Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 325 - Brother, Will Sister Be Angry If You Help Me?

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Chapter 325: Brother, Will Sister Be Angry If You Help Me?

It had been 405 years since Jiang Lan had entered the sect.

During these five years, Jiang Lan’s cultivation didn’t make the slightest progress.

He had deepend his understanding of array formations.

He was delighted.

The comprehension of the Dao was like a stream that flowed naturally.

He had taken yet another step forward.

In the future, his cultivation speed would be faster than before.

This was an unexpected surprise.

After leaving the Fifth Summit, Jiang Lan walked out of Kunlun. He wanted to collect blood for the array formation.

He had to wait for his Martial Aunt to perfect the array formation for him as well.

His Martial Aunt had just told him that there was no need for major adjustments to the array formation. She just needed to modify some minor details.

Jiang Lan was relieved upon hearing this.

The Tribulation Transcendence Array Formation could not go wrong, otherwise it would be extremely dangerous.

After a while.

At the entrance of the inn.

Jiang Lan saw a young girl holding a peanut in her hand, whispering to the young man beside her.

“Big brother, if the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race finds out that you gave me peanuts to eat, will she be angry?”


A halberd sent Yan Yunxi flying.

It was the Eighth Prince who came out from behind.

“We agreed that I would do it this time.” The young man expressed that the Eighth Prince did not keep his promise.

Were they playing a game? Jiang Lan was surprised to see them arguing.

That young girl should be the girl from the Qilin Race that the Eighth Prince had mentioned, Yan Xiyun.

He had also met the other party before. The other party had asked for directions and he had killed her.

He hoped that the next time they met, she would ask for directions properly.

He usually doesn’t kill innocent people.

“Brother-in-law, why are you here?” The Eighth Prince saw Jiang Lan.

“I want to ask for some blood from you,” Jiang Lan said.

The Eighth Prince was stunned.

“Brother-in-law, I’m your most beloved younger brother.”


“This is more or less it.”

In the inn, Jiang Lan sat on a chair and gave a simple explanation.

“You need the blood of four people from four different powerful races?” The Eighth Prince looked at the youth and asked.

“Young man, the blood of the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race isn’t bad either. Knock her unconscious tonight. Then, take some blood from her. ”

“No.” The youth rejected him immediately and extended his hand.

“Big brother, use my blood.”

Jiang Lan looked at the youth and suddenly realized that it was possible.

“Together with the Pixiu, oh, and that girl from the Qilin Race, we should have enough. Young man, let’s go and find the girl from the Qilin Race.” The Eighth Prince stood up as well.

“Isn’t the Eighth Prince enough?” Jiang Lan was curious.

“Brother-in-law does not know about this but the girl from the Qilin race has met some people in various places. Like in the Ice Cicada Forest.

Apparently, she had met people from the Heavenly Human Race. The other party had almost killed her in a single move. There were also other areas where there seemed to be some experts. Hence, it’s best if we go in a group to look for her. This would be safer,” said the Eighth Prince.

“People from the Heavenly Human Race?” Jiang Lan was a bit surprised.

“She brought it up when we chatted. I went to catch the ice cicadas several times, but I didn’t see them.” The youth said.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

Then he didn’t ask any more questions.

However, the girl from the Qilin Race should not be lying.

Therefore, there were indeed still hidden threats left behind from the Witchcloud Gathering.

Jiang Lan wasn’t worried because this was normal.

It would be abnormal if the other party did not have any plans.

However, these people should be hiding quite well. Whether or not he wanted to kill them depended on whether the other party would affect him.

If not, he would just use this time to grow.

If they did come to bother him, he would try to kill them.

An early-stage Heaven Immortal like him should be able to do the job cleanly.

The Eighth Prince went out with the youth, and Jiang Lan also left the inn.

He needed to prepare other blood.

He now had the blood of the Eighth Prince, the youth, the Pixiu and the girl from the Qilin Race.

If these four types of blood were used as the main catalyst, then there would be no problem.

The scorching sun hung high in the sky.

Jiang Lan flew on his sword, and a gentle breeze blew against him.

He had to find some spirit beasts that were more suitable for him so that he could better coordinate the array formation.


Jiang Lan landed in the mountain forest.

He heard a furious roar. Someone must have angered the nearby spirit beasts.

Sure enough, footsteps came from ahead.

“Junior Sister, Junior Sister, let’s split up and run. Let’s see who it’s chasing before we surround it.”

A voice sounded.

It was a male voice.

From what the other party was saying, the other party seemed to have a total of three people.

Then, Jiang Lan saw three people running towards him.

Two men and a woman.

One was at the mid-stage Golden Core Realm and two were at the early-stage Golden Core Realm.

Their cultivation were pretty high.

The three people who escaped were stunned when they saw Jiang Lan.

However, when they saw his clothing, they knew that they were fellow disciples.

“Senior Brother, we’re disciples of the Fourth Summit. There is a powerful mid-stage Golden Core spirit beast behind us,” Yu Xin said to Jiang Lan.



The ground trembled slightly.

Yu Xin and the other two didn’t dare to hesitate and immediately headed towards Jiang Lan.

“Wait for a moment at the side,” Jiang Lan said.

He was still wary of these people.

The fellow disciples who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere normally came with the intention to kill him.

However, as his cultivation level increased, he rarely encountered such a matter anymore.

But he couldn’t let his guard down.


A figure flew towards Jiang Lan at an extremely fast speed.


A massive attack slammed into Jiang Lan.

However, there was no storm.

Even his cultivation on the surface was at the early-stage Void Refinement Realm.

What could a mid-stage Golden Core do?

At this moment, Jiang Lan’s hand was pressed against the head of the spirit beast. This spirit beast was similar to a tiger or leopard.

It’s blood could be used.

He flicked it lightly.

The spirit beast collapsed to the ground.

It didn’t die but only fainted.

Then, he cut open the spirit beast’s arteries and started to collect its blood.

A moment later, Jiang Lan healed the spirit beast’s wounds and left.

“I won’t disturb Junior Brother and Junior Sister any longer.”

Jiang Lan greeted the three of them before leaving on his sword.

Yu Xin and the other two watched Jiang Lan leave in disbelief.

“Do you guys know this Senior Brother?”

“I don’t know him. He looks very strong, but I’ve never seen or heard of him.”

After two days, Jiang Lan gathered enough blood.

He did not kill any spirit beasts.

There was no need to kill them.

He was standing on a street in Qingcheng Town currently.

He had promised Xiao Yu to buy her an umbrella.

The street was bustling with people.

After a hundred years, the street had become much better and the buildings had been renovated a few times.

The number of people here continued to increase.

There were no signs of decay.

This was very rare.

Jiang Lan stood in front of the oil paper umbrella stand.

He was thinking about what color of umbrella he should buy for Xiao Yu. Since she was a white dragon, he should get a white one for her.

It would be best if there were peach trees on it.

After telling the boss his request, the boss gave him an oil-paper umbrella.

There was a peach tree painted on top of the white umbrella and a beautiful figure holding the umbrella under the tree.

“How much is this?”

Jiang Lan was very satisfied with this.

“Thirty-five copper coins,” the boss said with a smile.

After paying, Jiang Lan bought two more sticks of candied fruits.

When he wanted to return, he suddenly felt his Deity Position shake.

One of the original three dots had turned extremely bright.

It belonged to Ba Country’s Qing Mu.

“Did something happen in Ba Country again?”

At this moment, he heard ravings.

He could more or less hear it.

It was calling out his title.

The voice was louder than ever.

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