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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 258 - Arrival free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 258 - Arrival

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Chapter 258: Arrival

It wasn’t a clear voice, but Jiang Lan understood the meaning.

“This thing can be used like this?”

He was a little surprised as he looked at the Four Seas Conch.

It seemed like someone had taken the initiative to request to be helped.

Did the other party know that he was nearby, or did the other party know his identity?

After thinking for a while, he felt that there was some connection between the two.

That was why the other party had sought help from him.

Without any hesitation, he brought the Four Seas Conch close to the Mountain Sea Mirror. This way, he should be able to find out the situation.

Sure enough, a clear scene appeared in the Mountain Sea Mirror.

It was the heavily injured Ao Man carrying the dying Ao Ye on his back. There were at least three True Immortals chasing after him.

From the looks of it, the situation was somewhat dangerous.

One was a mid-stage True Immortal, while the other two were late-stage True Immortals.

He did not see anyone stronger.

“Ao Man has been missing for decades. They have been chasing him for decades. I don’t think he’s in good shape. ”

Putting away the Four Seas Conch, Jiang Lan turned his palm and the Mountain Sea Mirror disappeared from his hand.

Then, he got up and walked outside.

He had been handling a lot of things recently.

In less than 310 years, more people were getting involved in his life.

There was also Xiao Yu.

Jiang Lan left the Netherworld Cave and went down the Ninth Summit, disappearing outside the Kunlun Gate.

Outside Kunlun, in front of a mountain.

Hu ~

Hu ~

Ao Man looked at the mountain and felt a little tired.

After crossing this mountain, they would be even closer to Kunlun. The other party might not dare to continue chasing them.


It was a little difficult.

It was difficult for him to fly now.

Furthermore, flying was too obvious and he could be easily discovered.

His concealment spell technique was also about to run out of effect.

Whether they could climb over this mountain depended on luck.

The people behind him were almost exhausted. They might succeed.

However, they were not injured.

But after chasing him for so many years, they were definitely in no better shape than them.

Ao Man charged into the forest.

Very quickly, three forces chased after them.

Here it came.

Ao Man gritted his teeth and tried to activate his secret technique. He just had to hold on a little longer.

At this moment, Ao Ye had already fainted and was severely injured. Even a dragon at the Heaven Immortal level could not heal itself.

Ao Man, who had just advanced a few years ago, was already exhausted.

He looked at the top of the mountain and gritted his teeth as he rushed over.

Lightning flickered on his body and blood began to spill from his eyes.

He used all his strength.

He had to get past this mountain.

The mountain was getting closer and closer, as if it was going to be right in front of them.



Lightning flashed.

Ao Man carried Ao Ye on his back as he charged over the mountain and approached Kunlun.

There was a possibility of Kunlun experts descending here.

They were mostly safe now.

But the danger was still there. He needed to get out of here faster.


When he rushed over the hill, he stopped in his tracks.

He looked ahead in despair.

“How could—”

At that moment, Ao Man saw many figures standing in front of him. Perfected Human Immortals, late-stage Human Immortals, mid-stage Human Immortals.

The weakest was also at the perfected Void Refinement Realm.

There were humans, demons, and other races.

They were all hitmen.

There were at least twenty of them.

How could he, who was already at the end of his rope, kill his way out of these people?

“Are you surprised?”

A sudden voice sounded behind Ao Man.

They were the demons chasing after him.

Ao Man put away all his unnecessary emotions and looked at the demons behind him.

“I’m curious. I merely just heard a name. Why are you chasing us?”

At this point, he needed to rest for a while before attempting to break out.

“Being the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race and an innate immortal, you are an extraordinary existence in the Dragon Race. Do you merely want to know this before you die? “A young man standing not far from Ao Man asked.

However, before Ao Man could continue speaking.

The cold voice belonging to a young man could be heard.

“Do it. Don’t waste any more time.”


Powerful attacks converged toward Ao Man.


The energy fluctuation was like a tidal wave, creating a huge depression in the forest.

However, no one stopped because they could sense that the person inside was still alive.


Ao Man rushed out of the center of the force with injuries. The scales on his body fell off bit by bit.

At this moment, Ao Ye’s condition was worse.

Without turning back, he kept charging forward.

However, when he moved forward, a mid-stage Human Immortal appeared in front of him.

The other party wanted to kill him head-on.

If he was not severely injured, a Human Immortal was nothing to him.

But there were no ifs.

He bit his lips and blood flowed out.

Dragon blood essence.


Ao Man’s voice sounded. At this moment, his blood essence transformed into a beam of light that broke through the other party’s attack.

He then attacked the Human Immortal.


The collision of power sent that Human Immortal flying, his fate unknown.

Taking this opportunity, Ao Man wanted to leave.

However, even though that person was sent flying, there was still a Human Immortal behind him.

Their figures were the same, without any aura or energy fluctuations. It was basically impossible for one to notice.

At this time, this late-stage Human Immortal went straight for Ao Man.

There was no time to dodge or attack.


It was a little too late, but he could still struggle if he paid a price.


The Human Immortal sneered.

“No matter who comes now, you can’t retreat.”

His power spread out and was about to meet the Eighth Prince.

Ao Man felt bitter.

He was already prepared to be severely injured. If there was still a chance, he would not give up.

A cruel smile appeared on the late-stage Human Immortal’s face. He felt proud that he was going to kill an innate immortal.

However, just as he was about to touch the Eighth Prince, he suddenly felt something flying in the sky.


He did not see what it was, but for some reason, this late-stage Human Immortal’s vision suddenly drifted.

He could only see half of the item.

When he turned around, he realized that half of his body was beside him.


Lightning flashed.

The late-stage Human Immortal was instantly crushed by the lightning.

However, he lost consciousness in an instant. Perhaps he didn’t even know that he had been split into two by the halberd that flew from the sky.


The power of thunder spread in all directions.

Ao Man’s eyes were filled with excitement as he looked at the halberd that was nailed to the ground.

It was him.

The powerful human who had shattered the red dragon with one punch.

The sudden turn of events stunned everyone.

“Who is it?”

A late-stage True Immortal looked around and asked.

Just as he was about to announce the name of the Demon Race, a hand suddenly patted his shoulder.

At this moment, he felt as if a calamity was descending upon him.


Blood mist diffused into the air.

The Power Of Nine Tribulations sent this True Immortal on his way.

“Stop him.”

There was still a late-stage True Immortal who sensed the oncoming danger and immediately ordered everyone to go.

He would then take advantage of this opening to kill the Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race.

He charged toward Ao Man and unleashed a full-powered attack.

He could definitely kill the other party.

However, just as he was about to approach Ao Man and kill him, he suddenly stopped.

It wasn’t because the sound behind him affected him, but because someone patted his shoulder.

Someone appeared behind him.

It prevented him from advancing.

He turned his head and tried to push the other party back.

“Will you stop—”

However, when he turned around, he was stunned.

A look of horror took over his face.

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