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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 353 - Arriving At The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 353 - Arriving At The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace

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Chapter 353: Arriving At The Ancient Imperial Lower Palace

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“I’m a year late. It seems like the other places don’t have the complete statue of Imperial Lord Youdu.”

“That’s right, but the sacrificial ceremony has finally begun. Do you guys think that Fist God and Imperial Youdu will respond?”

Many people began to gather in the plaza.

Today was the day of their sacrifice, and it was about to begin.

They could only take the free time now to chat.

“The Fist God has once protected my fists. With so many of us here, he will definitely look over.”

Qing Mu said confidently.

However, he did not say if the Fist God would actually respond.


The Unparalleled Fist God was a god of war.

Not a water god.

The woman looked up at the statue on the platform and said nothing.

Then, she looked around. Some young people were very excited.

As for those that were older and more ordinary, they should be just going with the flow.

Ba Country had consecrated some Deity Positions before, but none of them had ever displayed a miracle.

There were many powerful people in Ba Country.

They were not bad themselves, but very few knew and mastered nature Immortal Dao Techniques.

They were people from Ba Country, and were known as ghost cultivators.

How could they understand Immortal Dao Techniques?

They were not very smart.

The Unparalleled Fist God came from outside so how could he respond to Ba Country’s request for rain?

But it had been a long time since it had rained and it had to come soon.

What if?

What if it really rained?

“Do you think that the Unparalleled Fist God will think that we are making things difficult for him?”


“Because the Unparalleled Fist God is a god of war.”

“That’s right. I don’t even remember if you didn’t tell me. But the city lord must have a reason for making the sacrifice.”

“What reason?”

“How should I know?”

“Then why are you still here?”

“Everyone is here. If I don’t come, won’t I seem unsociable?”

“Good point. Stand still. It’s about to begin.”

At this moment, an elder appeared in the square. He looked at everyone and said.

“Let the ritual begin.”

At this moment, the square was completely silent.

Everyone lowered their heads and bowed respectfully to the statue on the high platform.

When the ritual reached the last moment, the elder came to the statue and raised his hands. His voice was filled with respect.

“Honorable Imperial Lord Youdu, the invincible and great Unparalleled Fist God, please cast your gaze down and listen to our sincere thoughts.

Please give rain and dew to the people of Ba Country to renew the vitality of Ba Country.”

“Please give rain and dew to the people of Ba Country to renew the vitality of Ba Country.”

“Please give rain and dew to the people of Ba Country to renew the vitality of Ba Country.”

This sentence rang out in the plaza. Many people were pious, and no one dared to show the slightest disrespect.

Qing Mu’s mother also bowed respectfully.

They did not sense any change after everyone finished speaking.

They also didn’t notice that the Fist God and Imperial Lord Youdu had cast their gazes over.

Indeed, was it not possible?


Just as someone began to sigh, a rumbling sound came from the sky.


Everyone looked up at the sky.

Lightning appeared in space, and dark clouds surged in the sky.


The wind was blowing.

The wind rose and the thunder raged.

Everyone in the square looked at the sky in disbelief.

Seeing this sudden scene.

The change in the dark clouds made everyone feel something strange.

It was as if it was going to rain.

At this moment, they saw an invisible hand above the dark clouds, controlling everything.


Lightning streaked across the sky.


Heavy rain began to fall from the sky.

It landed on the square, on the great city, on all of them.

At this moment, cheers resounded throughout the plaza.

“It’s raining. It’s really raining.”

“It’s the Fist God.”

“The invincible war god!”

Qing Mu’s mother felt the falling rain with disbelief.

He had really responded.

Unparalleled Fist God?

At the same time, Ba Guo’s Ghost Qi began to infuse the spell with its own powers.

Then, the spell technique began to spread throughout the entire country.


Someone immediately pointed at the sky and said.

“There’s also thunder on the horizon. It’s raining everywhere.”

“Fist God, Imperial Lord Youdu.”

At this moment, someone suddenly shouted the name of the Unparalleled Fist God.

In the next moment, the voices started to become orderly. Like waves, they swept forth.

In the Netherworld Cave, Jiang Lan looked at the situation in the Mountain Sea Mirror with some surprise.

But it was still within expectations.

He could see countless scenes. Dark clouds covered these scenes and heavy rain covered the entire Ba Country.

Such strength was absolutely not something Jiang Lan could achieve.

It was the Ghost Qi of Ba Country that fueled the fire.

“Sure enough, he needs to put forth sufficient effort to obtain sufficient harvest.”

Jiang Lan thought to himself. In this way, he had completed his response.

In the end, it all depended on whether or not he could obtain a reward befitting his effort.

“Humans are despicable and cunning, but not the Fist God.

We may not be smart, but we can afford to lose and we keep our word.

Fist God, you have earned the friendship of Ba Country.”

A loud voice traveled into Jiang Lan’s ears. Of course, it wasn’t just the Ghost Qi of the Ba Country, but also the endless waves of worship from the Ba Country.

They were cheering.

Jiang Lan only heard the Ghostly Qi’s words.

This made Jiang Lan feel as if the other party was saying that he wasn’t human.

Sure enough, one shouldn’t pay too much attention to nonsense.

As for the friendship of Ba Country, he did not find it useful.

Besides, how could he trust a verbal friendship?

Words of an expert were just casually spoken. If he could say this to him today, he could say this to others tomorrow too.

After so many years, who knew how many people had obtained the friendship of Ba Country?

Therefore, there was no need to take this matter too seriously.

Indeed, after completing his response, he stopped connecting.

The Mountain Sea Mirror was also put away.

However, not long after he put away the Mountain Sea Mirror, he suddenly felt something strange.

Sounds kept coming into his ears, the ravings of Ba Country.

And with the appearance of the ravings, he seemed to be rising into the sky.

At this moment, an endless distance passed by his side. He arrived high in the sky and arrived at the unknown area connected to the Deity Position.

He saw that he was connected to an area, like a star.


He landed on the planet.

It was a place covered in mist. When he looked up, he found himself standing in front of a huge gatehouse.

Above the door, there were four large words written—Ancient Imperial Lower Palace.


The fog began to spread, and Jiang Lan felt as if he had merged into this place.

His perception spread out as he looked up into the sky and discovered other stars.

It was incomparably vast.

“This is where the Deity Positions are?”

He discovered that there were stars emitting light and dim stars.

However, he could not tell the exact number.

Jiang Lan knew that he must have gained control of the Deity Position. This was the only way he could get a general idea of the situation.

But it was still just a corner of the ice.

He was not strong enough.

After a moment of hesitation, he decided not to pay attention to the outside world. Instead, he entered the Ancient Imperial Lower Palace to take a look.

He reached the gatehouse and stepped inside.

Just as he entered, he heard endless thunder.



After the sound of thunder rang out, Jiang Lan could no longer hold on. He felt as if his brain was about to explode on the spot.


He was pushed back.

However, at that moment, he saw a scene.

A scene of countless palaces collapsing.

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