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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 370 - Enlightenment Of The Great Dao free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 370 - Enlightenment Of The Great Dao

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Chapter 370: Enlightenment Of The Great Dao

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Someone from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was in Kunlun.

There was a fortuitous opportunity on her.

It was not so easy for her to leave Kunlun, especially when the fortuitous opportunity was only obtained because of Kunlun.


Therefore, they had to offer some gifts of thanks to Kunlun.

It was the same for the Eighth Prince.

Therefore, to the other factions, Kunlun was not a good person.

If they could benefit from it, they wouldn’t be kind enough to let someone go for free.

If they let one leave without any conditions, it would mean that one was not valuable enough.

Or perhaps worthless.

One example would be the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race initially.

At that time, the girl still didn’t have any fortuitous opportunity on her.

After a moment, Jiang Lan stopped thinking.

The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was different from the Dragon Clan. It had nothing to do with Jiang Lan.

There was for him to care.

However, there was one thing he needed to be concerned about.

That was that the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race might have gained something.

Nothing else mattered.

After sending his Senior Sister away, there was nothing else to do.

As for his Senior Sister’s offer of fair trade…

He would think about it next time.

There was no real fairness needed between him and Xiao Yu.

Then, he began to cultivate.

There was no need to worry about anything else. All he needed to do was cultivate in peace.

There shouldn’t have been any accidents in the past few years at the entrance to the Netherworld. There was a high chance that no one outside would make a move on the entrance either.

The Demon Race, the Devil Race, and the Heavenly Human Race that were hiding in the woods had all been eliminated by his master.

Even if there were still people lingering around, they did not dare to do anything else.

As for the other races.

They were still hiding. No one knew their intentions.

The Ba Country’s Ghost Qi had come to find him at first, but later, he decided to stay because of the special effect Kunlun brought.

But he had already gone back.

Hence, there was no need to bother about him.

With this, he roughly understood the current situation.

Nothing special was going to happen.

He could cultivate in peace.

At night, he tempered his golden body in the Netherworld Cave.

He read books, learned Dharma spells, tested array formations, and gained insights into the Great Dao during the day.

He wanted to gain more knowledge and ability for himself.

Time flew by.

The snow melted and spring rain fell.

Winter passed and spring came.

While cultivating, Jiang Lan felt the changes of the world.

He watched as the seasons changed.

He blended in with the environment, making his heart feel like the wind, the snow, the light, the falling leaves.

He was immersing himself in the environment.

Dao was by his side, in his heart.

Ten years passed, and Jiang Lan felt that his comprehension of the Dao had become even deeper.

Like the water of a pond, it began to extend deeper.

At the same time, he made sure that his comprehension of the Dao did not reach perfection.

However, he discovered that his cultivation speed could increase again because of his comprehension of the Dao.

Was this the limitless great Dao?

In these ten years, the only change that Jiang Lan felt was that Kunlun had begun the negotiation.

It seemed to be with the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

It was to bring back Hong Ya from the inn.

The Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race was trying very hard to bring her back.

But no matter what, it had nothing to do with him.

He just had to continue cultivating.

As for the final negotiations, Jiang Lan had no idea.

After which, he began cultivating.

This time, he tempered his golden body at night and cleaned the weeds and flowers during the day.

Year after year, day after day.

He did not feel bored or give up taking care of the Ninth Summit.

After he was done, he would continue reading.

He wanted to enrich himself with knowledge.

He wanted to make himself stronger.

Walking on a path should be taken one step at a time. Similarly, one should accumulate one’s cultivation bit by bit.

The ocean of knowledge naturally formed from the compilation of small amounts of it.

The years passed.

Jiang Lan was still cleaning the weeds and tending to the flowers.

Only, today, he stood in place, not moving for a long time.

He looked at the weeds at his feet and suddenly realized something.

He cleared the weeds year after year, but they appeared year after year.

“A wildfire never ends. It will grow again when the spring breeze blows.”

This was the same for the great Dao.

