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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 259 - Dragon With A Brother-In-Law free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 259 - Dragon With A Brother-In-Law

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Chapter 259: Dragon With A Brother-In-Law

Bloody mist filled the air as a few broken bodies fell from the sky.

No one survived.

The corpses filled the ground.

This was what the True Immortal that had his shoulder patted saw.

Everyone but him…

They were completely wiped out.

He looked at the person who patted his shoulder and moved his mouth, but he couldn’t say a word. It was as if a great calamity was about to arrive, and he couldn’t speak.


“I understand.”

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.


Blood mist drifted.

He did not bring any pain to this True Immortal.

Perhaps in the end, this True Immortal didn’t even know what Jiang Lan understood.

A gentle breeze blew past. Jiang Lan walked up to Ao Man and grabbed the halberd.


Thunder surged.

The earth shook.



In an instant, endless lightning flashed, covering all the corpses that had fallen or fallen.

After a loud bang, everything was turned into ashes.

Jiang Lan held the halberd and looked at the terrified Ao Man.


Ao Man knelt down and said.

“Senior, my brother-in-law and sister dote on me the most.”

Jiang Lan was silent.

He turned to look at Ao Ye behind the Eighth Prince.

He was seriously injured and on the verge of death.

“Last time when we were drinking, Uncle Ao Ye said that Brother-in-law is his life-saving brother.” Ao Man immediately said.

Jiang Lan: “…”

He did not stay any longer and took a step back.

In the end, he disappeared into the darkness.

This was enough.

Everything else was redundant. As for what would happen in the end, that would depend on luck.

However, Ao Man had a fortuitous opportunity similar to his.

It was only slightly weaker.

If his fortuitous opportunity was considered a thin line, then Ao Man was just a wisp of smoke.

They were fundamentally different.

Jiang Lan left. Ao Man knelt on the ground and kowtowed heavily. Then, he got up and ran towards Kunlun with Ao Ye on his back.

This time, he was going to find and kowtow to his Goddess Sister.

The luckiest thing in his life was probably having a sister who was a Goddess in Kunlun.

Which innate immortal had a Goddess sister like him?

What should he do to maintain a good relationship with his brother-in-law?

When Jiang Lan returned to the Ninth Summit, he held a bottle of good wine in his hand.

He planned to meet his master.

For now, his condition was stable.

He needed to check the information regarding the Ancient Imperial Palace, but it was not suitable for him to do so now.

The influence of Emperor Xi He was still there. He would wait a little longer and find a suitable opportunity to go to the Kunlun Library.

He had been flipping through books on the Ninth Summit recently.

Perhaps there were records of the Ancient Imperial Palace.

As long as he knew about the Ancient Imperial Palace, he would be able to roughly understand what he was seeing.

However, there was also the scene of corpses strewn all over the place. It was just that it had not appeared recently.

Further, there were still the ravings that kept appearing.

It felt like someone was talking.

Perhaps the ravings were the most dangerous.

However, it had nothing to do with him physically and the level of danger wasn’t high. He just couldn’t underestimate it.

It was just like how he had just killed a late-stage True Immortal. Even if his opponent was exhausted, he could not take him lightly as his opponent could still counterattack easily.

He would use his strongest killing move to finish his enemies off.

The more time they had, the more dangerous it would be for him.

Only by taking them by surprise could they end the battle quickly.

He had a rough idea about the illusion, and he had also understood the use of the Mountain Sea Mirror.

Therefore, he could resume his normal cultivation.

His aim was to just cultivate and wait for Xiao Yu to come out of seclusion.

It should be soon.

As for the reason why Ao Man was being hunted down, Jiang Lan wasn’t interested in it at all.

However, his sliver of fortuitous opportunity piqued his interest.

Maybe it had something to do with that thing.

He would wait a few more days.

Jiang Lan slowly walked towards the peak of the Ninth Summit and calmed his heart.

After a while.

“Master.” Jiang Lan looked at his master’s back.

