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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 249 - Jiang Lan Has Inner Demons? free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 249 - Jiang Lan Has Inner Demons?

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Chapter 249: Jiang Lan Has Inner Demons?

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Upon hearing Jiang Lan’s words, Xiao Yu stared blankly at Jiang Lan.

Then, she stood up and patted her chest.

“From now on, I will protect Junior Brother.”

After she finished speaking, she smiled brightly at Jiang Lan and said.

“I’m much, much stronger than Junior Brother.”


“Just a little,” Jiang Lan answered softly as he looked at Xiaoyu.

“That’s still better than Junior Brother.” Xiao Yu sat down and stretched out her legs to look at Jiang Lan.


“However, no matter how strong a person is, there will be times when they are weak. I’ll have to rely on you in the future.”

She was a dragon.

Jiang Lan corrected Xiao Yu in her heart.

Xiao Yu’s intention was clear. She would at least rely on him.

What an inexplicable feeling.

He had wanted to help his master retire, but he did not expect to become someone else’s support.

Although it was only when Xiao Yu was weak.


When was Xiao Yu ever stronger than him?

Xiao Yu might be able to catch up to him before he reached the threshold of the Dao.

However, after he woke up, Xiao Yu had no hope of catching up with him.

After he obtained the qualifications to transcend as a True Immortal, his cultivation speed would increase exponentially.

This was the advantage that humans had.

There was basically no possibility for humans below the True Immortal Realm to surpass innate immortal life forms.

True Immortals would need to comprehend the Dao before transcending to become a Heaven Immortal. There were some who comprehended the Dao in the early-stage of the True Immortal Realm, while there were some who comprehended the Dao only at the perfected True Immortal Realm.

The two were completely different.

Jiang Lan, on the other hand, had the advantage of comprehending the Dao at the early-stage True Immortal Realm.

Perhaps not long after Xiao Yu became an Immortal, he would become a Heaven Immortal as well.

He felt much safer as a Heaven Immortal.

But he was still far away from his master.

However, there was no rush. He just had to take it one step at a time. His speed of becoming stronger was already very fast.

One day, he would surpass his master.

In the evening, Jiang Lan handed the wooden sword to Xiaoyu.

It was dark. It was time for Xiao Yu to go back.

Xiaoyu took the wooden sword and glanced at Jiang Lan with dissatisfaction.

“Then I’ll go back. Junior Brother, cultivate well.”

As she spoke, Xiao Yu flew up on her sword and made a face at Jiang Lan.

She quickly headed towards the Jade Pool.

Jiang Lan felt that something was strange.

“Senior Sister seems a little dissatisfied.”

He stood where he was, looking in the direction of the Jade Pool, watching as Xiao Yu’s figure disappeared.

He came to a realization.

The next time he added the Dragon Slaying Sword’s Sword Intent, he would take a longer time.

Thinking like this, Jiang Lan decided to go back and cultivate in seclusion. He wanted to see just how great the effects of his increase in cultivation speed would be after stepping into the great Dao threshold.

It was about time for him to advance to the Void Refinement Realm on the surface too.

Xiao Yu flew towards the Jade Pool while she rode her sword in the air.

She waved the wooden sword in his hand.

She felt that she could now also use the Dragon Slaying Sword, although it was only a feeling.

When she got close to the Jade Pool, her body started to grow bigger and become normal.

She looked down.

“I feel like when I get bigger in front of Junior Brother, he will stare at me.”

It seemed like Junior Sister Siya was right.

She would find a chance the next time.

She would stretch in front of him.


Ao Longyu touched her face. Just thinking about it made her feel hot.

I don’t know why.

Moreover, thinking about it made her have the urge to hide in the Jade Pool.

With this thought in mind, Ao Longyu entered the Jade Pool to cool her face down.

The wooden sword floated in front of her.

The Dragon Slaying Sword aura seemed to be threatening her.

“I feel like Junior Brother is looking down on me.”


Ao Longyu blew bubbles under the Jade Pool.

At the peak of the Ninth Summit.

Mo Zhengdong heaved a sigh of relief.

Another ten years of epiphany.

“It seems like Catoptric Deflection is very useful for Jiang Lan. Once he becomes an immortal, his future path will be much easier.”

He naturally found out that Xiao Yu could integrate into Jiang Lan’s Catoptric Deflection realm.

This meant that Jiang Lan accepted Xiao Yu. This was also a good thing.

