Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 364 - Selling The Eighth Prince

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Chapter 364: Selling The Eighth Prince

“Follow us back?”

Zhu Qing was rather curious.

What was going on?

Did the Dragon Race not want the Eighth Prince anymore?

“Yes, come back with us. The Eighth Prince will still be in the hands of Kunlun,” said Liu Jing.

“Are you sure the Dragon Race won’t snatch him midway on our journey back?” Jiu Zhongtian asked as he drank a mouthful of wine.

Once they left Kunlun, it would be hard to say.

With enough dragons, the outcome of the battle could be decided easily.

And Kunlun would definitely not all go out for this battle.

It was impossible for the summit leaders of the First and Ninth Summits to be far away from Kunlun. Even the Sect Leader who was in seclusion could not leave Kunlun.

In that case, only the seven summit leaders would be able to go to the other regions and fight.

However, there were three of them who would rather hide in their respective mountain peaks, or disappear without a trace.

In short, there were only four summit leaders who could go to other places.

There were naturally many other powerhouses in Kunlun. However, there wasn’t a single person who could stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

“Definitely. This is a risk that Kunlun needs to bear.” Liu Jing affirmed Jiu Zhongtian’s question.

“However, if this matter goes smoothly, it will actually be beneficial to everyone. The Dragon Race wouldn’t go so far as to fight us to the death,” Feng Yixiao said.

“The Eighth Prince has been in Kunlun for so long and has been contaminated by Kunlun’s unique aura. This aura is extremely beneficial to the Dragon Race.

Even though by taking back the Eighth Prince, the Dragon Race would receive a huge benefit.

But the price is too high. If he stays in Kunlun, the Eighth Prince can continue to be influenced by Kunlun’s unique aura.

The Eighth Prince just has to return once every few hundred years and the Dragon Race would just need to give us a gift of thanks every hundred years.

This might be more advantageous for them. They can also afford to pay this amount. They will at most just earn less than if they were to buy the Eighth Prince back.

Most importantly, when the Eighth Prince is no longer valuable, he will still be ours. Kunlun isn’t at a loss either, and the Eighth Prince will always be in our hands. This means that the dragons have given up on the initiative.

It makes it hard for us to say no. The dragons are not simple at all.” Miao Yue’s voice carried a smile.

She had no reason to reject such a suggestion.

It could be said to be the most suitable type of compromise.

“Are they really not afraid that once the Eighth Prince loses his value, we will make him disappear?” Jiu Zhongtian asked.

“They might really not be afraid. The Goddess is the Eighth Prince’s sister. This alone ensures the Eighth Prince’s safety,” Feng Yixiao said softly.

No one else said anything.

As long as the Eighth Prince knew his place, they could tolerate and perhaps even embrace him.

But harming Kunlun was another matter.

“So do all of you agree with this suggestion?” Liu Jing asked.

Miao Yue looked at Zhu Qing and Mo Zhengdong in the corner and said.

“That will depend on these two. The prerequisite for all of this is for the Goddess to marry Jiang Lan. Only then will there be a logical reason for us to form a party to go to the Dragon Race.

Otherwise, it will be difficult for this matter to be established. Of course, this also makes this matter a lot more dangerous.”

The Goddess was very important.

“Is the Ancestral Dragon’s gift useful?” asked Zhu Qing.

“If a Human Immortal were to receive his blessing, he can shorten the time needed to temper his Immortal Body by at least a hundred years,” said Liu Jing.

More than a hundred years?

That was a lot.

The shortest time needed for human geniuses to reach the True Immortal Realm was four hundred years. If they could shorten their cultivation by a hundred years, it would be equivalent to being a hundred years ahead of others.

They merely needed three hundred years to become a True Immortal.

This meant that they had more time to comprehend the great Dao.

“But can Xiao Yu leave the Jade Pool for so long?” Zhu Qing asked.

