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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 402: Wedding Shifted Earlier free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 402: Wedding Shifted Earlier

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Chapter 402: Wedding Shifted Earlier

"Master knows quite a lot, but his understanding of me should be that I am still at the Heaven Immortal Realm."

Jiang Lan organized the books and thought to himself.

From the books that his master had brought over.

His master had guessed quite a lot correctly and he should have a rough idea of his cultivation.

"Master does not know the details, so he does not know that I have already reached the perfected Heaven Immortal Realm. This way, I can still quickly exceed my master's knowledge of my cultivation realm."

As long as he advanced fast enough, his master would not be able to guess his exact strength.

"I think that he has a rough idea that I am the Fist God as well."

Jiang Lan felt that his master had guessed everything. He was at a disadvantage.

After all, he was still unable to determine what his master's cultivation was.

Therefore, he should leave the Heaven Immortal Realm as soon as possible and let his master's knowledge of him remain in the Heaven Immortal Realm.

"Most of the books retrieved from the Kunlun Library are mainly meant for Human Immortals and True Immortals. It seems like Master has no intention of letting others know."

He took a closer look at the list.

Jiang Lan let out a sigh of relief.

His master was helping him hide the truth, so he had more time.

However, he did not know when he would be able to reach his master's level.

After that, he stopped thinking about this and continued to place the books and classify them.

As there were too many books, it would take quite some time.

As for the book on Ancient Imperial Knowledge, he wasn't in a hurry to read them. He would wait until he was done sorting the books out before he focused on reading it.

Or perhaps, he could wait until he reached the Celestial Immortal Realm before taking a look.

This way, he wouldn't be in trouble. There were some things that might affect his advancement.

His path had always been stable and he still had time to grow.

His master could still protect him.


If there was really no time, he might take another way.

At this time, Jiang Lan looked at the book in his mind, The Unmoved Sage.

The more he advanced, the more terrified he felt.

At first, he felt that after becoming an immortal, he should be able to take reference from the details inside the book to grow.

However, as his cultivation level increased, the more he discovered that he shouldn't try opening it at all.

It was as if there would be no way back if he opened it.

It was a shortcut.

So up until now, he didn't dare try to use it as a reference. The Unmoved Sage might be even more extraordinary than he thought.

This should be the path that led one to become a Sage.

As for the details, he could only learn a thing or two from the Heavenly Human Race.

In the Heavenly Human Race, there was someone who had forgotten his emotions for cultivation.

Perhaps he could understand what it meant to forget emotions.

The next time he sent someone from the Heavenly Human Race on their way, he would ask again.

After that, Jiang Lan stopped thinking about these things and arranged everything properly.

He then went to check on the array formations before taking care of the Ninth Summit.


He read the books and cultivated while waiting for news of his marriage.

He was waiting for the answer as to whether it was brought forward or it would be carried out as per normal.

Was there any anticipation?

It would be a lie to say that he didn't have any.

Kunlun Main Hall.

This time, apart from the Fourth, Sixth, and Seventh Summits, all the other summit leaders had arrived.

Everyone looked towards Mo Zhengdong. This time, it was a call from the Ninth Summit.

Mo Zhengdong didn't care about the doubts of others. He simply said.

"Jiang Lan returned. Moreover, he has achieved immortality."

Everyone was surprised to hear this.

"Much earlier than expected," said Second Summit's Liu Jing.

They thought they would have to wait another fifty years.

They did not expect it to be so early.

"Then the prerequisites for marriage have been fulfilled?" Zhu Qing looked at the others and asked.

"Can they get married now?"

Hearing this, everyone understood.

They were here to discuss about the wedding.

"What is Jiang Lan's attitude towards marriage?" Jiu Zhongtian asked curiously.

As someone who was more talented than a genius, marriage should not be the first choice on his list.

There weren't many people in Kunlun who achieved immortality within six hundred years. If they remembered correctly, Jiang Lan had achieved immortality ten years earlier than that.

This was not something that could be done with resources. He was extraordinary to begin with.

"He said that he will follow our arrangements," Mo Zhengdong said.

"Seems like it can be brought forward," First Summit's Feng Yixiao said.

The others also nodded.

"On my side, things are almost ready." Jiu Zhongtian drank a mouthful of wine and continued.

"But the Ninth Summit isn't ready yet.

Are we waiting for the Ninth Summit to finish preparing, or are we waiting for me to finish?"

At this moment, everyone looked at Second Summit's Liu Jing.

Most of the matters in Kunlun were handled by the Second Summit.

The First and Ninth Summits had their own matters to attend to, so they did not do anything else.

"Thirty years is neither long nor short.

Since they can already get married, there is no need to delay.

Although the Dragon Race is also urging us, they can go back on their words at any time.

We shouldn't drag it on any longer.

The Ninth Summit will prepare something else as gifts.

Is there a problem? "Liu Jing looked at Mo Zhengdong and asked.

"No problem," Mo Zhengdong agreed.

He would not delay his disciple's wedding.

The more time passed, the easier it would be for Jiang Lan to become isolated. With the Goddess around, things would be much better.

"Senior Brother, when do you plan to set it?" Miao Yue looked at Liu Jing and asked.

"You can ask Sixth Summit's Junior Sister and see if there are any good days in recent years," Liu Jing said.

"The last time I asked, it should be eleven years from now." Zhu Qing immediately said.

The one getting married was her disciple, so she would naturally be more attentive.

However, last time, she felt that the time was too close. Jiang Lan might not have become an immortal yet, so she didn't mention this matter. Now that Jiang Lan had become an immortal, she had nothing to worry about.

It was naturally a good time to get married.

"Then we can start preparing. The news can also be released so the Dragon Race can also prepare their betrothal gifts and thank-you gifts." Miao Yue said.

This time, the Dragon Race had to pay a considerable price.

Of course, even though they would benefit from it, the Dragon Race would not lose out either.

They just benefitted more.

"Have the inn prepare some good wine, don't be too shabby." Jiu Zhongtian suddenly said.

"Is the innkeeper not back yet?" Liu Jing asked.

When the innkeeper returned, he would probably bring back the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race.

That was also their resource.

Every time the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race wanted her to return, they would have to pay for it.

Of course, they didn't have to send the girl from the Heavenly Feather Phoenix Race over. After all, she was different from the Eighth Prince.

"He'll be back in two days. I'll go tell him," said Jiu Zhongtian.

The others didn't pay much attention. Everyone knew that the good wine was meant for himself.

Liu Jing looked at Zhu Qing and Mo Zhengdong and said, "As for the Goddess and Jiang Lan, I'll leave it to you two."

The two naturally nodded.

"Then when do we send them to the Dao Seeking?" Feng Yixiao asked.

This was also very important.

"It is not suitable for them to go too early, let's wait a few decades." Miao Yue sat on a high chair, saying softly.

"Let the Goddess and Jiang Lan become normal Dao companions first. Only then will the Goddess return to Kunlun in peace and not want to stay in her hometown."

This had some impact on them.

They had done so much so that the Goddess would forever belong to Kunlun.

And stay in Kunlun.

"Will the people from the Dragon Race agree?" Zhu Qing asked curiously.

"Of course." Miao Yue said softly.

"Because they have no other choice. Besides, they have realized the importance of the Eighth Prince."

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