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Chapter 267 - Dirty Humans

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Chapter 267: Dirty Humans

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Jiang Lan arrived at the Ice Cicada Forest. He remembered that there were some array formations and flowers that needed ice.

He decided to catch a few ice cicadas and bring them back. It might be useful in the future.

Moreover, he had comprehended a lot of things about the spiritual courtyard. He just did not know what to replace the cups in the spiritual inn.

Ice cicadas could become a choice.

Not long after entering the Ice Cicada Forest, Jiang Lan walked out.

He brought out a dozen ice cicadas.

The first time he came here, he was only at the Essence Soul Realm. This time, he was already at the mid-stage True Immortal Realm.

Unfortunately, it felt more dangerous than ever.

However, the danger level was different.

He was not at a high enough level to understand the details of the Deity Position.

At the moment, he did not intend to do anything else.

It was good to absorb the influence of the Deity Position first.

The investigation was not urgent and he could be easily noticed.

It was better to continue guarding against the Heavenly Human Race and the Demon Race.

He also needed to take precautions against Ba Country as well.

It was best to continue maintaining his current reputation of being useless in Kunlun so that he would not be on anyone’s to-kill list.

The only thing he could do was hide in the Ninth Summit and enter closed-door cultivation.

The next time someone paid attention to him would be the wedding in three hundred years.

Xiao Yu becoming an immortal would also attract attention.

Perhaps they cared more about him becoming an immortal compared to Xiao Yu.

Jiang Lan flew on his sword, maintaining the normal speed of a perfected Essence Soul cultivator.

The distance was quite far, and it would take a lot of time to travel.

Halfway through, Jiang Lan suddenly saw a flash of lightning.

It looked familiar.

It was from the Eighth Prince.

Where was he going?

Jiang Lan watched as the lightning fled into the distance, not saying a word.

Then, he returned to Kunlun on his sword.

It was just that not long after, the lightning radiance arrived at his side. Ao Man’s figure appeared, standing at his level.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince’s face was covered in cold sweat as if he was frightened.

However, he still smiled and said,

“Brother-in-law, are you alone?”

“Is the Eighth Prince in a hurry?” Jiang Lan stopped and asked Ao Man.

No matter how one looked at it, something must have happened.

Ao Man looked around and whispered,

“Brother-in-law, I heard something similar to a demon’s voice again.”

“So you’re worried that Kunlun will hunt you down?” Jiang Lan asked.

In the Demon Race, Ao Man heard the name of Imperial Lord Qiong Gou and was chased for decades.

When he heard his name this time, the first thing he thought of was that he was being chased again. It was very normal.


Ao Man originally only had one wisp of green smoke on him, but now he had an additional wisp.

That was indeed the case.

Ao Man, who was an innate immortal, was indeed different from ordinary people. He was basically stealing food from the tiger’s mouth.

No wonder he was being pursued.


Imperial Lord Xi He should already know of this. If he really wanted to kill Ao Man, he wouldn’t even have the chance to escape.

Even the Heaven Immortals who chased after Ao Man all gave up in the end. It was definitely related to Imperial Lord Xi He.

As for the truth.

There was no way to know.

“Brother-in-law, do you think I should hide for two days?” Ao Man asked.

Jiang Lan looked around before pointing to a rather short mountain peak.

“I heard that there are more wild animals there.”

“Wild animals?” The Eighth Prince was stunned for a moment, but he quickly smiled and said.

“Then I’ll go and eat some wild animals for two days.”

Ao Man turned to leave.

“When I come back, I’ll bring two wild animals for brother-in-law.”

After nodding in response, Jiang Lan flew towards Kunlun on his sword.

The Eighth Prince naturally flew in the direction he pointed.

According to his speculation, Kunlun wouldn’t kill the Eighth Prince.

But they would not let the other party leave Kunlun.

One could tell from the fact that the Eighth Prince was valuable to Kunlun from the fact that the Dragon Race did not come to pick him up.

Furthermore, Kunlun would be able to obtain these two opportunities easily.

