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Chapter 346 - Secrets

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Chapter 346: Secrets

It was morning.

The rain was still falling.

Jiang Lan walked in the forest.

The Dao lectures were almost always conducted in the morning.

Today was the perfect day to go over and listen.

He, who had never heard of it, might gain something.

After a while.

Jiang Lan arrived at the place where the lecture was being held. There were quite a few people sitting there quietly.

Everyone looked at the elevated platform.

There was a middle-aged man resting there.

“It’s a little strange.”

Jiang Lan discovered that there were actually some Human Immortals among the people who came to listen.

This was rare.

Immortals and above rarely obtained anything here.

If they had any questions, they could just ask the seniors of the various summits. There was no need for them to wait here for a lecture.

He found a corner and sat down.

The middle-aged man waiting on the platform spoke.

This should be an elder of a certain summit.

Most of the time, the person conducting the lecture was not fixed.

They could be some seniors or even be some Senior Brothers or Sisters.

However, there were some fixed lectures. These were meant to teach the Kunlun disciples the basics of cultivation.

A moment later.

“Today, we will talk about the various factions across the Grand Desolate World.”

The middle-aged man opened his eyes and spoke to the crowd.

Jiang Lan was a bit surprised. Wasn’t this supposed to be a Dao lecture?

The various factions in the Grand Desolate World.

He knew a little about it, but it was suitable for him to learn more about it.

“The Grand Desolate World is divided into the Eastern, Western, Southern, and Northern Wastelands. The center of the four wastelands is known as the Central Plains.

As for the boundless sea region that connects the four wastelands, it is called the Four Seas.

The Four Seas is extremely mysterious. Even the powerful race who controls the Four Seas, the Dragon Race, does not have full knowledge of the Four Seas.

Dragons are innate lifeforms. They have been born since the creation of the world and can be considered the first batch of lifeforms.

They are close to the world, incomparably powerful.

They occupy the Four Seas and controls it.

They are born with cultivation, and there are even some innate immortals among them.

Their talent far surpasses that of the human race.

Hundreds of years ago, the dragons and demons fought a great war. Although the demons were defeated, it did not mean that the demons were weak.

The Demon Race had its own ancestor and the strength of all of the demons were not weaker than the total strength of the dragons. Their strength is immeasurable.

The demons reside in the Northern Wastelands, and the battlefield was in the Witchcloud Mountain Range. They should not have been defeated, but in the end, they still retreated in defeat.”

Jiang Lan sat there and listened. It was indeed much more detailed than what he knew from before.

There were also the barbarians in the Northern Wastelands.

They were equally powerful.

However, there was no news about them.

So far, they had not participated in any battles.

Kunlun resided in the Western Wasteland, together with the Ba Country.

The senior from Kunlun didn’t say much about Kunlun but did mention some matters of the Ba Country.

At the moment, they were still fighting with the demons, and had occupied the upper hand.

Ba Country’s Ghost Qi was incomparably powerful and could not be casually touched.

If one’s cultivation wasn’t high enough, it would be too difficult to touch it.

The Trespassing Of Otherworldly Soldiers was unique to Ba Country. Wherever they passed, not a single blade of grass grew.

It was extremely terrifying.

Jiang Lan lowered his eyebrows.

It was because he had a wisp of Ghost Qi and had the authority to open the Ba Nation’s gate.

He could also activate the Trespassing Of Otherworldly Soldiers once.

In theory, he would not need it, but he still accepted it for emergencies.

After listening for a while more, he realized that although this senior spoke in more detail, there were many things that he did not say.

Like the Central Plains.

He only introduced the Heavenly Human Race.

However, he did not mention the Heavenly Heart Sutra or the Stairway to Heaven.

He also did not say that if an outsider successfully ascended the Stairway to Heaven, they would be viewed with hostility. The Heavenly Human Race did not tolerate these types of people.

However, he also brought up some information that Jiang Lan didn’t know.

In the Eastern Wastelands, the Qilin Race and the Giant Spirit Race reigned supreme.

