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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 278 - Going To The Dragon Race Alone? free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 278 - Going To The Dragon Race Alone?

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Chapter 278: Going To The Dragon Race Alone?

At noon.

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu and felt a little confused.

Xiao Yu’s heart was in a mess.

She could not sit still.

Furthermore, it was time for them to head to the Third Summit.

“Let’s go, Senior Sister.”

Jiang Lan extended his hand and placed it in front of Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu looked at Jiang Lan’s hand in confusion.

“Your hand,” Jiang Lan added.

Hearing Jiang Lan’s words, Xiao Yu extended her hand and placed it on Jiang Lan’s.

The moment Xiao Yu placed her hand on his, Jiang Lan tightened his grip and pulled her up.

After that, they walked out together.

“Senior Sister, do you want to ride on your sword over or walk over?”

Xiao Yu, who was pulled up, was a little surprised. She looked down at her hands, but they were not released by her Junior Brother.

Then, she put on a smile and said.

“I’ll control the sword. Junior Brother flies too slowly.”

As she spoke, she grabbed Jiang Lan’s hand and sped up.

After a while.

They arrived at the foot of the Third Summit

Taking this opportunity where there was no one around, Xiao Yu became her usual self. Right now, her hand was still in Jiang Lan’s.

The two of them did not speak as they walked to the guard post.

They were two Essence Soul Junior Sisters.

And then they walked on…

Ao Longyu looked at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan’s expression was calm, indicating that he had subconsciously used the Loneliness spell technique.

The two of them didn’t pay much attention to it and walked all the way to a rather gorgeous courtyard.

It was the temporary residence of the Dragon Race.

It was arranged by the Third Summit.

Before entering, Jiang Lan took a glance at Xiao Yu. Her expression was calm, and her eyes were cold. Standing there, she felt as if she was a thousand miles away from everyone.

It was as if she was just going for an ordinary meeting.

Nothing could affect her.


Jiang Lan lowered her head to look at her tightly held hands. Xiao Yu was feeling uneasy.

Theoretically, she shouldn’t be so nervous to see her biological mother whom she hadn’t seen for many years.


It could be said that Xiao Yu had been given up. This was a complicated feeling.

“Does Senior Sister want to rest for a while?” Jiang Lan asked.

Ao Longyu shook her head.

“Let’s go in.”

They walked side by side.

There were Dragon Race guards at the entrance. When they saw Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu, they lowered their heads and made way.

They didn’t recognize Jiang Lan, but they recognized Ao Longyu.

Then, they were led to the main hall. There was only a dignified and beautiful woman sitting there.

It was Ran Jing.

“Mother.” Ao Longyu bowed when she saw Ran Jing.

“Greetings, Senior.” Jiang Lan greeted respectfully.

It was impossible to determine her cultivation. She was above the Heaven Immortal Realm.

She was very strong.

“I have not disrupted you two, right?” Ran Jing looked at Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu as she spoke in a soft voice.

There seemed to be a faint smile in her voice.

It was relatively mild.

“No,” Jiang Lan replied.

Ao Longyu stood beside Jiang Lan with her head lowered.

“Have a seat,” said Ran Jing.

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu sat at the side, neither of them speaking.

“Have you two thought of how you two are going to live together after marriage?” Ran Jing looked at the two and asked.

Ao Longyu shook her head and remained silent.

And she really didn’t know how to answer, because after they were married…

She couldn’t think of what life would be like.

In Jiang Lan’s opinion, however, their life after marriage should be about the same as now.

Xiao Yu needed to travel between two places while he needed to continue cultivating.

That was unless Xiao Yu did not have to return to the Jade Pool anymore, the Netherworld Aura in the Ninth Summit would not affect the courtyard.

“Have you thought about staying in the Dragon Palace for a period of time after getting married?” Ran Jing looked at Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu and said in a friendly voice.

“Actually, I’ve been preparing this place for you all the entire time. Unfortunately, your cultivations were too weak and unsuitable.”

