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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 316 - Meeting Jiang Lan free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 316 - Meeting Jiang Lan

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Chapter 316: Meeting Jiang Lan

After sorting out the results, Jiang Lan didn’t think about these things anymore.

The Eighth Prince was special.

Being an innate immortal was one of them. The main thing was that he had four strands of fortuitous opportunities.

It could not be compared to having a Deity Position, but it involved more than just a Deity Position.

As for what other uses it had, he did not know for now.

One thing was certain, the Eighth Prince had become more valuable.

From this, it could be seen that the Dragon Race would have to pay a greater price if they wanted the Eighth Prince to return.

The dragons had refused to pay the previous time. They might not pay now either.

He would continue to stay in Kunlun.

The Eighth Prince should understand this as well.

“Then I should settle the matter here first.”

Jiang Lan looked at the nearby vicious beasts.

Now, he had two choices. One was to continue hiding, and the other was to go out and kill these vicious beasts.

After a brief moment of thought, he chose to continue hiding.

He had no clue on when this would end.

If he had to kill all the vicious beasts before he could end it, it would take a very long time before he could leave. He might not even be able to leave.

If there was a time limit, it would be better for him.

He should be able to last until the end. Even though the vicious beasts were ferocious, they lacked intelligence.

With his array formation and Loneliness spell, it was easy for him to remain undetected.

However, there were too many of them. Once his location was exposed.

That would be troublesome.

After that, Jiang Lan began to survey the surroundings and clean up some vicious beasts.

He did not use strength that exceeded that of a mid-stage Void Refinement cultivation.

In the inn.

The unconscious youth woke up instantly.

“I think I got it.”

The young man shouted.

Then, he realized that he was lying in the room without anyone around him.

There was only the Pixiu sitting beside him, eating spirit stones.

“Is that my money?” The youth felt like a thief had entered his house.

The Pixiu shot the youth a look of disdain.

“Not mine? That’s good.”

The youth heaved a sigh of relief.

Then he looked around.

“I remember I got something. Where is it? Who took it? I was planning to give it to Hong Ya. ”


The Pixiu casually growled.

“Absorbed by me? Then how am I going to give Hong Ya?”


The Pixiu released another low roar.

“I should go snatch it the next time again so that she won’t be discouraged?” The youth nodded.

“That’s true. But I want to ask Big Brother if he has any other way to make Hong Ya happy.”


The door opened.

It was the Eighth Prince.

“Young lad, you’re awake? I have a question for you.” The Eighth Prince walked in.

However, he avoided the Pixiu.

He seemed a little afraid of it.

This was a vicious beast that only Ao Ye could face. He wasn’t a match for it at all.

The Pixiu glanced at the Eighth Prince before walking out.

With the youth waking up, it no longer needed to guard him.

“Young man, did you hear that?” The Eighth Prince immediately came to the young man and asked.

“Hear what?” The young man was puzzled. Then he said.

“Imperial Lord Lun Ling of the Ancient Imperial West Palace?”

“Shh!” The Eighth Prince looked cautious.

“Don’t. Make sure you do not mention that name.”

“Is there a problem?” The youth was puzzled.

“Under normal circumstances, this name cannot be mentioned. Once it is mentioned, the other party might cast their gaze over,” the Eighth Prince said.

However, saying it in the inn might not necessarily be much of a problem. Occasionally, he would hear his brother-in-law talk about how amazing the innkeeper was.

It was relatively safer.

If someone casted their gaze over, it was very likely that the innkeeper would block him.

But it was just a guess.

“Really?” The youth was in disbelief.

“Ask your grandfather if you don’t believe me. I heard it from some seniors. It can’t be wrong,” the Eighth Prince said.

“So why did they snatch this thing? I remember you took most of it. Can you sell it to me?” Asked the youth.

“You’re not thinking of giving it to Hong Ya, are you?” The Eighth Prince immediately saw through the youth.

