

Soon, Jiang Lan arrived at the source of the black qi. There was black qi surging here.

The black qi gathered and did not dissipate. It was like a magnificent door.

Jiang Lan stood in front of the door and could clearly feel the pressure coming from the door.

This was the gate of Ba Country, the Ghost Gate?

Jiang Lan had never seen this before.

However, he had checked the information before. The opening of the Ba Nation’s Ghost Gate meant that the Trespassing Of Otherworldly Soldiers was about to start. At that time, countless powerful ghost generals would appear.

It was going to be like a military parade by the Ba Country.

It was extremely dangerous.

“The door is not open yet. Breaking it should be the safest and most effective way.”

Jiang Lan had an idea.

This was the only way he could find the core and find the source.

Perhaps this was the source.

It looked dangerous. If he couldn’t handle it, he wouldn’t stay.

As long as Senior Brother Lu Jian and the others returned, they could call upon the experts of Kunlun.

At that time, they would be able to settle this matter.

Once this matter was over, he could cultivate in peace.

He wanted to attempt to gain insights into the Dao so that he could transcend to become a Heaven Immortal.

Jiang Lan walked step by step towards the Ghost Gate. Ghost qi surged as it attempted to attack Jiang Lan. At the same time, it seemed to sense danger and attempted to intimidate Jiang Lan.

Violent winds howled, blowing the corners of Jiang Lan’s clothes and the ends of his hair.

At this moment, a human face appeared in the Ghost Gate.

He looked at Jiang Lan, as if mocking him, but also as if he was angry.

He seemed furious and mighty.

“The wrath of the Ghost Gate can flatten mountains and rivers, and it can shake the four seas,” Bei Fang reminded loudly.

“Fellow Daoist, although the Ba Country’s Ghost Gate has not been fully condensed, its power cannot be underestimated.”

Jiang Lan didn’t respond, nor did he hesitate.

His pace quickened as he circulated his Power Of Nine Bulls to the maximum. The Power Of Nine Tribulations also filled his body.


An invisible cow’s cry began to emanate from heaven and earth.

An aura of impending calamity surged towards the Ba Country’s Ghost Gate. As Jiang Lan punched out, his strength circulated.

It was as if a raging bull had appeared in the sky. It was like the manifestation of tribulations, like a carrier of strength.

The bull seemed to be pressing forward with indomitable will, trampling through mountains and rivers, bringing down calamities for all living beings.


The huge bull’s cry echoed in Jiang Lan’s meridians as an incomparably powerful force gathered in Jiang Lan’s fist.

It was as if he could crush heaven and earth with a single punch.


At this moment, Jiang Lan’s fist landed on the Ba Country’s Ghost Gate.

Powerful energy surged like waves.

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