It seemed like Xiao Yu was also a good girl.

As a princess of the Dragon Race and the Jade Pool’s Goddess, she did not look down on his disciple at all.

With the Goddess around, Jiang Lan wouldn’t become a loner either. This was another good thing.

Mo Zhengdong shook his head and smiled.

Jiang Lan was already very outstanding. He had never accepted any more outstanding disciple.

Then, he moved and put away the seal on the Ninth Summit.

He allowed the place to return to normal.

Since Jiang Lan had completely awakened, there was no need for such protection.

Jiang Lan would know what to do next.

Within the Netherworld Cave.

Jiang Lan closed his eyes and felt the changes in his body.

In the past, the water droplets would nourish his body and raise his cultivation.

Now that a clear spring flowed, the stream nourished his eight meridians and power continuously surged, helping him raise his cultivation.

This was the difference when one stepped into the threshold of the Great Dao.

In the past, with the help of the Netherworld Aura, Goddess Diagram and the pills he received from signing in, he would be able to reach the perfected True Immortal realm in roughly 300 years.

However, he didn’t need these things to reach such a level now.

Considering other external factors, it was not impossible for him to transcend to become a Heaven Immortal when Xiao Yu advanced to become an immortal.

Jiang Lan sat in the Netherworld Cave, feeling the power of the Dao and his own rapid growth.

Before long, he would step into the mid-stage True Immortal Realm.

Six months passed in the blink of an eye. During this time, Jiang Lan familiarized himself with the gains from comprehending the Dao.

As his cultivation speed increased, his Power of Nine Bulls became more biting cold, and his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel had a large improvement.

The other improvements were weak, but Jiang Lan still tried his best to familiarize himself with all the spells.

A little improvement might seem useless, but it could sometimes be decisive.

Perhaps it would never be used in this lifetime.

But one shouldn’t neglect even the slightest increase in strength.

However, as he closed his eyes to cultivate, he kept hearing a voice in his ear.

Today, when he was cultivating, he felt that there were sounds coming from heaven and earth, as well as blurry scenes appearing.

Suddenly, clouds and mist swirled around like a fairyland, and suddenly, corpses floated everywhere like purgatory.

These scenes flashed past.

Suddenly, Jiang Lan opened his eyes.

He looked at the entrance to the Netherworld and was slightly shocked.

“Affected by an inner demon?”

He examined himself carefully and found no problems.


“Am I trapped in an array formation?”

It could be that it wasn’t that he didn’t have any problems. It was just that he couldn’t detect any problems when looking at the problem.

“But why would the entrance to the Netherworld affect me?”

“Have I become arrogant?”


However, the scene he had just witnessed was still vivid in his mind.

However, he could not understand it.

Then, he got up and left the Netherworld Cave. The sky outside was clear, but there was a chill.

It was winter.

As a cultivator, he naturally wouldn’t fear this ordinary cold.

He walked towards the peak of the Ninth Summit step by step because the sudden scenes that appeared in his mind made him feel slightly puzzled.

Therefore, he wanted to ask his master to check his state of mind to see if there were any inner demons causing trouble.

If his master could not sense it, it should not be an inner demon causing the problem.

It was something else.

However, he had also changed his cultivation when he came out this time.

His surface cultivation was at the perfected Essence Soul Realm, and his hidden cultivation was at the early-stage Void Refinement Realm.

He had entered the sect for a total of 287 years.

He had successfully progressed to become an early-stage Void Refinement cultivator.

He had surpassed the cultivation speed of a true genius.

It was rather conspicuous.

Fortunately, his surface cultivation was still at the perfected Essence Soul Realm. His hidden cultivation would not be noticed by others.

There were only the few summit leaders who could see through his cultivation.

However, the summit leaders did not bother checking his cultivation.

It was fine even if they knew.

“Master, I seem to have a tendency to develop inner demons.”

Jiang Lan came to the peak of the Ninth Summit and told his master the purpose of his visit.

Mo Zhengdong, who had been relatively calm, was stunned when he heard Jiang Lan’s words.

Inner demons?

Jiang Lan could even have inner demons?

Jiang Lan, whose mental state was extraordinary, shouldn’t have any inner demons.

Was it because his heart was in a state of conflict?

Mo Zhengdong did not dare to hesitate and immediately began to examine Jiang Lan.

This matter was rather important.

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