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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 338 - Cooperation? Blowing People Up free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 338 - Cooperation? Blowing People Up

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Chapter 338: Cooperation? Blowing People Up

The Eighth Prince, who was suddenly able to move, stunned the devil from the Underground’s Devil Race.

How could the other party regain his ability to move?

There was no reason for a True Immortal to be able to accomplish this.

And just as the Eighth Prince brandished his halberd, the devil seemed to see a brand new force behind his opponent.

The Eight Prince was not giving him time to think.

His attack arrived swiftly.

The True Immortal devil displayed his greatest power, also taking action.


The halberd struck the lava emitted from the devil.

This lava was the manifestation of the power of members of the Underground’s Devil Race.


The power spread out and destroyed everything around it.

The distant Yan Xiyun immediately hid.

She did not dare to come near.

The power of a True Immortal was not something that she alone could resist.

“Late-stage True Immortal Realm?”

The Eighth Prince took a few steps back, but immediately launched another attack.

At this moment, he held his halberd and used his strongest strength once again.

“Too weak. Thunder of the Earth!”


Endless lightning emerged from the ground and entered the halberd.


The halberd crashed into the lava.

A loud explosion followed. Thunder and lightning raged while the lava shattered.

At this moment, the halberd was being wielded continuously while the devil was unleashing his powers continuously.



The clashes continued.

The late-stage True Immortal devil should have had the upper hand.

However, his strength seemed to be hindered, preventing him from fully unleashing it.

This was because he needed to maintain the figure behind him.

This figure should have been his assistance, yet it had become a burden.

However, when he looked at the sky, he was surprised to discover that there seemed to be two figures in the sky.

A figure that belonged to him and a figure that extended from the Eighth Prince.

They were also exchanging moves with each other.


The Eighth Prince broke through the lava and attacked the devil.

“Courting death.”

The black-robed devil didn’t hesitate in the slightest as he began to counterattack.

Once the Eighth Prince was dealt with, everything would be set in stone.

Earth lava.

At this moment, the surrounding land turned into magma, forcing the Eighth Prince to stand on it.

It was actually a divine power.

The Eighth Prince was shocked.

Divine powers and immortal techniques were different, and it was impossible to figure out the trajectory of the attack.

It was hard to break through it.

“Your understanding isn’t bad, but can you withstand the upcoming attacks?”

The devil took a step forward, and countless lava snakes slithered in all directions.

He took a step forward without stopping and quickly approached the Eighth Prince.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince did not hesitate and also moved forward.

The halberd summoned the lightning python to resist the fire snake.



The clashes started again.

The Eighth Prince and the devil were closing in on each other.

When he was close enough, the Eighth Prince swung his polearm.

However, just as the halberd was about to hit the Demon Race, a flame appeared and the figure disappeared. Or rather, the figure had teleported from a distance away and arrived in front of the Eighth Prince.


The attack penetrated the Eighth Prince’s body.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince gritted his teeth and turned the halberd back.

The devil wanted to retreat, but the Eighth Prince grabbed him with one hand.

“Trying to leave?”


As soon as he finished speaking, the halberd pierced directly into the body of the devil.


Powerful flames appeared from the devil’s body as he attacked the Eighth Prince with the intention of burning him to death.

The Eighth Prince also erupted with the power of lightning.

He also wanted to tear the other party apart.

At this moment, they were competing to see who would die first.

The moment Jiang Lan cast his gaze over, a similar power extended over.

But it was not all his power. His power seemed to have been restricted.

It should be related to his control over his Deity Position.

Even though his strength wasn’t sufficient, he had no choice but to resist the Underground’s Devil Ancestor’s attack.


At this moment, Jiang Lan used the advantage of being close to his opponent to barely withstand his opponent’s strength.

“The projection of my Heaven Immortal powers is extremely slow. It’s different from what it usually is. The devils should be using some sort of means to achieve this. It should be similar to the Mountain Sea Mirror.”

With this analysis, Jiang Lan began to accumulate strength.

He wanted to accumulate enough power to launch one strike of his Power Of Nine Tribulations.


Jiang Lan naturally sensed the impact of the force below. The Eighth Prince might not necessarily win.

A moment later, Jiang Lan looked down and saw the Eighth Prince fighting with his life on the line.

He couldn’t wait any longer.

At this moment, the power that belonged to Jiang Lan began to gather. The Power of Nine Bulls surged.

When the Power of Nine Bulls gathered to a certain extent, the Power Of Nine Tribulations began to manifest.

The originally sluggish figure seemed to have become agile.

Jiang Lan could sense that the other party had seen him. At this moment, a voice rang out.

“Don’t be in a hurry to attack. We can cooperate.”


The Power Of Nine Tribulations surged.



The figure belonging to the Underground’s Devil Ancestor exploded.


Their strengths were not equal. Working with such a person was akin to digging a hole for himself.

He worked with Imperial Lord Xi He only because he did not have a choice.

If it was possible, he wanted to enter closed-door cultivation in the Ninth Summit quietly.

Then, Jiang Lan’s power retreated.

The moment Jiang Lan defeated the Underground’s Devil Ancestor, the late-stage True Immortal devil suffered a backlash.


He spat out a mouthful of blood onto the Eighth Prince’s face.

The Eighth Prince used this opportunity to increase the power of on his halberd.


Thunder roared as the halberd tore through the body of the devil.


In the next moment, the Eighth Prince struck the other party again.


The devil was immediately engulfed by lightning, and the violent lightning tore through him.

At this moment, the lava disappeared and the mountaintop collapsed. The Eighth Prince was suspended in the sky.

The heavily injured Ao Man fell powerlessly.


He knelt on one knee, using the halberd to steady himself.

That way, he could avoid falling to the ground.

Yes, in this state, once he fell to the ground.

He would not be able to get up.

“Big Brother…”

A sudden sound came from behind the Eighth Prince.

At this moment, the Eighth Prince tightened his grip on the halberd and turned to look behind him. His eyes flashed with lightning.

“Don’t hit me. If you don’t hit me, I’ll send you to Little Brother.” Yan Xiyun retreated a few steps in fear when she saw the Eighth Prince turn around.

“Do you know the way?” Eighth Prince asked.

“Yes.” Yan Xiyun nodded solemnly.

Her tone was serious.

“Please then.” With that, the Eighth Prince collapsed.

Yan Xiyun was from the Qilin race. Although she didn’t know the way, neither the Eighth Prince nor the youth from the inn felt that she was too dangerous.

It didn’t feel like it.

Therefore, at the last moment, the Eighth Prince could only count on the other party.

However, when he woke up, he realized that his arm was grabbed and his body was dragged to the ground.


Then, he realized that Yan Xiyun was dragging his arm forward.

“Where is this?” the Eighth Prince asked.

The sky was already bright.

He was seriously injured, but his wounds were gradually healing.

“Big Brother, you’re awake?

“We’re almost there,” said Yan Xiyun immediately.

The Eighth Prince looked around and found a familiar lake.

Is this… the lake downstream of the East Road Bridge?

“Can you fly up to the sky to take a look?”

Yan Xiyun agreed.

And then…

The Eighth Prince was stunned. Indeed, he should not have believed that the other party knew the way.

She was running further and further away from the inn.

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