Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 372 - Despair

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Chapter 372: Despair

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Jiang Lan was confused.

What was going on today? A group of people was surrounding his house as if it was an attraction.

Although they were not exactly in his courtyard.

But the peach blossom forest led to his courtyard.

These people were smart. They didn’t walk in, or else they would get lost inside.


There were already people inside.

It didn’t look like it would be easy for them to get out either.

“Did Senior Brother pass by after you came out of seclusion?” Qiu Zhi asked curiously.

He didn’t see Jiang Lan’s cultivation, but it seemed like it was only slightly higher than his.

He didn’t have the aura of a Void Refinement Senior Brother.

“Indeed, I just came out of seclusion.” Jiang Lan nodded.

He had just come out of seclusion to find his house being surrounded.

So he was very curious.

However, since his master did not say anything, it meant that it would not affect his courtyard.

Or perhaps the courtyard had already been destroyed by Senior Sister.

Therefore, there was no need to inform him.

It did not matter if there were people surrounding the peach blossom forest.

“I heard from a Senior Brother that this place has become a place of trial. It is a trial to see if the people of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race are stronger in the study of array formations than the disciple of our sect.

It is said that this peach blossom maze array formation is set up by the Senior Brother of the Ninth Summit.

To pass the trial, a member of the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race has to head into the flowering shrubs to pick a flower.

As long as one of them is able to do it, it would be considered as their victory. However, they can’t enter the courtyard deep within the peach forest. That seems to be the residence of the Ninth Summit’s Senior Brother,” said Qiu Zhi.

Jiang Lan nodded slightly.

He finally understood what was going on.

This suggestion was most likely proposed by his Martial Aunt Miao Yue who understood his array formations the most.

Indeed, it was unsuitable for Martial Aunt Miao Yue to be his master’s wife.


He felt that her eyes could see through many things.

Jiang Lan felt that he had been labeled in her eyes.

A label that said that Jiang Lan was good at hiding his skills.

However, there was no danger.

Moreover, it was impossible for his Martial Aunt to guess that he was already at the Heaven Immortal Realm.

Because his cultivation level was completely incompatible with his cultivation time.

It had long surpassed the realm of normality.

It was to the point where he seemed inhumane.

Lu Jian’s talent was astonishing, and he was top-notch in every aspect.

He had been in the sect for more than a thousand years, but he had only reached the late-stage True Immortal Realm the last Jiang Lan saw him.

Currently, he should be at the perfected True Immortal Realm.

However, he had still spent more than a thousand years to reach such a realm. If he wanted to advance to the Heaven Immortal Realm, it might take him a total of nearly two thousand years.

And he…

After entering the sect for 510 years, his cultivation level was close to the late-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

In less than 700 years, he could attempt to become a Celestial Immortal.

If everything went smoothly, he might reach the extremity of immortality within a thousand years since he started his cultivation.

Dao Immortal.

Of course, this was only an ideal scenario.

After all, it was not that easy to become a Dao Immortal.

Before one’s cultivation level advanced, one would not know how wide the gap to the next realm was.

“Senior Brother, what do you think of this array formation?

Can it trap the people from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race?” Qiu Zhi asked.

Jiang Lan looked at the peach blossom forest and said.

“There’s no problem for now, but I wonder how high their attainments in array formations are.”

“I heard that the strongest that has entered is a True Immortal, but no one knows about his array formation attainment,” Qiu Zhi said.

“If they don’t use their cultivation, it will be difficult for them to succeed.” Jiang Lan thought for a while. The last time he modified the maze was when he was at the early-stage Heaven Immortal Realm.

At that time, his attainments in array formations were considered decent. If the one attempting to trespass the maze array formation was a Heaven Immortal who did not spend much time on studying array formations.

The other party could hardly compare to him.

However, there were still some array formation geniuses that could not be excluded.

He was only considered not bad. At least, that was how his Martial Aunt Miao Yue praised him.

Hence, the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race probably wouldn’t have a chance.

