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Chapter 392: Killing Fei Yuan

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Chapter 392: Killing Fei Yuan

He looked at Jiang Lan who had already entered.

Fei Yuan was very surprised, but did not show it.

"Your strength is indeed not weak, I wonder if you know that we have a Celestial Immortal here?"

Fei Yuan put down the hand that was holding the deep well. He looked at Jiang Lan, then at the array formation.

"It's not easy to break this array formation with brute force. Your attainments in array formations must be extraordinary. It's really surprising."

Jiang Lan looked at Fei Yuan but didn't say anything. The reason why he was able to break the array formation so quickly was because he had seen it previously and had made some preparations.

This was the reason why he was able to decipher it so quickly. If he made a mistake, it would be a miscalculation.

Fortunately, it was not a big problem.


At this moment, the outside world had already been breached.

No stronger aura appeared. If it did, he was already ready for a retreat.

This was so that he could escape safely.

This was a gamble. Fortunately, it didn't happen.

Otherwise, it would be troublesome.

"It seems like there aren't any Celestial Immortals here." Jiang Lan said quietly while looking at Fei Yuan.

Fei Yuan shrugged and then smiled at Jiang Lan.

"Alright, I admit it. There are indeed no Celestial Immortals here. After all, there is no need for Celestial Immortals here.

Why don't we have a chat? Moreover, I can tell that your golden body has yet to reach perfection, so you aren't my match, right? Are you curious of how I could tell? "

Jiang Lan didn't say anything, only looking at him.

"Tell me about it."

"Because." Fei Yuan lowered his head. Then, he unleashed his power and threw it to the side.

At this time, Jiang Lan had already appeared beside Fei Yuan, preparing to launch a sneak attack.

That moment was the best opportunity for a sneak attack. He did not miss it.


He seemed to have fallen into a trap.


A powerful shockwave rippled.


Jiang Lan was pushed back a little.

"I am not a match for him. He's too strong."

At this moment, Jiang Lan swallowed the Great Strength Golden Body Pill in his mouth.

The gap between the golden bodies was even more terrifying than the difference in cultivation realms.

Even with the Power of Nine Bulls, he was at a disadvantage.

Only by using his Power Of Nine Tribulations could he contend against the other party.


Since there was no way to know the outcome, he had to use his trump card.

Jiang Lan was pushed back, and Fei Yuan also attacked.

"Because I was just guessing. Sneak attacks are most ineffective against me. The gap between us is huge. Today is the day you die. I'll tell you a principle before you die. Never trust your enemies lightly. "

The power that belonged to Fei Yuan gathered on his five claws, as if it could kill Jiang Lan on the spot.

The powerful force seemed to want to tear apart everything around him. Jiang Lan didn't hesitate. He used the Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel and retreated a few steps.

The moment he retreated, the Netherworld Halberd appeared in his hand and he tossed it over.


The Netherworld Halberd was blown to the side and stabbed into the ground.

Fei Yuan took a glance at the Netherworld Halberd and was somewhat shocked.

Such concentration of Netherworld Aura on the halberd was unbelievable.

If it could be used, it might be of some use.

However, this person was able to hold it at will.

His strength was extraordinary.

He didn't hesitate. Taking over control of the good stuff was built on the fact that he had killed his opponent.

His power surged, attacking Jiang Lan.

At this moment, Jiang Lan had finally digested the Great Strength Golden Body Pill and felt the power of the perfected golden body.

But it had a certain burden on the body.

He had to end this quickly.

Fei Yuan moved, and so did Jiang Lan.

The Power of Nine Bulls filled the sky, and the Power Of Nine Tribulations began to surge.


Their powers collided.




Jiang Lan and Fei Yuan clashed at unbelievable speeds, their figures disappearing and reappearing.

Power swept through the surroundings.


The cave exploded and the surrounding land collapsed.

Power swept through everything.


Terrifying power spread outwards with Jiang Lan and Fei Yuan as its center, forming a massive crater in the ground.

Jiang Lan didn't care about anything else. He looked at Fei Yuan and took action again.

At this moment, he had completely grasped the power of the perfected Golden Body.

Fei Yuan looked at Jiang Lan in disbelief, also using his own powerful secret technique.

Jiang Lan's attack arrived first.

The Power Of Nine Tribulations began to appear.

The feeling of a great calamity descended upon Fei Yuan's heart, but he was not affected.

His power had been fully condensed.

At this moment, the shadow of a great roc appeared behind him and a powerful aura spread out in all directions.


Jiang Lan's fist struck the great roc's five claws.

It was a contest of strength.

They wreaked havoc in their surroundings.


The five claws began to shatter.

"How is this possible? How did you suddenly become so strong?"

Fei Yian's eyes widened as he spoke.

The only response he received was Jiang Lan's cold eyes.

A powerful aftershock followed.


All of a sudden, a cow's cry came from the void.

It was as if a giant bull that could pierce through the sky was crossing through space.

The giant roc felt the pressure.

At this moment, the giant bull appeared. It carried the aura of a great calamity, crushing mountains and rivers, smashing through all obstacles.


The giant roc was directly shattered.

Jiang Lan's fist smashed through Fei Yuan's attack.

Without any hesitation, Fei Yuan swung his fist to the side, and blocked the attack with his other hand.


His hand was bent and broken, and he was sent flying.


He crashed into a rock, already seriously injured.

Jiang Lan moved and landed beside him.

"It would appear that it is not that I trust you lightly. Rather, you have underestimated me."


This… this place is extremely important to the Demon Race. I shall wait for you on the road to the yellow springs." Fei Yuan looked at Jiang Lan and spoke with difficulty.

The other party was indeed extraordinary.

No wonder Qing Yu died at the hands of the other party.

Jiang Lan extended his hand, and the Netherworld Halberd flew out from the ground and returned to his hand.

"That won't happen. This isn't the first time. I've disintegrated your people. Not once did they find me.

Even as I'm standing in front of you, you don't know that I'm the one who destroyed your plan. You even wanted to rope me in.

Therefore, from the beginning to the end, I am only someone you wanted to rope in. Not the target you want to kill. Isn't that so?" Jiang Lan walked over to Fei Yuan and said.

When Fei Yuan heard Jiang Lan's words, he was stunned. He looked at Jiang Lan in disbelief.

"So it's you? No wonder I can't win you over. You actually became so powerful in secret.

Then Kunlun wouldn't know either, right? If they knew, wouldn't they have been the first to get rid of you?

As far as I know…"

Before Fei Yuan could finish speaking, Jiang Lan stomped down.

"You demons have said this before."


He crushed half of Fei Yuan's body with his foot.

The immense pain prevented Fei Yuan from speaking.

"Let me ask you a question. Why are the demons so obsessed with opening the Netherworld Entrance?" Jiang Lan asked.

He still did not know the other party's motive.

"Do you think I'll tell you?" Fei Yuan asked.


Jiang Lan didn't ask any more questions and directly stomped the other party into a bloody mist.

After confirming that Fei Yuan was dead.

He put away the Netherworld Halberd and destroyed the deep well.

Then, he left this region.

To prevent any experts from approaching.

As for bringing the deep well back to study…

It was too dangerous. What if it had some peculiar effects?

In that case, he would have truly helped the Demon Race and done something foolish.

He activated his Nine Steps of Heavenly Travel and left this place.

As for the ghost cultivators, they would return on their own.

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