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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 310 - Killing Everyone free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 310 - Killing Everyone

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Chapter 310: Killing Everyone

The sudden killing of a True Immortal stunned everyone.

But that wasn’t enough to intimidate them.

Being able to kill True Immortals instantly was indeed terrifying among True Immortals.

However, the strongest people present were not just True Immortals.

There were more than twenty Heaven Immortals here who had such strength.

Lu Jian was covered in cold sweat. He could feel it.

This person was much stronger than before, and from the looks of it, he was sure that Bei Fang was right. He was the one who had killed the ghostly cultivators.

“About that. Just now, he had said that everyone is going to die. Are we going to die too?” Ji Jiang suddenly asked.

Everyone looked at Ji Jiang.

“Junior Brother, do you want to give it a try? You’re already severely injured,” Lin An asked with a warm smile.

“I’ll listen to Senior Brothers and Sisters.” Ji Jiang immediately said.

He was the weakest among them.

There was no way he could escape.

He could only listen to his Senior Brothers and Sisters.

Jiang Lan stood in midair. He sensed that after eliminating a perfected True Immortal, the aura he gained was a bit greater than that of a Human Immortal, roughly twenty percent of Xiao Yu’s.

There were many True Immortals here, as well as Heaven Immortals…

He looked around.

Twenty-six of them.

However, it was too obvious here. He couldn’t use his full strength.

It was easy to be targeted.

Besides, he needed to cover up the scene.

“Everyone, this person isn’t simple. His target is all of us. There is no need to worry too much, let’s join hands.” A Heaven Immortal spoke.

He was from the Underground’s Devil Race.

Kunlun’s Leng Wu frowned. This person was indeed very strong.

However, it was worth a fight.

“You guys don’t have to participate. I’m going to compete with them.” Leng Wu said.

“I’m going too. No matter what, I have to experience it once.” Lu Jian held his sword, intending to participate in the confrontation.

This was a rare opportunity.

Not every time, there would be something like the Black Peak Tower backing them up. This was a battle where he could risk his life.

Or rather, it could let him experience the extremes that normal people could not experience.

“Those below the True Immortal Realm, retreat. As for those above the True Immortal Realm, it’s up to you whether you want to participate or not.” Leng Wu’s voice continued.

“According to what you said, the people of Kunlun won’t be attacked unless they participate.”

“But what if we are attacked?” Someone asked curiously.

“Run! Fight back! Do as you please!” Leng Wu continued.

With that, everyone had made their decision.

Then, a small portion of True Immortals stayed behind while the rest left.

The Human Immortals retreated.

Lin An hesitated momentarily before deciding not to stay.

He was still some distance away from becoming a True Immortal.

At this moment, it was useless.

Maybe later.

Jiang Lan looked at everyone and naturally saw the people from Kunlun.

Since the people from Kunlun had stayed behind, he would definitely not hold back and fight with all his might.

At this moment, everyone was prepared. They looked at Jiang Lan and gathered their powers, their terrifying auras spreading in all directions.

Everyone surrounded Jiang Lan. No one wanted to hold back.

The other party’s strength was definitely extraordinary.


A huge sound echoed out.

In the next instant, countless attacks rained down on Jiang Lan.

The Eighth Prince, the youth and the others who were watching the battle outside could not help but stand up.

Everyone above the fifth floor was attacking one person with all their might.

There were more than twenty Heaven Immortals, hundreds of True Immortals, and thousands of Human Immortals.

How terrifying would it be for these people to attack at full force?

The Eighth Prince felt that the other person would be killed instantly. The youth also felt that he could not defend himself.

Yan Xiyun suddenly felt that it was a pity that she couldn’t participate in such a grand occasion.

How strong was that person?

In the face of these attacks, the corners of Jiang Lan’s lips curled upwards. It would be much easier if no one escaped.

After the people had attacked, his cold voice sounded from within the flames.

“Eight Desolates Purgatory.”

