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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 263 - The Ravings free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 263 - The Ravings

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Chapter 263: The Ravings

“Can you drink with such heavy injuries?” Jiang Lan changed the topic.

He did not intend to explain but Xiao Yu stared at him intently.

“Oh, the youth at the inn feels that if Uncle Ao Ye thinks he can’t take it anymore, I should let him drink a mouthful. This way, even if he dies, he won’t regret it. I think what he said makes sense.” Ao Man explained.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything. The Eighth Prince was pretty peculiar.

Ao Longyu also felt that this wasn’t a good idea.

However, it didn’t seem that dangerous, so she wasn’t worried.

After that, Jiang Lan sat with Ao Longyu and listened to the Eighth Prince’s escape story.

It was pretty exciting.

He had briefly mentioned it the last time.

This time, the details were complemented very well. It was full of twists and turns and made one’s heart boil.

It felt like it was made up.

But it was similar to what he heard yesterday.

He looked at Ao Longyu and listened attentively.

He had a feeling his Senior Sister was trying to make more faces, but…

She looked like she couldn’t do it. This was the normal her. She was used to being indifferent.

If it was Xiao Yu, she would probably have jumped up in shock.

Xiao Yu also turned to look at Jiang Lan, as if sensing his gaze.

Then, she moved her chair and silently approached Jiang Lan.

In the evening.

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu bade farewell to the Eighth Prince.

The Eighth Prince was very excited as he spoke.

After returning to Kunlun, Ao Longyu turned to Jiang Lan and said.

“Junior Brother drank with Uncle Ao Ye?”

It’s horse urine and eaten dog shit. Jiang Lan reminded himself in his heart. Then, he said.

“He’s drunk.”

Ao Longyu didn’t seem to mind. She simply stared at Jiang Lan with wide eyes.

“Junior Brother seems to have a good relationship with Ao Man. He kept asking me about you the last time.”

“What about Senior Sister?” Jiang Lan asked Ao Longyu.

“Is Senior Sister on good terms with the Eighth Prince?”

“It feels different from what I imagined.” Ao Longyu’s voice was relatively calm.

“He doesn’t have the arrogance of an innate immortal. I thought that most dragons were arrogant but Ao Man does not have such arrogance towards me.”

This meant that the other dragons were arrogant towards Xiao Yu.

Jiang Lan immediately had a guess.

It seemed that Ao Man was indeed Senior Sister’s most beloved younger brother.

After all, others might not recognize their sister.

His Senior Sister’s talent among the Human Race was indeed high, but in the Dragon Race, she was considered ordinary.

Especially in front of an innate immortal.

“However, it’s still comfortable to be by Junior Brother’s side.” Ao Longyu’s voice was slightly shaken.

However, she still looked calm.

It was just that her voice was no longer that calm anymore.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything as he looked at his Senior Sister. They simply walked forward side by side.

When they reached the Ninth Summit, Ao Longyu planned to leave on her sword.

She held the wooden sword and said to Jiang Lan.

“When the Dragon Slaying Sword’s Sword Intent disappears, I’ll come and find Junior Brother.”

“Alright.” Jiang Lan nodded.

He had yet to complete the embedment of the sword intent, so it could at most last for six months.

He watched as Ao Longyu left.

For some reason, he felt that his Senior Sister had become prettier.

In the past, when he saw her, he only felt that she was stunning. He did not feel anything else.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it.

It was better to cultivate as soon as possible.

His cultivation speed would be much faster now that he had reached the threshold of the great Dao. He even had another fortuitous opportunity now.

Perhaps before Xiao Yu became an immortal, he would have already become a Heaven Immortal.

After returning to the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan brought the vegetative egg and the Udumbara Flower to the Netherworld Cave.

The appearance of the ravings gave him a sense of danger.

The origin of the fortuitous opportunity was unknown, and it also made him feel dangerous.