“Theoretically, there’s no problem.” said Liu Jing.

There were some records about the Jade Pool, although not many.

However, this matter still had to be discussed with the Goddess.

“In that case, I’ll ask Xiao Yu when the time comes. Logically speaking, she would want to return and have a look,” Zhu Qing said.

Xiao Yu had left the Dragon Race since she was young. After she got married, she was no longer considered a member of the Dragon Race.

It should be her wish to return and take a look.

As her master, she naturally would not reject her.

Finally, it was Mo Zhengdong.

“Jiang Lan doesn’t want to go out, but he won’t refuse if that’s what he needs to do,” Mo Zhengdong said.

There was no reason for him to go home with the Goddess. However, Jiang Lan would definitely agree.

Whether it was because of Kunlun or because of the Goddess.

But if he were to ask him to go to the Dragon Race alone to train…

Jiang Lan would come up with all sorts of excuses.

“Then let’s agree on this matter first. The specifics will be discussed after the wedding,” Liu Jing said.

They had more than a hundred years to prepare.

The Dragon Race naturally had to pay the corresponding price.

Thus, they also had to give the dragons time to prepare in advance.

On the Ninth Summit.

Jiang Lan decided to deal with the weeds.

So far, he had nothing urgent to attend to.

There was still about 90 years to go before he went out to train and transcend his tribulation.

He could enter seclusion for a long time.

When he leaves Kunlun, he should be nearing the perfected Heaven Immortal Realm.

However, there were some differences between a perfected Heaven Immortal and a perfected Golden Body. It was unknown if there was a huge difference in strength.

He still remembered the demon from before. He should have a perfected Golden Body.

She was very strong.

He was unable to put up any resistance in front of the other party.

He wondered if having a late-stage Heaven Immortal was sufficient to give the other party a fight.

After all, he had his Power Of Nine Tribulations.

In the evening.

Jiang Lan cleaned up the weeds of the Ninth Summit and the fallen leaves on the square.

It no longer looked abandoned.

He didn’t move much in the courtyard.

His Senior Sister often cleaned it.

Actually, it was maintained very well.

The eruption at the entrance to the Netherworld decreased by a lot and could be said to have ended.

There was no need for him to rush into cultivation.

“Ba Country has already obtained a Deity Position. The Demon Race has also obtained a Deity Position. I wonder if the struggle between them will continue or stop.”

Jiang Lan stood in front of the vegetative egg, watering it with spirit liquid as he thought.

Perhaps it would stop.

However, they had just gotten their Deity Position. The effects would not reach Kunlun in such a short time.

It required a process.

As for the specifics, he would just have to wait a few years to hear the opinions of his fellow disciples.

If he could listen now, he would go down the mountain.

After all, he was free these few days.

After some hesitation, Jiang Lan decided to go down the mountain.

He wanted to make a trip to the town outside.

The nearest town was Qingcheng Town.

Further away was Flat Sky City, a large city.

It wasn’t comparable to a small town, but it wasn’t much different to Jiang Lan.

He just wanted to buy candied fruits.

He still had to do what he promised his Senior Sister.

Although it would be more convenient to buy them together.

However, even dragons would get sick of eating too much of the same thing at once.

“But thinking of it, where does the stomach of a dragon lie?”

Jiang Lan had never thought of this problem.

He wondered if his Senior Sister’s stomach was also very long.

After that, he sat in the courtyard and started reading some books. They were records of some spells, and he would read them all.

It was not for the sake of learning. It was just to broaden his horizons.

If he did not do so, he might be confused by his opponent’s spells when they unleashed it.

This would put him in a passive position.

Once he knew of the general operation of the various spell techniques, he could be the one who had the initiative.

This was also the way to become stronger. It was just that the effects were not that obvious.

It was not as important as cultivation.

But most of the time, it could also decide if one could survive in a fight.

One can never underestimate one’s enemies.

One must never slack off either.

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