The Dao should be endless.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had a new realization.

Weed was grass, but it was also Dao.

And Dao…

Jiang Lan looked at the weed in his palm.

The realization came from the heart.

“Is in my palm.”

In that instant, Jiang Lan felt a rumbling sound.

It came from his body, from the great Dao world within his body.

It was as if a source had appeared there. Endless great Dao energy filled his meridians, as though it was refining them.

It allowed him to advance one step closer to becoming a late-stage Heaven Immortal.

The accumulation of one’s Dao was indeed the fastest way to advance.

Thus, Jiang Lan gave up on dealing with the weeds and went to the Netherworld Cave.

He needed to enter seclusion.

He wanted to absorb the harvest he had obtained this time around.

When Jiang Lan woke up again, another twenty years had passed.

He had been taking care of the Ninth Summit for more than ten years, and he had spent the subsequent years absorbing the knowledge he had gained from the Dao.

He might reach the late-stage Heaven Immortal Realm even faster than he expected.

Now, he had entered the sect for a total of 510 years.

His surface cultivation was at the late-stage Void Refinement Realm while his hidden cultivation was at the perfected Void Refinement Realm.

His true cultivation level was at the mid-stage Heaven Immortal Realm. He was very close to becoming a late-stage Heaven Immortal.

The tempering of his meridians was also about to end.

There were still sixty years to go before it was time for him to go out and train.

Kunlun Main Hall.

“Isn’t Kunlun going too far?” A red-haired man looked at the three people opposite him and said coldly.

He was Dan Mi, a powerhouse from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race. Beside him was a female from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race, Hong Ji.

They sat opposite the trio from Kunlun.

They had come here several times to bring Hong Ya back.

But Kunlun had been overbearing.

They refused to hand her over.

Now, they really needed Hong Ya.

Everything was ready. They only needed one last push.

However, they were discovered by Kunlun and Kunlun had taken advantage of the situation.

Sitting opposite them were the three summit leaders of Kunlun.

Second Summit’s Liu Jing, Fifth Summit’s Miao Yue, Eighth Summit’s Jiu Zhongtian.

Jiu Zhongtian was only there to exert his power and rarely spoke.

He was in charge of fighting.

“Then are you two here to complain today?” Liu Jing asked.

“Twenty percent less. The gift will be delivered on the same day.” Dan Mi spoke.

He didn’t say anything else.

He could not wait any longer.

“10% less.” Liu Jing didn’t say anything else.

Dan Mi looked at Liu Jing and frowned.

“How about this? Let the juniors at the same level have a match. If Kunlun wins, we’ll hand over 90%. If we win, 80%. How about it?”

Miao Yue thought about it and said.

“What do you want to compete on?”

“As long as it’s fair,” Hong Ji said.

They did not want to drag this matter any further.

There had to be an outcome today.

“Are your people knowledgeable about array formations?” After seeing Hong Ji and the others nod, Miao Yue continued.

“There’s a courtyard in Kunlun’s Ninth Summit. There is a maze array formation around the courtyard.

There is no danger. The array formation is set up by a disciple of the Ninth Summit. As long as you can go in and pick a flower from the bushes, it will be your win.

To be fair, only the younger generation of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race can give it a try. How about it?”

“What’s that disciple’s cultivation level?” Dan Mi asked.

“He’s most likely at the late-stage Void Refinement Realm now, but his attainments in array formations are quite high,” Miao Yue said.

Dan Mi and Hong Ji exchanged glances. This was definitely not going to be easy.


It did not mean that there was no chance of winning.

Especially when anyone from their younger generation could give it a try.

“Is there a cultivation restriction?” Hong Ji asked Fairy Miao Yue.

“Anyone below the Heaven Immortal Realm can give it a try.” Miao Yue replied.

Hearing this, Liu Jing was surprised.

True Immortals could also be involved?


“Alright,” Dan Mi agreed immediately.

He was afraid that the other party would regret what she had just said.

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