As his voice fell, countless flames rose from the entire fifth level, as if surrounding everyone.

The flames shot towards everyone like sharp blades.

At this moment, the attack had already arrived. Jiang Lan extended his hand and flames appeared in front of him. The fiery red spear condensed in the flames.

The instant Jiang Lan clenched his fist, the long spear condensed and formed.


With a loud bang, the attack drowned out Jiang Lan.

Then, a dragon’s roar came from the center of the power.


The spear moved like a dragon.

It seemed to sweep across the world.

Jiang Lan’s long spear whistled through the air, pointing at the surrounding True Immortals.

With a wave of his hand, it passed three people, sealing their throats, shattering their bodies, and decapitating them.


A Heaven Immortal stood in the sky as his powerful attack descended.

Jiang Lan raised his head, brandishing his spear and attacking.


The spear broke through the attack of the Heaven Immortal and followed up with another attack.


In that instant, Jiang Lan’s spear stabbed into the Heavenly Immortal’s body.

It was a female Heaven Immortal.

A single heavy spear strike wasn’t enough to make a Heavenly Immortal retreat. Right now, the female Heavenly Immortal wanted to break through the spear, thus avoiding Jiang Lan’s attack.

At this time, Jiang Lan gave up on his spear and kicked the female Heavenly Immortal’s head.


At this moment, the female Heaven Immortal’s body rapidly descended.

Jiang Lan followed her and stood above her. Then, she stretched out her hand and condensed her spear again.

Subsequently, the inferno spear descended from Jiang Lan’s hand.



It pierced through the Heaven Immortal’s neck.

A ray of light appeared once again.

A Heaven Immortal was ousted.


The female immortal looked at Jiang Lan with disbelief.

However, before she could say anything, she disappeared.

Jiang Lan stood there and looked at everyone present. He didn’t need to do anything to intimidate everyone.

He had killed a Heaven Immortal in one strike.

“Attack, don’t hold back.”

Someone immediately shouted.

Jiang Lan didn’t move. He wouldn’t underestimate anyone.

Even Human Immortals.

He would do his best.

At this moment, the purgatory that belonged to him surged and began to pierce through everyone around him.




The flames were attacks. Many Human Immortals were pierced by the flames.

It burned their bodies and devoured their souls. Once burned by the flames, one would have to endure the pain of having their souls devoured.


Screams followed. Within the flames, the fifth level was truly a living hell.

But soon, they disappeared.

They were all defeated and eliminated.

Jiang Lan didn’t pay too much attention to this, because he could clearly see that the fortuitous opportunity aura continuously appeared from everyone’s bodies.

Others could not absorb it, but he could.

He could feel that he was not far from controlling his Deity Position.

At that time, his general location will no longer be known by others with a Deity Position.


He continued.

Jiang Lan vanished on the spot. His figure quickly appeared around another True Immortal, his spear piercing through the other party.

His gaze swept in all directions.

Wherever it passed, light bloomed.

Heaven Immortals came from all directions, but Jiang Lan’s spear blocked all their attacks.



He pierced through the Heaven Immortals’ attack and forced them to retreat.

Following that, he closed in and killed another Heaven Immortal.


Beheading, slitting their throats and piercing through their bodies were ways he killed the immortals.

Everyone outside fell silent.

Because of the flames, they couldn’t see clearly what was happening inside.

But they understood the situation.

Was this a contest?

This was just a one-sided massacre.

The other party killed decisively and cleanly. Everytime his spear fell, an immortal would be killed.

When Yan Xiyun saw this, she suddenly realized that not only did this person want to kill everyone on the fifth level, but he also wanted to kill everyone above the fifth level.

She was suddenly glad that she had come out early.

Human Immortals and True Immortals fell from the sky.

Each and every one of them was seriously injured. They were much more terrifying than the ones before.

Yan Xiyun wiped her sweat. In the future, it was best not to ask for directions from a person that was much stronger than her.

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