However, everything was not absolute. There had to be some element of surprise.

Therefore, he only said that it was a little difficult.

“Is the Senior Brother of the Ninth Summit that powerful?

The array formation was set up by him. Not only can it trap a Human Immortal, but it can actually trap a True Immortal as well?” Qiu Zhi asked Jiang Lan in puzzlement.

It was amazing that the other party knew of the difference between a Human Immortal and a True Immortal at the Essence Soul Realm, Jiang Lan thought.

When he was at his realm, he had no knowledge of Human Immortals or True Immortals.

He only knew that his goal was to become an immortal.

The rest could wait until he became an immortal.

Perhaps for him, achieving immortality was extremely difficult.

However, it wasn’t that difficult for those who were more talented in Kunlun.

Let alone geniuses.

As long as they didn’t make any mistakes, they wouldn’t have too many flaws.

They would then successfully step onto the immortal path without much trouble.

Jiang Lan couldn’t answer Qiu Zhi’s question.

Therefore, he could only shake his head, indicating that he did not know.

“I can’t see the exact situation inside. It seems that we can go in too,” someone suddenly said.

Jiang Lan frowned.

There was a restriction to the maze array formation in the peach blossom forest. If there were too many people, a hidden array formation would be activated.

Although there was no danger, the maze would have an additional effect…

An illusion.

When these people entered, there was no danger from the array formation, but there were other dangers.

This was the Ninth Summit.

There was the aura of the Netherworld.

A mere moment of carelessness would cause an inner demon to appear in their hearts.

In order not to cause trouble for himself, Jiang Lan said.

“The Netherworld Aura of the Ninth Summit is very strong. If one is trapped in the maze array formation, one might develop inner demons.”

When they heard Jiang Lan’s words, those who were eager to give it a try immediately stopped their restlessness.

They remembered that this was the Ninth Summit.

This was no ordinary place.

Even if they wanted to watch the show, they could not throw themselves into danger.

“Then you all wait here. I’ll go in and give it a try. I have a certain level of attainment in array formations.” The disciple that said he could go in earlier walked towards the bamboo forest.

Jiang Lan didn’t say anything else.

One or two entering was not a big problem.


There were still people entering from afar.

Their cultivation levels were not high.

Sighing, Jiang Lan decided to enter the array formation as well.

This was so that he could close the illusion array formation.

Otherwise, there would be more talk in the various summits about him.

His attainments in array formations might be exposed.

Jiang Lan froze.

Perhaps his Martial Aunt Miao Yue was doing this on purpose.

“Perhaps she wants me to garner a reputation as the wedding is closing in?”

It was highly possible.

For Senior Sister?

He did not mind being criticized, but it did not mean that his Senior Sister had to endure this.

It was a joyous occasion of marriage, so the voices of others couldn’t be too unpleasant.

This was the effect of the fetters. He could not escape them.

However, he still intended to enter and close the array formation. He just did not intend to do it quickly.

If there were really too many people entering, then he would let them experience the illusion array formation first.

The inspiration for the Illusion Array Formation came from the Eight Desolates Purgatory, and the model originated from Catoptric Deflection.

As long as it was shut down in time, those who entered would not be invaded by inner demons.

“Senior Brother wants to enter?” Qiu Zhi asked curiously when he saw Jiang Lan moving.

“Mn, too many people have entered the array formation here. It is possible that there will be some changes, and it will be dangerous.”

It’s best not to try for those with weaker minds,” Jiang Lan explained before walking into the peach blossom forest.

As Jiang Lan entered, someone said.

“Is this Senior Brother speaking the truth? Are you trying to scare us? Besides, how would he know about the array formation here? ”

Qiu Zhi shook his head.

He did not know this Senior Brother.

They had just met.

“Why do I feel like this Senior Brother looks a little familiar?” Someone suddenly said.

“Familiar? Surely not. I don’t remember anything about him.”

“He looks really familiar. He looks like… the Senior Brother from the Ninth Summit.”

Everyone was stunned.

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