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Chapter 313 - New Deity Position Title

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Chapter 313: New Deity Position Title

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The appearance of that strand of fortuitous opportunity caused the expressions of all the experts to turn solemn.

If the Black Peak Tower was a battle between the young, then the strand of fortuitous opportunity was a battle between the older generation.

The benefits of a single fortuitous opportunity were not that great.

However, in a situation where no one had it, whoever had it would be able to walk faster and move ahead.


With a growl, a young man headed for the top of the tower.

He was a Heaven Immortal.

He was a magus immortal of Mount Numinous.

This wisp of fortune was difficult for others to obtain. Only those below the Heaven Immortal Realm could obtain it easily.

Or perhaps, it could be said that those above the Heaven Immortal Realm no longer had any use for this fortuitous opportunity.

That youth directly flew towards that wisp of fortune, but before he could approach it, an expert of the Underground Devil’s Race directly made a move.

That youth didn’t pay this any attention, because there was no way he was a match for him.

The others would attack.

Sure enough, the other magus immortals of Mount Numinous caught the attack of the devil.

However, the other races would not let Mount Numinous succeed.

The Heavenly Human Race immediately took action.

Meanwhile, the instant the Heavenly Human Race took action, an enormous void figure rushed towards the fortuitous opportunity.

It was a phantom from the Heavenly Human Race’s 10,000 Phantoms Technique.

The powerhouses of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race followed suit.


Everyone unleashed their power and forced the two Heaven Immortals back.

At this moment, a dragon’s roar was heard as a blue dragon rushed in.

The demon experts naturally would not let the Dragon Race obtain this opportunity.

Ran Jing, Ao Li, and Ao Shishi of the Dragon Race made their moves simultaneously.

They wanted to help the blue dragon seize the opportunity.

At this moment, the Qilin Race and the Giant Spirit Race manifested their great magical powers and divine powers.

A large number of elites joined in, directly erupting with great power.


Everyone who approached was forced to retreat.

Ran Jing and company were also forced to stop.

No one had made a move yet.

“Does Kunlun intend to go back on their words?” Ran Jing looked at Miao Yue and the rest as she asked softly.

“What do you mean by that? The matter has yet to end.” Miao Yue looked at Ran Jing and said.

“If you dragons aren’t struggling, how can we show our importance?”

“If our Dragon Race fails in the end, what we said before cannot be counted.” Ao Shishi looked at Miao Yue and said.

Miao Yue smiled lightly.

She did not give any response.

At this moment, they were still waiting.

Ao Longyu looked on in confusion.

This matter was too complicated for her.

However, she was unable to escape because she had been involved from the very beginning.

There were many things that she could not reject or choose.


She did not hate marrying her Junior Brother.

Jiang Lan retreated and disappeared from everyone’s sight.

After absorbing a large amount of energy, he returned to the third level.

There were countless ferocious beasts, corpses, and evil spirits here.

He carefully avoided them and found an empty space to lay down an array formation.

Thus, he decided to absorb the benefits he had just obtained.

He had killed more than twenty Heaven Immortals, hundreds of True Immortals, and thousands of Human Immortals.

With such results, he would make immense progress in controlling his Deity Position.

If he completely absorbed it, he might be able to pass the halfway mark of fully controlling his Deity Position.

It would be soon.

It was many times faster than him secretly cultivating.

This way, after more than a hundred years, he would be able to leave the sect to gain experience.

Before absorbing these auras, he reviewed his previous battle.

“These people are very strong. The recovery pills that I had prepared in advance were quite useful. Otherwise, I would have to retreat and recover because of the huge consumption. Then, it would become a tug-of-war.”

Many people know of my existence. It might be detrimental to the future, but the benefits I receive can offset this disadvantage. The biggest drawback from this is that if Kunlun wants to investigate me, the target group will now be much smaller.

But everything is uncertain. As long as I keep a low profile, I should be able to avoid it. Throughout the entire process, I made a mistake and underestimated my opponent. I need to remember this.

