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Chapter 268 - Selling The Eight Prince

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Chapter 268: Selling The Eight Prince

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“Looks like he left.”

Feng Yixiao looked up into the sky, his calm voice ringing out.

In the Kunlun Main Hall stood some people. They were the summit leaders of the various peaks.

They naturally knew about Ba Country’s Ghost Qi.

“Do you know which three sentences the Kunlun Temple sent out?” Zhu Qing looked at the people beside her and asked.

“There are still opportunities,” Liu Jing said.

“You can sense it by yourself.” Feng Yixiao said softly.

“As for the last sentence.” Miao Yue smiled, saying in a pleasant voice.

“If you don’t return now, the demons will snatch it. He managed to make the enemy retreat with three sentences.”

“That’s about it.” Liu Jing looked at everyone and said.

“We don’t have to worry too much about this matter. Let’s settle the current matter first.”

“About the Dragon Race?” Jiu Zhongtian asked curiously.

“What did they mention again?”

“They want to bring the Goddess back to stay for a few days. She’s about to get married, so she has to go home for a period of time,” Feng Yixiao said.

“They didn’t mention the Eighth Prince?” Zhu Qing asked.

In theory, the Eighth Prince was much more important than Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu was only important to Kunlun.

“It is normal not to mention it.” Miao Yue sat on a high chair and continued.

“Someone from the sect suggested using the flesh and blood of a sect disciple to pave the way for him. You guys rejected the idea.

Then, he suggested that outsiders enter the sect and help him choose the path he needed to pave. You all agreed.”

“So the true goal of the Dragon Race is the Eighth Prince?” Jiu Zhongtian asked.

“The Eighth Prince is very important to the Dragon race. He is also very important to us. The various large factions in the Grand Desolate World also want him.” Feng Yixiao replied.

“But his life is no longer of much value to us,” Liu Jing said.

“The Eighth Prince is Xiao Yu’s brother. They have a good relationship.

Killing him should not be our choice.

We need to take into account Xiao Yu’s emotions.” Zhu Qing said. She was against killing the Eighth Prince.

Even though Xiao Yu was submissive, she cared a lot about what she had set her mind on.

For example, the current Jiang Lan.

She would never agree to another engagement where the groom was changed.

“So…” Miao Yue’s bright eyes narrowed slightly.

“Sell him. Let’s see what price the Dragon Race can offer. As for the Goddess… Let them take it and see if they dare to take it. ”

“In that case, shall we wait for the dragons to send us gifts? No fighting?” asked Jiu Zhongtian.

He had drunk too much last night and felt that the other summit leaders were beating around the bush.

“They will have to give us double the dowry Kunlun gave to marry the Goddess.” Miao Yue smiled.

“That shouldn’t be too difficult. Xiao Yu is already at the late-stage Void Refinement Realm and is very close to becoming an immortal. Should we consider the wedding?” Zhu Qing looked at the group and asked.

“How long is Jiang Lan going to take?” Liu Jing looked at the silent Mo Zhengdong and asked.

“About four hundred years,” Mo Zhengdong replied.

In reality, he felt that three hundred years was enough, but it was too tight.

“Then let’s wait a bit longer. Jiang Lan becoming an immortal is extremely important to us. We shouldn’t put too much pressure on him. One or two hundred years is nothing,” said Liu Jing.

At that time, the Goddess would belong to Kunlun.

After a pause, Liu Jing said.

“As that mysterious person has affected us, we have to release the list ahead of time. It will be sent over to your side in the next few days.”

“That mysterious person will indeed bring a lot of trouble, I wonder if he will be found.” Miao Yue said with a smile.


Jiang Lan sat in the courtyard.

The weather was rather cool and comfortable.

He had been cultivating for the past few days. The Eighth Prince had been here for a day and sent some wild animals.

He even said that they had found a better dish to eat while drinking wine.

As for the pursuit.

He no longer cared.

Kunlun didn’t move, so he was naturally relaxed.