It would be much safer in the Ninth Summit. After all, he had his master and Imperial Lord Xi He’s protection.

In theory, there was no external force that could hurt him here.

Unless it was Imperial Lord Xi He who wanted to attack him.

He decided to forget about going out to train.

He had thought that after becoming an immortal, he would be able to experience the Witchcloud Gathering.

So that his master could be happy.


He did not dare to go out.

It was fine if the fortuitous opportunity wasn’t discovered, but if it was, then not only would he have to be on guard against the Heavenly Human Race and the Demon Race, he would have to be vigilant against almost all great powers.

The Eighth Crown Prince was an innate immortal, possessing a strand of the fortuitous opportunity, yet he was still chased down.

He, an ordinary disciple, had a complete fortuitous opportunity. Then…

He didn’t dare to think on.

When he returned to the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan placed the vegetative egg and Udumbara Flower properly and watered them with spirit liquid.

One showed no signs of breaking out of the shell, and the other showed no signs of revitalizing.

He didn’t know how long he could keep them.

They were known for their long lives among plants.

It had been more than two hundred years, but the vegetative egg was still as calm as ever.

Subsequently, Jiang Lan sat cross-legged on the ground and began to cultivate with the help of whatever he had.

It might not take him too long to reach the late-stage True Immortal Realm.

He closed his eyes and started cultivating.

At this moment, a tremendous amount of energy was being absorbed by Jiang Lan, as if it was filling up the endless mountains and seas.

His cultivation was increasing at a visible rate.

This was the result of that fortuitous encounter.

However, it was a little unbearable.

Jiang Lan frowned, feeling that his body might not be able to withstand it.

Just as Jiang Lan was trying to slow down, his Spiritual Suppression Force suddenly surged and began to suppress the violent power.

In just a moment, Jiang Lan was able to endure it.

However, he couldn’t afford to be distracted at this moment. He had to focus his attention on suppressing and circulating his power.

The slightest fluctuation in one’s state of mind could easily cause problems.

Fortunately, Jiang Lan maintained a calm heart.

Just like that, he cultivated for almost two years in this state.

Although he was still far from the late-stage True Immortal Realm, he was closer now.

Within a hundred years, he would definitely be able to ascend to become a Heaven Immortal.

Xiao Yu came a few times in the past two years as she now came once every half a year.

A year ago, the Eighth Prince moved to First Summit.

Jiang Lan actually felt that it was a bit dangerous.

Imperial Monarch Xi He would definitely be able to see that wisp of fortune.


If Emperor Xi He wanted to make a move, the Eighth Prince would have been long gone.

He wouldn’t have waited until now.

Besides, there was no escape.

The dragons did not come to pick him up immediately, as if Kunlun wanted to keep the Eighth Prince.


In the past few days that he had been living on the First Summit, the Eighth Prince had been alive and kicking without any problems.

His freedom had not been restricted.

Jiang Lan stopped speculating.

Imperial Lord Xi He was on a different level from him.

In these past two years, his cultivation advanced quickly, but the ravings and hallucinations appeared several times.

It seemed more obvious each time.

The ravings became clearer.

However, he still couldn’t hear any clear words.

Today, he opened his eyes. He had originally planned to go out and look up some information to see the situation.

Just as he stood up, ravings began to appear around him. Following that, a thin virtual line seemed to appear on that wisp of opportunity.

The ravings became clearer.

Jiang Lan had a clear feeling that as long as he touched this virtual line that suddenly appeared, he could hear the ravings clearly.


He hesitated.

Because he did not know what would happen.

If a phenomenon appeared…

He didn’t dare to be sure, because this fortuitous opportunity was something completely foreign to him.

It was considered dangerous.

However, he still needed to know what it was.

A moment later, he made a decision.

He went out of Kunlun to check.

He would go closer but he would make sure to control his distance from it.

If he was too close, he would be easily discovered. If he was too far, his master might not be able to save him in time.

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