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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 315 - Imperial Lord Lun Ling free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 315 - Imperial Lord Lun Ling

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Chapter 315: Imperial Lord Lun Ling

After just one attack, Miao Yue and the rest stopped.

It was a thunderous strike.

They solved the problem in one shot. If they were to act one by one, it would become a game of tug-of-war.

It would be a waste of time.

After the Eighth Prince and the others touched the strand of fortuitous opportunity.

Everyone looked in that direction.

They wondered what would happen next.

As it was not a single person who had obtained it, they weren’t sure if they needed to continue fighting over it.

Just as they were puzzled, the wind and clouds suddenly gathered in the sky.

An ordinary cloud appeared in the sky.

Light fell from the clouds.

The light shone on Eighth Prince and the others, and also on Black Peak Tower.

The moment the light appeared, there was a clap of thunder.

The sudden thunder startled the Eighth Prince.

This feeling was the same as before. It was as if a voice was coming from the sky.

However, they were still fighting over this strand of aura, and they were unable to avoid this strand of light for some time.

They had no way of knowing what the light was.

However, when the light fell, they felt a piercing pain.

However, no one gave up on this strand of aura.

The Eighth Prince had the absolute advantage and could not give up.

The youth didn’t know what it was, but if he gave it to Hongya, Hongya might look at him differently.

As for the heavenly human and the others.

They naturally wouldn’t give up on such a thing.

However, the pain quickly turned into intense pain, as if it was trying to force everyone back.

They had a feeling that if they gave up, they would not be hurt.

But at this point, how could they give up?

The light had caused them great pain, and they could also feel that as they persevered, this fortuitous opportunity was being absorbed by them.

And as the fortuitous opportunity was being absorbed, endless thunder seemed to echo in their ears.

It came from an illusory high sky.

The Eighth Prince was most familiar with this feeling.

Was he really going to hear a new name again?

At this moment, he felt increasingly uncomfortable, as if his body was about to shatter.

He wasn’t the only one. The people around him felt the same.

Jiang Lan, who was hiding on the third floor, also felt the light.

This light was like the embryonic form of a Deity Position.

As long as he connected with it, his Deity Position title would spread.

He knew that this was the signal Imperial Lord Xi He had given him.

After turning on his One Leaf Vision, Jiang Lan began to connect the signal.

He wanted his Deity Position to be revealed.

He was also kind of interested in the Deity Position title Imperial Lord Xi He gave him. Perhaps it would be better than being the Unparalleled Fist God.


The moment he connected to the light, thunder rumbled in the Eighth Prince and the others’ ears.

What followed was intense pain, an intense pain that tore through their body.

As of this moment, the Eighth Prince was enlightened. The voice was going to appear. And as soon as he heard it, everything would end.

In the next moment, the Eighth Prince, the youth from the inn, the heavenly human, the devil, and the magus of Mount Numinous all heard a loud voice from above.

“Ancient Imperial West Palace.”



At that moment, their bodies had received a heavy blow, but they were either biting onto the strand of fortuitous opportunity or clinging onto it.

Once they let go, all his efforts would be for naught.

At this moment, it was as if two mountains had fallen from the sky and landed on the Eighth Prince and the others.


The mountain fell, smashing onto their brains, making their minds rumble.

Then, they saw two large characters.

“Eight Desolates.”

Ancient Imperial West Palace Eight Desolates…

Cracks appeared on the Eighth Prince’s body and blood oozed out of the corner of his mouth.

The others also suffered different injuries.

The spectators outside could not understand what those people were experiencing.

But no matter how they looked at it, they knew that the longer the people persisted, the more they would obtain.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince also felt that the strand of fortuitous opportunity was rapidly fusing into his body.


The sky rumbled as the last four words fell.


These four words were like four mountains crushing them.

At this moment, four words occupied their minds.

The voice rolled through their minds like a torrent.

“Imperial Lord Lun Ling.”


The five of them vomited blood.

Following the appearance of the Deity Position, the wisp of opportunity started to break.


The Eighth Prince got half of it, while the inn youth took a quarter.

The rest were divided among the other three.


The fortuitous opportunity shattered and the powerful force sent them flying.

In an instant, all five of them lost consciousness in midair.

Ran Jing stood up and wanted to catch the Eighth Prince, but another dragon beat her to it.

It was Ao Ye.

Thus, Ran Jing did not move.

The youth fell to the ground.


A huge pit appeared on the ground.

At this moment, Hong Ya from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Clan walked over. She looked at the youth with a hint of unwillingness in her eyes.

In the end, she carried the youth and walked towards the inn.

Yan Xiyun looked around and realized that her brother was gone.

Then who should she ask for directions from?

Jiang Lan sat in the array formation. When he connected to Imperial Lord Xi He’s signal.

He felt that his understanding of the Deity Position had greatly increased.

He seemed to have gained a lot of experience points.

It was as though he had gained the insight to control the Deity Position.

At this moment, he sped up his absorption of the energy aura from before.

In just a short moment, his control over the Deity Position had increased greatly.

This time, he felt that if someone had called upon his title, he could look over.

And the range was pretty far.

It was several times stronger than before.

Not only that, he seemed to be able to see even higher.

It seemed like he could see the source of the Deity Position.

His gaze continued to fly up into the sky, crossing the endless distance.

At this moment, he felt a dense fog appear around him.

Then, some magnificent buildings appeared.

A huge gate appeared before him.

Four words were written on it: Ancient Imperial West Palace.

A crack appeared in the gate, as if it would collapse at any moment. Jiang Lan tried to enter, but the scene suddenly changed.

He saw corpses everywhere.


The image disappeared.

Jiang Lan retracted his gaze.

“Can’t see through—”

The corpses were not what he wanted to see. It seemed to be an illusion.

It was as if he would see this illusion if he wanted to enter the palace.

Entering safely was not something that he could do at the moment.

When he regained his senses, he heard a voice from the sky.

“Imperial Lord Lun Ling of the Ancient Imperial West Palace.”

Jiang Lan was surprised to hear this voice.

He knew that this was not a real Deity Position.

Instead, it was the new title Imperial Lord Xi He had given him. At this moment, he was only using it to confuse others.

“It sounds better than being the Unparalleled Fist God, but why the Ancient Imperial West Palace?”

Jiang Lan didn’t think too much about it, because everything had already ended.

His real title was still the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace, Ba Country Unparalleled Fist God. Changing his name required him to become stronger.

This matter was almost over.

He had obtained the benefits he wanted, and Imperial Lord Xi He should have also obtained benefits from this matter.

At this moment, he suddenly realized that there was an additional point on the Deity Position.

Previously, there were two. One of them represented Qing Mu of Ba Country, while the other represented the Eighth Prince, who had obtained a strand of fortuitous opportunity because of him.

Then this represented…

Jiang Lan clicked on it.

Soon, he saw an image of a youth lying on the ground.

“It’s him.”

To be able to appear here meant that the youth of the inn had also obtained the fortuitous opportunity.

Then the Eighth Prince…

“Does Imperial Lord Xi He want to give the Eighth Prince a strand of fortuitous opportunity that belongs to him?”

Did this mean that the Eighth Prince had a wisp of fortuitous opportunity from all four Deity Positions across the Grand Desolate World?

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