As for escaping Kunlun completely…

He didn’t want to think about it anymore.

It was impossible. If it was possible, he would have left Kunlun with Ao Ye a year ago.

Jiang Lan was not surprised. The Eighth Prince was special.

Kunlun was different from the demons. They didn’t touch the Eighth Prince either because of Xiao Yu or because they didn’t think it was necessary.

On the contrary, the Eighth Prince was very valuable.

Some benefits were inevitable.

Jiang Lan didn’t know the details.

There was no need for him to know. For now, he should focus on cultivating.

The matter of the Deity Position had to be suppressed as soon as possible.

As for being involved in the matter and starting to plunder?

That was too dangerous.

It was not what he should do with his current cultivation level.

The most important thing now was to become stronger. After that, he would completely control the Deity Position and hide it with his One Leaf Shrouding The Sky.


Three hundred years.


He needed to delay his immortal ascension.

Xiao Yu would be worried.

The summit leaders might also be watching him, making things even more difficult.

As for how he obtained the Deity Position, even he himself could not understand.

Logically speaking, the Deity Position should be very difficult to obtain. Yet, he had obtained it inexplicably.

He did not do anything.

If he had to say what he was doing, it would be that he was using the Mountain Sea Mirror to respond to the person who worshipped the Fist God.

But he could obtain the Deity Position just like that?


So it was fine as long as there were some people worshipping him?

It was impossible.

It was highly likely that the major factions of the Grand Desolate World were fighting for the Deity Position.

The demons had fought for more than a hundred years and had only recently acquired it.

If they had gotten their hands on the Deity Position as easily as him, would they need to keep fighting?

The humans were still fighting.

There had to be a reason.

He wanted to ask Imperial Lord Xi He, but it was too dangerous.

Whether or not Imperial Lord Xi He was just waiting for him to grow up before harvesting him was another story.

“If Imperial Lord Xi He is Master…’

Jiang Lan thought for a moment and then…

He felt that it was quite comical.

However, it shouldn’t be Master.

It was most likely the Sect Master.

These few days, he did not have any hallucinations. With the Deity Position in hand, he should not have those hallucinations again.

He had not seen the full scene which had corpses everywhere.

He did not know if it was a scene from Ba Country or if it was related to the Ancient Imperial Palace.

If it was a battlefield in Ba Country, then it meant that if someone spoke the name of the Deity Position, there was a possibility of being watched.


How dangerous.

The hallucinations were gone, but the ravings still seemed to exist.

But it was no longer uncontrollable.

There was basically no need to pay attention to them unless an extremely obvious sound appeared.

“When I have the time, I can look for the Eighth Prince for experiments.”

Jiang Lan thought.

He would make the Eighth Prince read his name and see if he could look at him.

That would be rather interesting.

It was like learning Sword Kinesis Flight. He wanted to fly properly, but he was afraid of being the center of attention, so he gave up.

So was the Deity Position.

He was too weak and did not dare to understand too much.

The slightest carelessness would result in a fatal disaster.

So he had to be careful.

After that, he stopped thinking about it and tried to prepare the spiritual courtyard so that he could play with Xiao Yu in it the next time she came.

A hundred years had passed since Xiao Yu had raised the matter of the spiritual courtyard.

Now, he had completely grasped it.

It was rather unbelievable.

However, it would take some time to finish setting it up. Fortunately, there was still some time before Xiao Yu arrived.

One month later.

In the courtyard, Jiang Lan sighed.

It was done.

“I’m just waiting for Senior Sister to come.”

Jiang Lan suddenly looked outside.

“Someone is breaking into the peach forest?”

Jiang Lan was surprised. Was it his Senior Sister?


Xiao Yu knew how to crack the array formation.

Eighth Prince?

It was also impossible that it was the Eighth Prince as he would call him brother-in-law first.

He stepped out. It had to be someone else.

When he walked out of the peach forest, he saw a Senior Brother he knew.

Second Summit, Ji Qiu.

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