Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 312 - Who Else?

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Chapter 312: Who Else?



In the eyes of everyone outside, light bloomed on the fifth level. A fiery red spear seemed to have pierced through everything in its way and swept in all directions.

Nothing could stop it.

Everywhere it passed, Human Immortals would scatter, True Immortals would be destroyed, and Heaven Immortals would perish.

There were no survivors under the long spear.

Many True Immortals descended from the fifth level, followed by countless Human Immortals.

Every so often, a Heaven Immortal or two would fall.

Every single one of them was seriously injured and unable to move. Their eyes had fear and shock within them.

This person wasn’t polite to them at all. He didn’t show any mercy and didn’t give them any chance.


They were finally out.

Most people did not feel any regret or unwillingness. Instead, they felt a sense of relief.

That was a real purgatory.


Lu Jian also got kicked out of the tower.

He landed right in front of the Eighth Prince.

Yan Xiyun, who was squatting by the side, came to the side of Lu Jian.


After shouting, Yan Xiyun covered his face as if she was defending herself.


Lu Jian looked at the girl who suddenly appeared and couldn’t move or respond.

Yan Xiyun, who had not been harmed, became bolder.

“Brother, I—”


Yan Xiyun was kicked away once again.

“What a hindrance.” The Eighth Prince walked over with the youth.

Yan Xiyun, who had flown far away, did not know what had happened.

“Senior Brother Lu Jian, are you alright?” The Eighth Prince squatted down and asked Lu Jian.

He was the Eighth Prince and had been in Kunlun for a long time. Of course, he knew this famous person.

They often saw each other when they were hunting for wild animals. Lu Jian also liked to drink.

As for why the Eight Prince called Lu Jian his senior brother?

That was because both his elder sister and brother-in-law called him that. Naturally, he would call him that too.

It would make him seem more friendly.

The Eighth Prince even cast a healing spell.

The youth followed suit. He had seen Lu Jian often as Lu Jian often ordered good wine from his inn.

“It’s obvious that something has happened. Eighth Prince, can you help me find my master?”

Lu Jian said.

He might have been injured more severely than others.

“Your master is not free for the time being,” said a sudden voice beside Lu Jian.

It was Mo Zhengdong.

“Martial Uncle,” Lu Jian said softly.

The Eighth Prince stood up and said.


This person was too powerful. He did not dare to act too casually.

The youth was polite, but not as reserved as the Eighth Prince.

Mo Zhengdong nodded slightly. Then, he waved his hand and disappeared.

The youth was polite, but not as reserved as the Eighth Prince.

If Lu Jian had come out any later, he might have really died inside.

Mo Zhengdong brought Lu Jian high into the sky and gave him a medicinal pill.

Then, he let Lu Jian heal himself.

There should be no problem.

“All these are very decisive strikes. Under normal circumstances, a single strike would be enough to force him to leave the tower.”

Mo Zhengdong was rather surprised to see the injuries on Lu Jian.

He was surprised that the person inside was so decisive and never used any tricks.

He was also surprised by Lu Jian’s ability.

He was talented, had a good temperament, and handled matters steadily.

His future was limitless.

Compared to his disciples, his reputation was much higher.


It was better if Jiang Lan was a bit like that too.

It wasn’t that Jiang Lan was any worse than anyone else.

Other than being unsociable, Jiang Lan was pretty much perfect.

Jiang Lan was still his pride, a disciple who made him proud.

Mo Zhengdong looked at the third level and wondered where his disciple was hiding.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from the fifth level.

Mo Zhengdong looked over.

At this moment, he saw a dragon’s shadow appear, followed by a dragon’s roar.

The flames of purgatory seemed to burn through the heavens and earth.

The beast growled, and as it did, countless beasts began to crumble and shatter.

The zombies were also destroyed.

The evil spirits dissipated.

The flames seemed to burn everything.

It seemed like hell on earth.

All the Heaven Immortals were in the purgatory.


A crisp sound rang out, and a Heaven Immortal was shattered on the spot, turning into specks of light.

After that, the Earth Demon Tribe, the Bu Clan, and the Giant Spirit Tribe were all unable to resist the spear-wielding person for even a moment.

That person stepped on everyone’s corpses, walking step by step towards the highest point, cleaning up all the Heaven Immortals along the way.

“He’s very strong, but— He still has yet to use his full strength.”

The other summit leaders of Kunlun could tell, and so could he.

This person was currently using a spear. This was different from his previous battle style.

He was hiding his true killing techniques.


Mo Zhengdong continued looking on as he saw that mysterious person stomping on a Heaven Immortal under his feet before piercing through him with a spear.

He didn’t leave any survivors and killed his enemies cleanly.

“Anyone else?”

A sudden voice came from the fifth floor.

The voice seemed to be provoking everyone.

However, it also seemed as if it was just an innocent question.

However, no one knew where this person came from. They only guessed that he was from Kunlun.

But no one knew if he was really from Kunlun.

They hoped not.

Because the strength this person displayed was also that of a Heaven Immortal.

He was actually able to fight against over twenty people of the same level.

In addition, there were also countless True Immortals and Immortals on his opposing side.

This was not normal.

No one knew where the rest of the people on the fifth floor had retreated to.

There was no longer anyone who could respond to him. He stood on the fifth level alone, and countless experts were trampled beneath his feet.

No one could oppose him and no one could shake his existence.

A figure stood in the air.

Within the flames of pride, he was invincible.

Everyone was surprised.

He carried the aura of invincibility.

This was what everyone felt.

After no one responded, Mo Zhengdong saw this person put down the spear in his hand and disappear into the flames.

The next moment, flames erupted.




Countless beasts, corpses, and evil spirits exploded on the spot.

The entire fifth level seemed to be blooming with fireworks, looking incomparably resplendent.

However, at this moment, a new change occurred.

It came from the peak of the Black Peak Tower.

Light began to appear on it. What originally could only be seen by some people became something that everyone could see.

At that moment, no one paid attention to that mysterious person anymore. No one watched those dazzling sparks.

They were more concerned about the existence of that ray of light.

“It has come out. I wonder who will obtain the opportunity in the end.” Mo Zhengdong watched.

The summit leaders of Kunlun naturally knew about this, but no one knew who the opportunity would land on.

Even though this was Kunlun, they were still unsure.

But Kunlun had no intention of fighting.

However, there were many people competing for it.

At this moment, the battle in the sky stopped.

Jiu Zhongtian landed beside Mo Zhengdong with some injuries.

A breeze blew past, fluttering his clothes and his white hair.

He didn’t mind his injuries and just took a sip of his wine.

“The Qilin Race is weaker than I imagined.”

“Maybe he’s holding back,” Mo Zhengdong said.

Glancing at Lu Jian, Jiu Zhongtian asked curiously.

“Jiang Lan hasn’t come out yet?”

“Yes.” Mo Zhengdong nodded slightly.

“His attainments in array formations are rather high, and he likes to create a safe environment for himself. It will be difficult for those ferocious beasts to find him and defeat him.”

“Looks like it wasn’t easy to make him participate in the Witchcloud Gathering.” Jiu Zhongtian didn’t speak any further about this, and he looked at the strand of fortuitous opportunity and said.

“They are going to attack. I wonder who will get it in the end. We should take action too, right? ”

“Yes.” Mo Zhengdong nodded.

Kunlun had no intention of fighting, but they had the idea of controlling this place.

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