How could Kunlun let Ao Man back so easily?

Kunlun was not a charity residence.

Jiang Lan could sense that the summit leaders were all extremely dangerous.

Being able to acknowledge a summit leader as his teacher was indeed much safer.

This was also an opportunity.

Therefore, he had never thought of disappointing his master. It was just that he often gave his master a headache.

He refused to go out and train.

Ao Man headed toward the mountain peak.

If his brother-in-law told him to go there, he would naturally go there. According to his understanding, if Kunlun wanted to kill him, he would not be able to escape.

He would know the answer in two days.

This was one of the reasons.

Secondly, that place might be related to that expert and he might be taken care of there.

No matter which one it was, he would listen to his brother-in-law.

He realized that being a dragon was really pitiful. He was an innate immortal, yet he was constantly running for his life.

However, after he got closer to his brother-in-law, he felt that he wasn’t that fearful anymore.

His sister was not that cold to him.

The superiority of being a dragon returned.

However, he understood one thing.

He could not afford to offend the people in the inn.

Kunlun was indeed powerful. It was no wonder that when Kunlun insisted on his sister to be married into Kunlun, no one in the race could refute them.

He stopped thinking about it and went to the mountain peak to find a place to rest before looking for wild animals.

After a while.

He realized that there were indeed many wild animals on the shorter mountain peaks.

There were also Kunlun disciples capturing and barbecuing them.

Ao Man: “…”

“Brother-in-law really wants me to come and eat some barbecued meat?”

Several days later.

Dark clouds appeared above Kunlun.

It covered the sky.

Black clouds covered the city.

It was like a rainstorm.

And in the sky where no one could see, there was black mist surging over.

Like a surging river, it surged towards Kunlun with irresistible force.

At this moment, a furious human face appeared in front of the black mist.

Ba Country’s Ghost Qi.

“Dirty humans. You guys eat people without spitting out their bones. Our Ba Country can afford to play and we can afford to lose. We left so much of our Ba Country’s Ghost Qi as your spoils of war.

What about you all? You people showcased the shamelessness of humans to the fullest. Other people eat meat and spit out bones, but not only did you not vomit, you even raided our house.

Our Ba Country is not smart. We finally understood where the opportunity lied after so long. Yet, your Kunlun snatched my opportunity and cut off my country’s luck. Today, Ba Country and Kunlun will fight to death.

No matter what you say, the Ba Country will not let this matter rest. I will make Kunlun pay the price. The price shall be death.”

The Ba Country’s Ghost Qi came with unstoppable momentum and fury.

Just as the Ghost Qi of Ba Country was about to reach Kunlun.

Suddenly, a sentence came from Kunlun. It was loud, but only the Ghost Qi of the Ba Country could hear it.

“There’s another Deity Position available in the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.”

Hearing this, the Ghost Qi suddenly stopped rolling.

He seemed to be considering whether it was real or fake.

“I know you’re brainless. Let me remind you that there’s still an opportunity. You can try to communicate with the Deity Position.”

Ba Country’s Ghost Qi carefully sensed it and found that it was indeed there.

“You seem to be right, but it’s also true that Kunlun stole my opportunity. You must give me an explanation today, or don’t expect me to return. ”

Ba Country’s fate was filled with ghostly Qi and it had no intention of backing down.

“If you’re late, the opportunity will fall into the hands of the demons,” the voice from Kunlun said calmly.

He did not seem to care about Ba Country’s Ghostly Qi.

“… Filthy human. Just three sentences from you made me change my mind. You are indeed bullying my Ba Country for being brainless. After I settle the Demon Race, I will definitely come to you for an explanation. You treacherous, cunning bandits, I will come again.”

With that said, Ba Country’s Ghost Qi surged once again and started to rush back.


“Tsk tsk, greedy humans, you still want the spoils of war?” Ba Country’s Ghost Qi turned to look at Kunlun.

“Not to that extent. I just wanted to give you a nice name since you guys are uneducated.. You people can use it so as to not weaken the dignity of the Deity Position.”

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