Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 403: Is Getting Married A Disappointment?

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Chapter 403: Is Getting Married A Disappointment?

"It's easy for accidents to happen when we bring the Goddess and the rest to the Dragon Race. How many of you plan on going?" Feng Yixiao asked.

Neither he nor Mo Zhengdong could leave.

They could only choose from the seven summits in the middle.

"I'll be one of them." Jiu Zhongtian put down his wine gourd and said.

Every time Kunlun needed someone to make a move, he would be the one to do it. This time was no exception.

It was safer for him to go.

"One more." Liu Jing looked at Miao Yue and said.

"Junior Sister Miao Yue will lead the team."

"Alright." Miao Yue answered softly.

There was nothing wrong with her going. It was just that the dragons might not be very welcoming of her.

"However, the Goddess and Jiang Lan are among the important personnel this time. As long as these two don't act recklessly, there shouldn't be any problem." Miao Yue looked at Mo Zhengdong and Zhu Qing.

The meaning was clear.

She wanted them to lay some groundwork with them.

"Jiang Lan won't cause any trouble for Junior Sister," Mo Zhengdong said.

The others didn't understand Jiang Lan, but he did.

In the past, he understood his personality, but recently, he understood his strength.

However, he did not know if he had understood it thoroughly.

Thinking about it, it was not thorough enough.

Jiang Lan liked to hide, so he didn't ask too much. The Grand Desolate World wasn't safe, so hiding more wouldn't hurt.

"Xiao Yu is obedient and won't make things difficult for Senior Sister." Zhu Qing spoke as well.

Xiao Yu was very obedient. As long as the matter was not changing her husband, she would still listen.

It was morning.

In Jiang Lan's courtyard.

He spent seven days dealing with everything.

He had checked all the array formations as well.

There was no problem.

He took a look in the Netherworld Cave as well.

There were no abnormalities. Presumably, nothing had happened during the eruption.

The being from the Netherworld had suffered a hundred years ago.

He should still be recuperating this time.

Perhaps something would happen in another hundred years.

As for the demons, he had to be constantly on guard against them. They seem to want to obtain something from the Netherworld's Entrance.

Was it to let the Netherworld cause trouble for Kunlun?

This was not sufficient a reason.

If there were no benefits, why would the demons attack one after another?

Perhaps they had wanted to create some trouble for Kunlun initially and figure out the situation here.

At that time, no one knew about the Deity Position.

Now that everyone had started to come into contact with the Deity Positions, they already knew that Kunlun was ahead of everyone.

Destroying the entrance to the Netherworld would seem unnecessary.

There should be other motives.


Jiang Lan, who was pouring the spirit liquid onto the vegetative egg, suddenly received a call from his master.

His master wanted him to head to the peak of the Ninth Summit.

"It seems like he is going to inform me about the marriage. I wonder what the final decision is."

He had a guess.

But he would wait until he heard it.

After watering the vegetative egg, he immediately went to the peak of the Ninth Summit.

The vegetative egg had not suffered in the past few years as Xiao Yu would often come down to water it.

However, the vegetative egg was as quiet as ever, and the Udumbara Flower was as dispirited as ever.

They did not look energetic at all.

But their vitality was tenacious.

It had been five to six hundred years, yet they were still alive and well.

There was still no sign of psychic connection.

The things that his master had gifted him were indeed different from the rest.


At the peak of the Ninth Summit, Jiang Lan came to his master's side.

"The wedding has been decided." Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan.

"You two will get married in eleven years. It won't be too long. You can spend this time consolidating your cultivation realm and gain a better understanding of the situation in the Grand Desolate World. Time will pass quickly."

"Yes." Jiang Lan lowered his head.

Eleven years.

It was indeed not long.

However, this was for immortals.

For ordinary people, eleven years was a long time.

"Should we prepare anything?" Jiang Lan asked.

Getting married was different from getting engaged.

He lacked experience, so it was better to ask clearly.

Getting married was a huge matter. If there was a problem that occurred during the marriage, it would be a huge embarrassment.

On the other hand, having a normal start and a normal end would not leave a deep impression.

Mo Zhengdong was silent for a moment.

Jiang Lan: "…"

"There's no need to prepare anything for now. Just wait for the notice," Mo Zhengdong said after thinking for a long time.

Kunlun had never held a grand wedding.

Many things needed to be prepared.

The summit leaders had no experience either.

"By the way, the house is a little old. You can rebuild it over the years," Mo Zhengdong reminded.

Jiang Lan nodded immediately.

"Yes, Master."

The house really needed to be rebuilt.

"Did marrying the Goddess cause you to have any grievances?"

Mo Zhengdong looked at Jiang Lan, wanting to know his true thoughts.

Initially, Jiang Lan was reluctant about the marriage, but he was the only one in Kunlun who met the conditions.

Hence, he could not shun away from the engagement.

There was no way to avoid it now, but many things had happened between the two of them, so Mo Zhengdong wanted to ask Jiang Lan if he had changed his mind.

"No." Jiang Lan didn't hesitate.

Jiang Lan went straight to the courtyard after he left his master.

"Getting married in eleven years. Seems like it's brought forward much earlier."

Along the way, he looked towards the Kunlun Main Hall.

There were only seven beams of light there.

Kunlun had given up lighting up the last ray of light.

It was all for the sake of not causing trouble.

"Seems like Kunlun is also in a hurry to tie Senior Sister to Kunlun."

"I heard that the Dragon Race was also in a hurry to get married last time but I don't know what they are in a hurry for."

He did not know about this.

But it wouldn't take long to find out.

The Dragon Race definitely had other motives, and it was right after he married his senior sister.

It must have something to do with them.

There was no rush to find out now.

It was not surprising to him for the wedding to have been brought forward. Since he did not refuse to bring forward the wedding, the summit leaders who had originally decided on the wedding naturally hoped that they could tie the Goddess to Kunlun as soon as possible.

It was just that there was no verdict previously so he wasn't sure.

"I wonder how Senior Sister will react when she finds out about this."

Jiang Lan was curious.

She probably needed to calm down in the water.

In the peach forest.

In front of the courtyard.

Jiang Lan stood outside.

He looked at the house and realized that it was indeed old again.

This time, it had persisted for many years.

He had to rebuild it.

As for how to rebuild it, he would wait for Senior Sister to come down and ask for her opinion.

Although her opinions were hard to accept.


He still had to ask.

This was a form of respect.

When he returned to the courtyard, Jiang Lan took out the Ancient Imperial Knowledge book that he had taken out from the library earlier. Everything that needed to be done had already been completed.

He could try reading a book first.

There was no hurry.

His cultivation level was at the perfected Heaven Immortal Realm. In another sixty years or so, he would attain the perfected Golden Body.

Then, he could begin to advance to become a Celestial Immortal.

Jade Pool.

Ao Longyu was hiding in the depths of the Jade Pool, staring at the water.

She had just received the news.

She would marry her Junior Brother in another eleven years.

She was both afraid and expectant.

And somewhat… happy.

She did not know what she was thinking.


She knew she was not disgusted at the idea.

She had known her Junior Brother for hundreds of years. Although she did not see him often, she knew what kind of person he was.

The most direct observation was that her Junior Brother would always accidentally enter a state of epiphany if she did not look after him properly..

Thinking of this, Ao Longyu blinked.

She thought of a possibility.

If her Junior Brother were to enter a state of enlightenment at this time, it would probably take him another ten to twenty years before he would wake up.


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