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Chapter 254 - Creation Of Heaven and Earth, Mountain Sea Mirror

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Chapter 254: Creation Of Heaven and Earth, Mountain Sea Mirror

Pure white pillars stood in all directions. The blue sky reflected in and white clouds surrounded the surroundings.

Jiang Lan stood inside the temple, surprised.

Looking up, it was the sky.

This place was different from what he had seen outside. It was vast and grand, with a broad view.



Someone at the side was surprised.

It was as if the entire temple only had four pillars.

There was no dome above the pillar.

“There’s no need to pay too much attention to this place. Just treat the Kunlun Temple as a mystic realm. All four directions lead to other places, but if one’s cultivation level isn’t high enough, it’s easy to get lost. If you get lost, you will be sent out of the temple. ”

A Senior Brother explained in the main hall.

Then, he left the hall and flew forward.

Soon, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“This is your first time here. Don’t walk too fast. It’s easy to get lost. If you encounter something, you can try to comprehend it.”

A Senior Sister also reminded them.

Then she headed for the sky.

She then also disappeared into the horizon.

Jiang Lan didn’t want to go too far.

However, it did not seem like a good idea to stay here.

Besides, there was nothing here.

It was obviously not suitable to stay.

As for which direction, it was naturally the direction with fewer people.

Heading to the sky would make him too obvious, and being at the front was just too risky.

Doing anything else would make him seem ordinary, which was what he wanted.

“I feel that those who have ideas will head towards the sky or the front. Those who are just here to gain experience will choose the left or right direction.”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Jiang Lan agreed. This person was right.

So he was thinking about whether to go left or right.

There were still many people around, so he wasn’t in a hurry.

“Senior Brother, are you going to the front or toward the sky?”

“I think Senior Brother Ji Jiang of the First Summit is rather ordinary. He will definitely head towards the left or right direction.”

“I don’t think so. This Junior Brother is very peculiar and has his own ideas. When I cut him just now, I clearly didn’t hit him, but he cut himself and then laid on the ground, pretending to be dead.”

“Senior Brother is mighty.”

“Senior Brother is a genius.”

“When Senior Brother gets ruthless, he even cuts himself.”

“So Senior Brother intends to head towards the sky?”

Jiang Lan turned around and saw a young man.

He was dressed in the sect’s uniform. There were traces of blood on his clothes and he looked like a ruffian.

Perfected Void Refinement Realm.

He was very close to immortality.

“Heh, you people are too short-sighted.” Ji Jiang looked at everyone and spoke with disdain.

“I will neither head towards the sky nor press forward. I will not follow the flow either. Naturally, I will not stay here too.”

Most people looked at Ji Jiang to see what he would say next.

“I…” Ji Jiang smiled and turned around to look behind him.

“I’ll go towards the back.”

As he spoke, he took a step forward and disappeared into the blue sky behind him.

Finally, he disappeared into the sky.

Everyone was stunned.

Jiang Lan was also surprised.

“Indeed, a talent.”

He had never considered heading backward.

He had subconsciously thought that since he had entered from the back, there should be no path there.

It seemed that many people were limited by their preconceived notions.

Although it was unexpected, Jiang Lan did not plan to head backward. He still wanted to go either left or right.

At this moment, everyone woke up from their shock.

“That was really an unusual choice. I really didn’t expect it.”

“I don’t care anymore. I will head here too.”

“Me too.”

Jiang Lan retreated to the side so that these people could head backward.

He looked around and found the least people on his left.

Then he stepped to the left.

As long as he found something, he would not continue forward and would choose to wait for this trip to end.


Should he sign in here or find a place elsewhere to sign in?

After a moment of hesitation, he decided to sign in here first. After all, the main square was more or less close to the core.

It was hard to say whether he could find a more suitable place.

As long as he signed in at a place where there was a path of the Great Dao, the result would definitely not be bad.

But it was impossible to predict what he would receive.

It shouldn’t be the same as before.

He had only gotten the Creation Pill twice because of his master’s thousand years’ worth of providence.

Then he stopped thinking or talking.

“System, sign in here.”

He did not stop walking and continued walking in the direction he had planned.

Soon, the system sounded.


[Signed in successfully. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the gift of the Great Dao. You have obtained Creation of Heaven and Earth, Mountain Sea Mirror.]

[Mountain Sea Mirror: Creation of Heaven and Earth. It can illuminate mountains, rivers, and earth. One can see through any living things and places. It can determine the location of one across the four seas and eight wastelands.]

Jiang Lan walked in the main hall, approaching the sky on the left.

Although he appeared calm, there was a ripple in his heart.

Signing in somewhere with the path of the great Dao would definitely give him something extraordinary.

He had received the Daoist Scripture and the Goddess Diagram from before.

This time, it was the Mountain Sea Mirror.

Looking at the introduction, it should be something like a Dharma treasure.

It was similar to the Goddess Painting Book.

He could use the Goddess Painting Book to cultivate, but not the Mountain Sea Mirror.

If he couldn’t use it to cultivate, the effects would be somewhat weaker.

He had to take a look at the details, but he couldn’t stop now. He had to find a place first.

Soon after, he walked out of the great hall, entering the skies.

He rode his sword outside.

He did not enter the strange space. Instead, he felt as though when he was riding a sword high in the sky, he could still see the people in the hall.

What a strange place.

He would keep moving forward to see what he would encounter.

He would let nature take its course.

But he still had to be on his guard.

There were so many people here, so there were bound to be many who obtained opportunities here. It was also possible for something dangerous to be drawn out.

Of course, he did not dare to relax because the Imperial Lord had asked him to come.

Soon, he saw a small platform with a stone tablet on it.

There was a person on the stone tablet.

It was Jing Ting.

Jiang Lan was naturally caught by surprise.

“Junior brother, you’re going this way too?” Jing Ting asked Jiang Lan.

“En.” Jiang Lan nodded. He looked at the stone tablet and said.

“Has Senior Brother discovered something?”

Jing Ting gave up some space and explained.

“This is the original version of the Kunlun Heart Sutra, but I don’t really understand it.”

Jiang Lan came before the Kunlun Heart Sutra. He was different from the others.

He had always been cultivating the true Kunlun Heart Sutra and it could automatically conceal everything.

Just like this stone.

Except for a name carved into the stone.

Nothing else appeared.

No one in Kunlun could comprehend this stone tablet.

For a moment, Jiang Lan was curious about the Kunlun Ancestor’s cultivation.

As for whether he was still alive, that was another matter altogether.

No matter how high his cultivation was, he might not be able to survive after experiencing the great calamity of the world.

“Junior Brother wants to stay here?” Jing Ting asked curiously.

Jiang Lan nodded.

“I want to try.”

“Then I wish you good luck, Junior Brother. I don’t cultivate the Kunlun Heart Sutra, so I won’t waste any more time here.” Jing Ting had a smile on his face and his voice was rather cheerful.

“I wish Senior Brother good luck,” Jiang Lan gave him his blessings.

Jing Ting didn’t stay any longer and headed in another direction.

Jiang Lan found a place to sit down and pretended to comprehend the Kunlun Heart Sutra.

He did not dare to truly comprehend it.

He already knew it, so it was definitely possible for him to directly comprehend it.

Perhaps there would even be a phenomenon appearing.

At that time, many people would remember him.

The more people thought positively of him, it would make him more popular.

He should still be in the limelight of being unworthy of the Goddess.

Many people would look down on him.

No one would think of him for all the strange things.

Once he comprehended the Kunlun Heart Sutra openly, his future would be even more dangerous.

People might put him on their list as to-kill even if it was just some minor positive news.

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