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My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion Chapter 409: The Three Thousand Great Daos free read Here - BochoNovel
Novel Name : My Girlfriend From Turquoise Pond Requests My Help After My Millennium Seclusion

Chapter 409: The Three Thousand Great Daos

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Chapter 409: The Three Thousand Great Daos

Jiang Lan heaved a sigh of relief.

He looked to the side.

It was his Senior Sister who had woken him up.

At this moment, Xiao Yu was wearing a normal set of clothes. Her sleeves were folded up, and her exposed arms were covered in dust. Her pants covered her long legs, and her boots naturally did not reveal her toes.

It was easy for her to get hurt if she was barefoot.

"Senior Sister, there's quite a bit of dust on your face," Jiang Lan said.

Xiao Yu didn't care about her own face, instead looking at Jiang Lan with a questioning gaze.

"Junior Brother, go away." She came to Jiang Lan's side and pushed him away.

"Let me be the one to build the house. Junior Brother, you just need to watch at the side."

Jiang Lan: "…"

If his Senior Sister was the one who built it, it would probably collapse in three months.

He naturally wouldn't let Xiao Yu be the one in-charge of building it.

"Junior Brother, tell me the truth." Xiao Yu held the brick in her hand as she looked at Jiang Lan.

"Are you a legendary peerless genius?

I've seen people gain enlightenment from watching the sun rise and set, but I've never seen anyone gain enlightenment from reading books and not to mention, when plucking weeds.

The most exaggerated thing is that just now, you have actually nearly entered an epiphany when building the house.

Other than the fabled legendary peerless genius, who else can do what you have just done?"

Jiang Lan looked down at the stone brick in Xiao Yu's hand, wondering if his Senior Sister was going to use it to smash someone.

"Maybe it's because I'm lucky and know more?

And…" Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu and spoke softly.

"Perhaps it's also because I am a little more reclusive?"

The others more or less felt that he was a loner.

He stayed in the Ninth Summit because it was safer there.

There was no need to trouble himself or his master.

"I don't encounter any epiphanies when I am alone." Xiao Yu rolled her eyes.

"If one can gain enlightenment by being alone, there would have been countless immortals in the Grand Desolate World."

"Let's build the house." Jiang Lan continued to build a house.

"I'll be more careful this time, and—"

He looked back at Xiao Yu and continued.

"Isn't Senior Sister still here with me?"

Xiao Yu said nothing.

Fortunately, she had foresight. She knew that her Junior Brother would fall into a state of enlightenment if she did not watch over him.

Otherwise, who knew how many years would have passed after he woke up from this epiphany.

"Junior Brother, you've always been in enlightenment. Are you trying to secretly surpass me?" Xiao Yu handed Jiang Lan a stone brick.

She was here to help and did not dare to mess things up.

If she did so, the walls would not be very sturdy.

Jiang Lan turned to Xiao Yu and patted her head.

"From now on, Senior Sister will be under my protection."

Xiao Yu removed Jiang Lan's hand and walked to a higher spot. She looked down at Jiang Lan and said.

"I'm the Senior Sister. When I win the next challenge, Junior Brother will have to listen to me."

Hearing this, Jiang Lan turned around and continued building the house.

It would take quite some time to complete the construction.

He did not take the challenge to heart. If this arrogant dragon was not humble, it was impossible for her to win.

The following year.

A brand new house appeared in the courtyard.

It was slightly bigger and taller than before.

However, the design was not much different from before. With Xiao Yu's addition, they had added a few things to the foundation.

There were still some flowering shrubs in the courtyard, and there was a rock garden carved from stone.

Naturally, there were many things. There was a small pond beside the fake mountain. The water was water that Jiang Lan had specially drawn from other places.

The pond was not used to raise fishes, but to let Xiao Yu wash her feet.

She often ran around barefooted. Occasionally, she would lose her shoes.

The stone table for reading was not far away from the pond, which made it easier for him to talk to Xiao Yu when she was playing with water.

This way, there was no problem.

It was a simple residence.

After a few more years, it would be their place of refuge.

Of course, as a Goddess, Xiao Yu still had to stay in the Jade Pool for a long time.

This was the duty of a Goddess.

Jiang Lan could also move in for a period of time.

This matter was still far away.

There was no hurry.

In the courtyard.

Jiang Lan sat at the table and read some books on spells.

Although supplementing such knowledge was rather useless, it was better to be safe than sorry.

"Junior Brother, I have previously said it. It's definitely good to add a pool."

Xiao Yu sat by the pond, slapping the water with her bare feet. She was very happy.

She didn't know if it was because there was an extra pond or because she had built a new home.

Jiang Lan glanced at Xiao Yu and ignored her.

His Senior Sister was talking about a lake, but he had rejected her and changed it to a pond.


Her fair feet landed on the table.

It was a barefoot Xiao Yu.

"Oh right, this is for Junior Brother. I forgot about it since we were focusing on building the house recently." The wooden sword was sent to Jiang Lan.

The construction of the house made them rather busy, so the matter of the wooden sword was left aside.

Now that he had built a house, it was time for him to embed his sword intent into the wooden sword.

He put down the book and took the wooden sword.

Jiang Lan discovered that the wooden sword was becoming more and more extraordinary. Even without the augmentation of the Dragon Slaying Sword Sword Intent, it was still able to give the user help when slaying dragons.

Xiao Yu did not disturb him. She ran to the center of the courtyard and tried to connect with the spiritual courtyard.

Jiang Lan had updated the spiritual courtyard.

It was already very close to the spiritual inn, but there were still some aspects that could not be the same.

The spiritual inn had a unique aura, and this was not something Jiang Lan could do for his spiritual courtyard.

Until now, he still did not know why or how the spiritual inn had the aura.

Jiang Lan looked at Xiao Yu who was in the courtyard, from spring to winter.

Snowmen melted and flowers bloomed again.

He had his sight on Xiao Yu even while cultivating.

It was as if Xiao Yu had become a part of his cultivation.


Jiang Lan sat at the stone table and looked at Xiao Yu who was tending to the flowers.

He felt a sense of peace.

In his eyes, Xiao Yu had become part of his four seasons and became an indispensable part of him.

He was no longer alone.

He might not need to walk alone on the path of the Great Dao.

Dao not only came from heaven and earth, it could also be born from others.

There were three thousand great Daos, consisting of thousands of variations, coming from a myriad of origins.

Why couldn't his Senior Sister become the Dao beside him or the Dao to advance?


An invisible wave spread out.

Xiao Yu, who was handling the flowers, suddenly had a feeling of enlightenment. It was as if she had gained some enlightenment regarding the Dao, making her feel warm and happy.

However, she immediately sobered up.

Then, she turned around and looked at Jiang Lan.

Jiang Lan stared at Xiao Yu with her eyes wide open.

Xiao Yu was puzzled when she saw Jiang Lan's clear eyes.

She stood up and sat opposite Jiang Lan.

"Junior Brother, were you going to pull me along to the epiphany just now?"

Jiang Lan: "…"

In fact, he had interrupted himself the moment he realized it.

He hadn't broken through that Dao Realm, but had kept it hidden in his heart.

Maybe it would lead him further in the future. He loved that feeling.


A voice suddenly sounded.

Jiang Lan and Xiao Yu looked in the direction of the Kunlun Main Hall.

At this moment, the hall that only had seven beams of light turned into eight beams of light.

This meant that the wedding was only a year away.

Or rather, next year was their wedding date.

This year was the 595th year since Jiang Lan entered the sect.

Perfected Heaven Immortal Realm.

He was only about forty years away from advancing to the Celestial Immortal Realm.

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