Heaven Immortals are very powerful. The reason why I could kill so many so easily was because the Eight Desolates Purgatory had been prepared for a very long period of time. If it was during normal times…”

Jiang Lan thought for a moment. Under normal circumstances, he should be able to contend against a mid-stage Heaven Immortal with his Power of Nine Bulls.

To kill it, he might need the Power Of Nine Tribulations.

Only by using it could he deal a fatal blow to the other party.

Jiang Lan concluded that there were too many experts outside.

At the moment, his strength was still insufficient for him to roam the Grand Desolate World.

In the past, he felt that he was pretty much safe after becoming an immortal. He had been truly naive.

The stronger he became, the more he felt that the true powerhouses were immensely powerful.

Perhaps it was because he had reached a certain realm that he was able to come into contact with these people.

If he was only at the Void Refinement Realm, he definitely wouldn’t have encountered anyone above the fourth level.

There were many things that would change when one’s strength reached a certain level.

After understanding this point, Jiang Lan didn’t think too much about it.

He began to absorb his harvest.

However, not long after he started absorbing it, he suddenly felt a flash of light.

Someone was calling out his Deity Position title.

Who was it this time?

It was a female voice that seemed to be chanting.

“Congratulations, there’s progress in your control over your Deity Position. I can sense that I might not be able to detect you leaving Kunlun clearly anymore.

There’s something I want to work with you on. As a reward, I will let your Deity Position control progress faster. And all you have to do is send a message to someone…”

Jiang Lan frowned.

He decided to continue hearing.

It was indeed just a message, but he couldn’t understand the other party’s purpose.

Soon, the voice continued.

“Don’t worry. The Dragon Race will only thank you and will not bring any casualties. You can also tell him the reason clearly. You can let him know of the benefits and detriments brought about by this decision too.”

“If you agree, then we can talk about the process. This process requires the appearance of a new Deity Position title. Do you want to confuse others?

I have come up with a new title for you. Wait for my signal if you wish to accept it. By doing so, it will push you to the limelight and allow me to be further hidden in the shadows. I will receive greater benefits.

But doing so also aids you in concealing your title. As compensation, I will give you another benefit. The decision is in your hands. The previous promise is still valid. Just call out my name when you have decided.”

As his voice fell, Jiang Lan’s sense of where the other party was also disappeared.

The other party had said his Deity Position title out aloud. If he was close enough, he could look over.

Just now, he felt that the distance was still too far for him to reach.

He could have tried prying into it with the aid of his other spells.

But he didn’t dare to.

“The last sentence was to reveal his identity. This person is indeed Imperial Lord Xi He. Should I agree?”

Jiang Lan frowned.

The source of everything was the Eighth Prince.

Jiang Lan didn’t know what happened outside, but something must have happened.

Imperial Lord Xi He had told him to inform the Eighth Prince to compete for the item on the Black Peak Tower.

The Eighth Prince didn’t need to do anything else.

“It seems like Imperial Lord Xi He really knows a lot about Deity Positions. He knows that I can rely on that sliver of fortuitous opportunity to contact the Eighth Prince. Does he want me to contact him so that the others won’t know that this matter has something to do with Kunlun?”

It still felt like Imperial Lord Xi He was using him.

However, it was indeed beneficial for him to speed up his control over his Deity Position and conceal the name of the Fist God.

After some hesitation, he made up his mind.

“I shall let the Eighth Prince decide.”

The Eighth Prince, who was watching the battle, suddenly froze.

Again. The feeling of being spied on.

Who was it?

However, he was soon stunned. There seemed to be some aura around him, but he quickly returned to normal.

He looked at the battle in disbelief.

Everyone was fighting for something.

It was intense and dangerous.

At the very least, a perfected True Immortal like him did not have the strength to participate in it.

“It can’t be. If I join it, I might lose my life…”

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