Then he handed over the good wine and peanuts.

He had just gone out, so he bought some.

“What did you learn?” Mo Zhengdong turned around and looked at Jiang Lan.

He also took the wine and peanuts.

This was all his disciple would give.

“I’ve comprehended a higher level of array formations,” Jiang Lan answered truthfully.

“You saw the Square Sky Array Formation?” Mo Zhengdong asked curiously.

It was not easy to encounter such a thing, and it was even harder to comprehend it.

There were many dangers.

“I met the stone tablet of the Kunlun Heart Sutra,” Jiang Lan answered softly.

Mo Zhengdong: “???”

Were the two related?

“Disciple meditated under the stone tablet for three years and comprehended a variety of array formations,” Jiang Lan said calmly.

Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan for a long time before finally saying,

“You’ve worked hard.”

He felt that the next time he had the chance, he would ask Jiang Lan to look for the Square Sky Array Formation. Perhaps he could comprehend the Kunlun Heart Sutra.

“The road to becoming an immortal might be a bit difficult. Do not be impatient and maintain a calm state of mind. Go out more often when you have time.

Only by seeing more and comparing more can you understand your own shortcomings. The path is beneath your own feet, and it’s up to you to see how far you can walk. But the surrounding landscape needs outside embellishment. That’s how you know whether your path is wider or narrower,” said Mo Zhengdong.

He wasn’t worried about how far Jiang Lan could go. What he cared about was how much Jiang Lan knew about his own path.

“Yes, Master.” Jiang Lan lowered his head.

His master was right. Therefore, whenever he was free, he would go out to listen to what others said.

He would also gauge their mental state.

The disciples of Kunlun were full of emotions.

It was very helpful to him.

It helped him to calm his mind.

After leaving the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan went to the courtyard and tried to observe himself.

He wanted to see if this opportunity would bring about any other changes.

In the courtyard, he looked at the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower.

They were all a little weak.

Over the years, they had become weaker, and their days had begun to turn bitter.

After pouring spirit liquid over them, Jiang Lan started to take care of the Ninth Summit.

Three days later.

Jiang Lan had finished handling most of the matters.

On this day, he received a piece of news.

The Eighth Prince of the Dragon Race was staying in the old wine tavern with serious injuries.

Xiao Yu was in seclusion, so he wanted to take a look.

“It’s just nice.”

He wanted to look for them, but he didn’t expect someone to ask him to go directly.

However, Xiao Yu had been in seclusion for a few years and had yet to advance.

He took a glance at the Goddess Diagram and saw Xiao Yu circling the Jade Pool.

She seemed to have fallen asleep.

Compared to before, she had grown a little and was close to becoming an adult dragon.

But she still felt like a small dragon.

Judging from the current situation, there was no problem.

After that, Jiang Lan left Kunlun and went to the old wine inn.

Without a doubt, the road outside had changed again.

After a while.

At the old wine inn.

Under the guidance of the inn youth, Jiang Lan arrived at the Eighth Prince’s guest room.

“That dragon is here. A dragon in the next room is about to die. I wanted to buy it for the Pixiu to eat. However, the dragon disagreed.”

Jiang Lan nodded slightly. He didn’t say anything but knocked on the door.

Dong dong!


The door opened. It was the tired Eighth Prince.

The moment he saw Jiang Lan, the Eighth Prince was touched.

“Brother-in-law, I feel relieved to see you.”

“I was the one who saved all of you on the roads,” the youth said.

“I have already taught you how to chase after the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race,” Ao Man immediately said.

“But Hong Ya still ignores me.” The youth was somewhat disappointed.

Ao Man said with a look of disdain.

“Knock her out tonight and drag her out into the wilderness. After that, bury her. After a few times, she wouldn’t dare to ignore you. Do you think that everyone is as educated and sensible as my sister?

Only my sister and my brother-in-law are a match made in heaven. You have to fight for your love yourself. Right, brother-in-law?”

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