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Chapter 311 - Being a Dragon Is Not Worth It

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Chapter 311: Being a Dragon Is Not Worth It

Yan Xiyun was scared.

The Eighth Prince was also shocked speechless.

How long had it been since the person had shattered the red dragon with one punch?

In less than two hundred years, he already passed the Human Immortal Realm and exceeded the True Immortal Realm, rising to become an existence that could kill a Heaven Immortal.

Just what in the world had happened to mankind?

He was born as an innate immortal yet in front of the other party, he was nothing.

This person’s spear even carried with it a dragon’s phantom.

Being a dragon was not worth it.

“Could this human be the Fist God?”

The Eighth Prince had a guess in his heart. In the past, he did not think too much about it and did not dare to confirm it.

But now, it was certain.

Besides, his brother-in-law had hinted at it before.

But why didn’t he punch?

The Eighth Prince was puzzled.

The youth felt that this was a senior. Even with so many people surrounding him, they were unable to harm him at all.

“Little brother…”

The youth was shocked when he heard the voice.


Yan Xiyun was sent flying.

“That gave me a scare.”

The youth heaved a sigh of relief. So it was the girl beside him. He had thought that the man with the spear had come out.

The Eighth Prince was also shocked. Why did this person suddenly speak at such a tense moment?

After that, the two of them paid no attention and continued to look at the Black Peak Tower.

Yan Xiyun, who was lying on the ground, felt the malice of the world towards her.

She just wanted more peanuts to calm her nerves.


Miao Yue looked at the figure on the fifth floor.

For a moment, she had certain thoughts.

Zhu Qing did not say anything. The other party should be the mysterious person, but…

It was different from what they knew.

Ao Longyu frowned at the blurry figure.

She should have seen this person before.

This person had appeared when she was being chased by the demons.

At that time, if she dared to say another word, she might have been killed.

This person killed based on his preferences.

His strength was terrifying.

She had initially thought that the other party was a Senior Brother who did not wish to leave his name behind. Now, it seemed that the other party was an impressive senior.

At that time, the demons were only at the Foundation Establishment or Golden Core Realm.

At such a level, one would think that no immortal would be involved.

He did not expect this person to be a Heaven Immortal senior.

However, the way they fought was completely different. This person used his spear to kill the enemy.

That senior had used his fist to suppress everything.

Was it because the previous people were too weak and hence he didn’t need to use his Dharma treasures?

“Hmph! Wielding a spear and letting it give out a dragon’s roar? He really thinks nothing of us dragons.” Ao Shishi’s voice was cold.

Doing this in front of the Dragon Race was simply insulting the dragon race.

Ran Jing watched coldly without saying a word.

However, after observing for a moment, she raised her head to look at the rapidly gathering aura at the top of the tower.

She then looked at Miao Yue.

“I hope Miao Yue will not go back on her words.”

“If the Dragon Race keeps their word, Kunlun naturally will not go back on our words.” Miao Yue said.

Ran Jing looked at the fifth level and continued.

“Miao Yue, do you think this person can win?”

He was facing so many powerful beings alone.

Even if he could choose not to kill them, he would still be exhausted.

Miao Yue had a smile in her eyes, she did not speak.

The other party had been hiding his true strength.

It seemed like he didn’t want others to know what his strongest attack was.

He was a very cautious person.

This person had the strength of a Heaven Immortal. It was just unknown if he was hiding in the First Summit or the Eighth Summit.

Furthermore, the strength he had when he appeared each time was different.

Was he only participating in such events after reaching a certain level of cultivation, or was it because he had chosen to display this level of cultivation because of this event?

It was debatable.

All the surrounding experts were watching. This person’s appearance was indeed shocking.

But their goal was all what was at the top of the tower.

As the fights progressed, the aura became stronger and stronger.

Jiang Lan’s spear swept over, killing another Heaven Immortal.

He stood in place and silently swallowed a spirit pill.

He had killed seven Heaven Immortals, dozens of True Immortals, and hundreds of Human Immortals.