From this, it could be deduced that the Qilin Race would fight against the Giant Spirit Race if they participated in the battle.

The Southern Wilderness was between the Underground’s Devil Race and the Magus Immortals of Mount Nominous.

Although he did not know what was going on with them, Mount Nominous had lost.

The one who obtained the Deity Position was the Underground’s Devil Race.

Jiang Lan had a rough understanding of the situation.

If the Eastern Wastelands corresponded to the Eastern Palace, then the one who obtained the last Deity Position should come from the Qilin Race or the Giant Spirit Race.

The results of the Northern Wastelands and the Southern Wastelands were out.

There was no need to mention the Western Wastelands, there were already two of them.

East, West, South, North, Central.

Only the Eastern Wastelands and the Central Plains remained.

The Central Plains was a little strange. There had been no results even though the fight had lasted for a long time.

“Alright, these are the main powerhouses across the Grand Desolate World. Next time, when we have the chance, I will explain their origin in detail. And the origin of our Kunlun.” The middle-aged man then flew off after saying that.

Everyone bowed slightly and sent the senior off.

Jiang Lan was no exception.

When this matter was over, Jiang Lan waited on the side, waiting to hear what his fellow disciples had to discuss about the situation of the Grand Desolate World and the changes that had occurred.

“Did you all hear what Elder Cheng just said? Only these forces were fighting in the vast wilderness. They are continuously fighting.

After they have finished a fight, they will continue fighting. If not, they will grab a smaller faction and beat it to death.”

“That’s right. I heard that these factions are the most serious ones across the Grand Desolate World. What is even more exaggerated is that the battles between ordinary countries in the Central Plains were all stopped by the Heavenly Human Race.

It is as if no one else is allowed to fight in the Central Plains can fight except for them. This is really baffling.”

“It’s definitely abnormal. All the factions are currently fighting. I don’t need to think to know that there must be some special situation.”

“The dragons have fought with the demons. The dragons have quieted down, but the demons are still fighting. How could this be explained?

The Heavenly Human Race had fought with the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race for so many years, and victory and defeat had already been decided. However, they are still fighting with all their might. Why is that so? ”

“It’s hard to say. However, the Qilin Race has also started fighting with the Giant Spirit Race. I wonder who will win.”

“They haven’t fought for long. However, the demons and the magus immortals are very strange. Previously, both sides were attacking each other fiercely.

However, the demons seem to be continuing to build cities and are focused on maintaining a solid defense currently. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, they won’t attack. ”

“This is indeed rather complicated. However, there really is someone from the Heavenly Human Race who has completed the process of forgoing his emotions. Someone saw that the person had stood in the sky like a celestial being, looking down on all living beings. Even immortals found it hard to raise their heads.”

“No wonder the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was forced to retreat.”

Jiang Lan stood at the side. He was also very concerned about this.

The stronger the Heavenly Human Race was, the more disadvantageous it was for him.

Actually, he was hoping that the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race would win.

Of course, it was best for them to continue this stalemate.

Because the more they were in a deadlock, the more time he was given.

Under normal circumstances, in the Heavenly Human Race’s eyes, even if Jiang Lan was given a thousand years, he would at most become a True Immortal.

He was just an ant in front of a True Immortal.

Any Heaven Immortal who met him could squish him to death.

It was precisely because of this that the Heavenly Human Race didn’t take action against him.

If they knew that he had already become a Heavenly Immortal in such a short period of time, who knew what the Heavenly Human Race would do?

Could they tolerate him or not?

If they could tolerate it, they would express goodwill. If they couldn’t tolerate it, he would kill him.

Jiang Lan felt that it was the latter.

Because they would definitely believe that it was because of the Heavenly Heart Sutra.

How could they allow others to sleep soundly on their side?

The Heavenly Heart Sutra was the foundation of the Heavenly Human Race. If an outsider learned and mastered it, would the Heavenly Human Race still be considered the Heavenly Human Race?

“The various large factions are all fighting. But we are pretty quiet. Even if we have some fights, they are just small fights. Is this normal?”

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