“I think Hong Ya will hate me even more since I have snatched the thing from her,” said the youth.

The Eighth Prince patted the youth’s shoulder and comforted him.

“Don’t worry. Even if you give it to her, she will still hate you. Instead of currying favor with her, you might as well ask my brother-in-law how to conquer her. After all, my brother-in-law is the one who conquered my sister and is about to get married.”

“That makes sense. But Big Brother wants me to cultivate,” said the youth.

“Then cultivate first. This is the only way that will enable you to snatch more things and impress Hong Ya.

From then on, she might develop feelings for you. ”

“Alright. I’ll work hard then. I’ll start with defeating Grandpa.”

“Good luck.”

The next day.

There was no one else beneath the Black Peak Tower.

The tower seemed to have stabilized, and no one came out.

Furthermore, at the center of every level, one could see people clearing the beasts.

“It seems like it is about to end.” Zhu Qing looked at the tower and spoke.

Because the people on the fifth or sixth floor were all heading down.

The vicious beasts below were being quickly cleaned up.

It was just that the number of people paying attention to it was much less.

That wisp of fortuitous opportunity had already disappeared. Many people had already obtained the benefits they wanted.

The Dragon Race had obtained the most.

However, the people from the Dragon Race could not laugh either.

They had no idea why the Eighth Prince would act.

This was not part of their plan.

The only explanation was that the Kunlun people were secretly guiding him.

But, at the end of the day.

The benefits still belonged to the Dragon Race.

Unlike Ao Longyu, Ao Man was still a member of the Dragon Race.

Ao Longyu was different.

She was already Jiang Lan’s woman.

Her heart also sided with Jiang Lan.

Both Zhu Qing and Ran Jing could tell.

“It looks like you guys have won.” Ran Jing looked at the third and fourth levels.

Many people had left, but she did not.

Because she had a bet with Miao Yue and the rest.

Now everything was about to end.

Or rather, it was already over.

After the vicious beasts were cleared by the immortals, the remaining people would start to come out.

Even to the last moments, those inside would still be able to gain certain benefits.

At this moment, Ao Longyu saw people from Kunlun coming out.

It was Junior Sister Lin, Senior Sister Hong Luan and the others.


Jiang Lan.

There were no injuries on his body.

“Go on.” Zhu Qing glanced at Ao Longyu.

“Yes, Master.” Ao Longyu nodded expressionlessly.

After that, she took a step forward and headed towards Senior Sister Hong Luan.

Jiang Lan was also on their side.

They must have met halfway.

After Ao Longyu left, Miao Yue stood up.

Following that, she looked at Ran Jing and said.

“I hope the dragon’s dowry won’t be bad.”

“You are overthinking it.” Ran Jing said calmly.

Next, Miao Yue turned around and headed towards Kunlun.

Zhu Qing also stood up and planned on leaving. However, before she left, she glanced at Ran Jing and said.

“The Dragon Race can no longer obtain any benefits from Xiao Yu, be it from her marrying into Kunlun or her staying as Kunlun’s Goddess. The Dragon Race has already obtained all the deserved benefits.

Your best choice now is to be a loving mother. Xiao Yu has a soft personality. Even if you are pretending to be caring towards her, she would still be happy. She might even become closer to you. You should understand all of this.”

After saying this, Zhu Qing followed after Miao Yue.

Ran Jing stood up and nodded slightly in the direction of Zhu Qing.

She did not say any words.

After which, she left with Ao Shishi.

The Witchcloud Gathering had come to an end.

It was a little fast, but it was beneficial to everyone.

However, the ones with the most benefits were the five people who had snatched the fortuitous opportunity in the end.

The Dragon Race bagged the most benefits.

The youth was second.

No one knew what faction that youth belonged to.

However, the inn was located at the foot of Kunlun. It might be related to Kunlun, so they didn’t dare to have any other thoughts.

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