This consumed a lot of his energy.

However, the benefits were unimaginable. As long as he sent these people away and successfully killed those vicious beasts, he should be able to leave Kunlun without being discovered from now on.

Otherwise, why would he need to appear before those people?

It was too dangerous.

He had no choice.

If he had to do it, he would do it.

If he didn’t need to, he would just hide under his master’s protection.


A dragon’s roar sounded.

The dragons were one step ahead of the others and attacked Jiang Lan.

“I don’t know who you are, but you wielding a spear and making it seem like a dragon is an insult to us dragons. This battle can only end when I die.” A dragon turned into an azure dragon and charged at Jiang Lan.

There were True Immortal dragons holding tridents beside him.

Jiang Lan kept his spear and reached his hand out in front of him.

Thunder began to appear and quickly condensed into a halberd.

“I have no intention of offending you.” Jiang Lan held the halberd and rushed towards the Heaven Immortal dragon.

The halberd summoned endless lightning.


The lightning was violent and wreaked havoc in the surroundings.

“Human, you dare to use lightning in front of us dragons? You don’t even know what you are playing with!”


A dragon’s roar sounded as the lightning belonging to the Heaven Immortal dragon appeared.

It was even more terrifying than Jiang Lan’s.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had already arrived in front of the giant dragon. He brandished his halberd, wanting to destroy everything in front of him.


The heaven-sundering halberd struck the Heaven Immortal dragon’s lightning.

A massive bolt of lightning pierced through the fifth level.

The Heaven Immortal dragon brandished its sharp claws, grabbing towards Jiang Lan’s position. He originally thought that he could injure him.

However, he missed.

Only the halberd was left in the lightning.

While he was still in shock, lightning flashed above his head.

That person was above him.

Jiang Lan was standing on the head of the azure dragon when the halberd once again gathered in his hand.

“I don’t mean to offend you. I just want to tell you that I can kill you with anything.”


The halberd pierced into the dragon’s head.



Lightning wreaked havoc in the mind of the Heavenly Immortal dragon.

Screams followed.

Jiang Lan stomped on the Heaven Immortal dragon, sending it into purgatory.

Then, his figure flashed around those of the Dragon Race like a bolt of lightning.


Blood spurted out.

Lightning spread.

All the dragons glowed.

They disappeared on the spot.

The Dragon Race.

Had all been sent out.

“It’s my turn.” Lu Jian was the first to rush over.


Jiang Lan’s spear condensed and stabbed into the body Lu Jian.

In a single exchange, he was severely injured.

Jiang Lan no longer paid any attention to Lu Jian. However, just as he was about to continue killing the remaining people, the sword intent that belonged to Lu Jian transmitted over.

“It’s not over yet,” Lu Jian snarled.

Lu Jian had yet to be sent out? Jiang Lan was surprised.


With a wave of his spear, the spear pierced through the throat.

With this, Lu Jian should be sent out right?

However, he saw Lu Jian place his hand on his neck as he smiled.

“It’s my turn.”


This was Jiang Lan’s first instinctive thought.

Senior Lu Jian was usually polite and treated others well.

There was no hint of madness in him.

But at this moment, everyone also felt that Lu Jian was extremely crazy.

And his sword intent turned even stronger.

Jiang Lan didn’t hold back. He brandished his spear.

The spear shot out like a dragon.

He directly attacked Lu Jian.


Strength collided, and a powerful force began to spread. Jiang Lan’s spear quickly disintegrated the sword in the path.

Finally, it pierced through Lu Jian’s chest.


In the end, Lu Jian looked at Jiang Lan and fell into purgatory with a face full of smiles.

Then, he disappeared as a ball of light surrounded him.

Jiang Lan watched.

“I made a mistake and underestimated Senior Brother Lu Jian. I should hurry up and settle the rest. I shouldn’t drag on for too long. The preparations for the Eight Desolates Purgatory should be almost done. It’s time to send them off.”

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