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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 275 - Inviting Imperial Lord Xi He free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 275 - Inviting Imperial Lord Xi He

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Chapter 275: Inviting Imperial Lord Xi He

There was quite a gap between the two.

It was a pity that he obtained the Deity Position by chance. Otherwise, he would definitely be able to name it himself.

Imperial Lord Xi He and Imperial Lord Qiong Gou had likely decided their own titles.

He wondered what title the Ba Country would set for themselves after obtaining a Deity Position.


It shouldn’t be any better than Fist God.

Jiang Lan continued reading.

He naturally did not care about what the demons said, much less go out and take things.

He would be walking right into a trap.

How could the demons be trusted?

As to whether there is danger…

No one knew. Maybe they wanted to use him, or maybe they wanted to do something else.

However, Jiang Lan was not interested. At present, he did not intend to participate in the matters of the Deity Position.

Because he was not strong enough.

If he were to be sucked into it, he would be doomed.

He continued to examine his master’s cultivation insights. They were the things he needed to take note of when advancing to the Heaven Immortal Realm.

One had to enter the threshold of the Great Dao and perfectly control the body of a True Immortal. One had to use one’s peak state to pave the path to the sky.

Standing between heaven and earth and flying through the skies before becoming a Heaven Immortal.

After reading for a long time, he closed the book.

“There is no mention of any phenomenon or any other external manifestation when transcending to become an immortal. It seems that in another twenty to thirty years, I can indeed advance to Heaven Immortal in peace.”

In another thirty years, it would be 395 years since he entered the sect.

Xiao Yu would have been in the sect for about 450 years.

In other words, that was when she would become an immortal.

It was only delayed because she had suppressed it herself.

She was still at the late-stage Void Refinement Realm now.

She probably wouldn’t be able to suppress it for the next few years, so she would undergo tribulation to become an immortal in at most eighty years.

“80 years. I’ve been in the sect for 445 years. My hidden cultivation base should be at the late-stage Void Refinement Realm, and I’m about 150 years away from becoming an immortal.”

150 years was still fine.

He put the book back in its place and walked away.

He returned to cultivate.

He would need some time to familiarize himself with his current level of strength.

After familiarizing himself with his new strength, he should be powerful enough. Otherwise…

It was easy for accidents to happen.

At night.

Jiang Lan, who was originally cultivating, heard the ravings again.

Another person read out his Deity Position title.

Then, there was a conversation.

“The Emperor’s gift contains Kunlun’s secret.”

“It’s information regarding Kunlun’s safety. It can either destroy Kunlun or strengthen it.”

“It’s a gift from the Emperor.”

The voice then disappeared.

Jiang Lan didn’t want to hear it, but he couldn’t control it for now.

Of course, it was impossible to extend it.

He opened his eyes and looked outside.

“This isn’t a solution either. I can’t cultivate normally.”

The demons arrived at Kunlun but did not linger at the base of Kunlun.

Therefore, Kunlun would hardly care about it.

Whether they could find it or not was another matter.

Even if it could be divined, Kunlun wouldn’t go through so much trouble. After all, it wouldn’t harm Kunlun.

“No, it’s harmful.”

That person had mentioned that the information regarding Kunlun’s safety could destroy Kunlun.

Jiang Lan couldn’t care less about such matters, and neither could he.

He did not dare to get involved.

However, if he did not deal with it, it would affect his future cultivation.

“I have to go out.”

Jiang Lan stood up and poured some spirit liquid into the plant egg before walking out of the netherworld cave.

A cool breeze blew and the stars shone brightly.

The sky was still dark.

However, the night was also about to be pushed out onto the stage.

Instead of going to the courtyard, he went straight out of Kunlun.

He was temporarily unable to deal with that Emperor’s matter.

After all, he had no idea what the person’s cultivation was or what his purpose was. It would be extremely dangerous if he were to rashly appear.

Therefore, he had to use an alternative.

The sky began to brighten as Jiang Lan arrived at Qingcheng Town.

To him, this place was only a few days’ journey.

He only needed a few hours to become a Heaven Immortal.

It was a lot of time.

The sky was already bright.

At this moment, he had his One Leaf Vision activated.

Those who passed by him seemed to be able to see him clearly, but they could not recall what they had just seen.

“Boss, I want a pen and paper.”

Jiang Lan stood in front of the stall and spoke softly.

“A total of ten copper coins.”

The scholarly middle-aged man said softly.

Jiang Lan took out ten copper coins and placed them in the boss’ hands. Then, he took the item and left.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from everyone’s sight.

He didn’t go to the East Road Bridge. There must be someone watching over there.

There should be even some who were watching in Qingcheng Town, but because he had activated his One Leaf Vision, it was not easy for the others to discover him.

Let alone find anything.

At this moment, he was sitting by a stone table, planning to write some words.

It was originally prepared for himself, but now it could only be used on others.

Then, he wrote ten words on the paper and heaved a sigh of relief.

He didn’t feel like he was being watched. This was good.

Then, he added some words below.

He wrote three pages in total.

After making his preparations, he left.

Once again, he came to the street. This time, he went into a shop with few customers.

“If I open it at noon and read it once, I’ll get ten copper coins?”

The waiter was surprised.

“En.” Jiang Lan nodded.

He paid ten copper coins first.

Before he left, he left a talisman on the wooden board in front of the shop. The moment it was pasted on the door, the talisman completely disappeared.

It was a Thousand-eyed Rune.

They could act as his eyes, watching the changes that occured here.

After handing out the three pieces of paper, Jiang Lan stuck another Thousand-eyed Rune on a higher spot.

Then, he executed his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel and disappeared.

He no longer needed to act personally for what was about to happen.

At noon.

Kunlun Temple.


There were some surprised voices.

Then, as if someone clicked on something, two voices were heard.

“Imperial Lord Xi He of the Ancient Imperial West Palace. It is said that there is a meeting gift from an Emperor with Kunlun’s secret. It could destroy Kunlun or strengthen it. It’s placed under the East Road Bridge. ”

The two voices were completely different. However, the contents of their messages were identical.


Then, there seemed to be eyes from the temple looking outside.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had already returned to the foot of Kunlun. He was using his Thousand-eyed Runes to look at the people in the shop.

As expected.

One party took money but did not do anything.

Fortunately, there were two more.

As long as it was past noon, the words on the paper would disappear. At the same time, the person reading it would lose his memories.

They would not remember what they had just said.

It was the effect of his One Leaf Vision and another spell technique.

While he was paying attention, a pair of eyes suddenly met his.

It was that same majestic feeling.

It was from Imperial Lord Xi He.

It was through the Thousand-eyed Rune.

In an instant, the rune burned and the image disappeared.

This happened to both of the runes he had placed.

Jiang Lan wiped the cold sweat off his face.

That was close.

However, the method was indeed effective.

The other party was an Emperor, so he naturally didn’t dare to go. Therefore, he wanted to find Imperial Lord Xi He to deal with it. He might be interested in this matter.

But the main point was how to send the news to Imperial Lord Xi He.

He did not dare to say his title out aloud.

In the end, he found a few ordinary people. He wanted them to read his name and see whether it would work.

He didn’t have the time to experiment and had directly used it.

Fortunately, it was effective.

And the most difficult thing was to write Imperial Lord Xi He’s name.

So he changed the word to another word with the same pronunciation…

When he wrote it, he was not discovered. However, when the message was read out loud, the person who said the title was discovered.

As for the Emperor’s greeting gift, Imperial Lord Xi He would probably handle it.

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