“Go to the dragon race?” Jiang Lan became vigilant.

The Dragon Race was different from Kunlun. The Dragon Race even harbored some hostility toward him.

“I must disappoint Senior regarding this matter.” Jiang Lan lowered his head with an apologetic expression, not explaining the exact reason.

Ran Jing did not ask further as she nodded in understanding.

“It’s expected. The Goddess cannot leave the Dragon Race at will.”

Jiang Lan and Ao Longyu merely nodded in agreement without saying anything.

“That’s right.” Ran Jing suddenly thought of something.

“When Longyu was born, she also had an accompanying Dharma treasure. It’s probably time for it to be born. I wanted to ask Longyu to retrieve it herself, but as the Kunlun Goddess, she can’t leave. However, it is suitable for you as the fiance of Longyu to take it. ”

After a pause, Ran Jing looked at Jiang Lan and said softly.

“I heard from Ao Man that you have a good relationship with him. I’ll get him to bring you around the Dragon Palace. It won’t take more than a few days.”

Jiang Lan didn’t speak immediately.

He roughly understood her thoughts. Xiao Yu could not leave with him.

Thus, she wanted to let him go to the Dragon Palace alone.

It was all for the Eighth Prince.

As for the accompanying treasure, it didn’t matter whether they had them or not. They could have them even if they didn’t.

In an instant, he understood what his master had said this morning and what question it was. He could decide on his own and answer it without caring about anything else.

And once he agreed, the other party could directly ask Kunlun to return the Eighth Prince at a low price.

His master’s heart was really magnanimous.

Would the other summit leaders agree?

“The Dragon Race’s Ran Jing wants to see Jiang Lan. She should have a purpose.”

Liu Jing said in the Kunlun Main Hall.

“Definitely, but…” Miao Yue looked at Mo Zhengdong in the corner.

“Senior Brother will most likely let Jiang Lan decide for himself.”

“Is Jiang Lan going to be used?” Jiu Zhongtian asked curiously.

However, no one asked Mo Zhengdong about it.

“There are some things that we cannot refuse once Jiang Lan agrees, but…” Miao Yue’s voice carried a smile.

“He’s smart. Even if he’s not smart, it’s hard for him to fall for it. Given his performance over the years, he would not be willing to leave Kunlun. That way, there won’t be a problem.”

Mo Zhengdong who was in the corner: “…”

“Then let’s talk about something else first.” Liu Jing held a book and said.

“This should be delivered by the demons. The content is both real and fake. Are they trying to win over the mysterious person?”

“It’s enough for them to make the mysterious person suspicious of Kunlun,” Feng Yixiao, who was sitting at the side, said.

The others nodded. It was true.

But the mysterious person’s actions had surprised them.

He actually directly sent the news to Imperial Lord Xi He…

Even Imperial Lord Xi He was rather surprised.

Should they respect that Fist God?

“The Underground Devils have appeared around us, and the forest was dyed red. It should be that mysterious person who had acted.

From the traces and the others who were captured, it was clear that they wanted to stir up conflict between us and the Heavenly Human Race. However, if we dig a bit deeper, they might be invited by the Heavenly Human Race.” Liu Jing said.

“It seems that they are not progressing smoothly in the Central Plains.” Miao Yue said softly.

“They want to drag us into the fight.”

“I’ve already seen it, there are no experts around.” Jiu Zhongtian drank a mouthful of wine, saying.

“It’s been a long time since the disciples of the Eighth Summit used their swords. Let them be the ones to deal with it.”

“Right.” Miao Yue suddenly smiled, saying.

“Those people probably didn’t encounter the mysterious person by accident. They took the initiative to look for him. If the news from the Second Summit is correct, it means one thing. ”

Everyone looked at Fairy Miao Yue, waiting for her to continue.

“That mysterious person is most likely a personal disciple.” Miao Yue said.

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